Sunday, 5 August 2018

Grace versus Action


Greetings Blog Readers!

I am grateful you are here! This month I had a great question from Josie which I feel to base this months blog around. Here is the question...

'I recently gave myself a reading using your beautiful book, Gifts of Guidance Fifty Messages,  Message number 8: 'Grace' delivered by Great Spirit where the lesson is Believe in Miracles. 
I know what my wish is but it seems impossible and may not be the path I am being called on.

 My question is, am I to make my wish regardless or simply be open to receive what Spirit has in store? If Spirit is urging me to just have faith and be open, what is the nature of these gifts that await me, I wonder?'  Josie

I think this is something we have all pondered at times. How much of our lives is 'meant to be' and how much control do we have using our own power of choice. 

My take on it is, it is a type of co creation.  We all have a blueprint, a soul contract that was made before we were born.  I see our contract as a type of outline, like an author outlines a book, there is a basic plan but a lot of room for creativity.  

Certain fateful events occur for bigger reasons that our limited minds can now not comprehend but I have no doubt made perfect sense at the time of making them. 

Then we were also given some room to play, to create, to choose so that we could grow and evolve.
Photo by Lesa Corrine

When we have a desire or a wish like Josie mentions, if it feels strong, urgent or alive, I believe this is our inner guidance system activating and wants to be noticed. Although Josie mentions it seems impossible, maybe it isn't. If I was Josie, I would really acknowledge and explore that desire and ask what is one thing I could do to begin to make this a reality? Choose an action that is just outside your comfort zone, that makes it doable.

When we become clear about our desires, the universe hears and automatically responds to support us. When we give our power away to the universe and say, you decide universe, what will be will be, part of the equation is missing, that part is you!

We are more powerful than we realize. We are in fact a spark of intelligent, divine, all knowing, all loving light that inhabits a body. This is the part of us that will leave the body when it expires, this is the part of us that existed before we inhabited the body. This is the part of us that knows no limits and can co create amazing manifestations with the universe.

So I encourage you Josie, and anyone else interested, get clear about your desires. Think,write, visualize and affirm your desired outcomes. Have faith in yourself, knowing you are a capable and wonderful manifestor with the support of Spirit at your finger tips. You can be the director of your movie, of your life! You have the power and like a loving parent, Spirit will support you and step in when needed. If the universe decides to grant you a special boon, or something even better than you could imagine, how wonderful! Let the fun begin.

Below are some of your questions answered. If you would like to ask a question, email me at I publish my Blog on the first Monday of each month.

I seemed stuck with decisions regarding my new work ventures. Not sure what to do?
Miss C

My first impression is a gentleman around you in Spirit who feels like a father figure energy, he holds out a pair of scales and says it is all about finding balance in your life. He suggests you make choices that allow you good work/lifestyle balance. He also suggests that you take the path least traveled, it will be a great learning curve and bring excitement and joy.

I am completing a two month European holiday then heading back to Melbourne. It’s been very regenerative. My question is in relation to what comes next for me? Punita

I sense a wonderful energy coming in around you and I feel like it is a time of freshness and new beginnings. I see you around gardens or greenery, not sure if that is relevant. I feel your loved ones in Spirit want you to do whatever brings you joy.  You may choose to be involved in a helping situation on a community level, it may be volunteer work. I feel this would be personally rewarding and that you would meet like minded people. There is more travel ahead in the not too far future also but more so interstate. Enjoy, you have the world at your feet!

Where and when will I find love ? I am old and lonely Andrea

I sense angels around you and they say that your next love is going to be very different to your past relationships. It could be someone younger than yourself or perhaps someone with a youthful spirit. I feel like they will bring out the best in you. They say to be patient a bit longer but know it is written in the stars and they will appear at the perfect moment. I sense it is months, rather than years.

I am having a tough time at my new job. My boss is a real tyrant. I have been applying for other roles with no luck, are you able to tell me if I 'm on the right path?

I sense the burden you are carrying and understand it is difficult right now. I am being shown you in a type of managerial position. I feel a fatherly gentleman in Spirit telling you to not give up hope and take the wisdom you have gained from this job and know you will be moving on very soon. So yes, you are on the right path. There is a reason that this 'tyrant' came into your life, even if you don't know why at this point, it may be a lesson in patience or surrender, who knows, but it may make more sense later on.  Often once we learn the lesson, things change.  Also, remember to focus on what you want as focusing on what we don't want attracts more of it. Perhaps make a job wish list to get clarity.  Don't give up, keep applying, you will score a goal very soon!! 

The question I have is about my elderly parents who we are now having to put them in a rest home for their own health and well being. It's the hardest decision we've had to make as a family and the hardest conversation to have with them. Will they settle in okay? Miss A 

I sense there is a lovely maternal lady in Spirit around your parents soothing and comforting them. I feel their fears and concerns will dissipate once they settle in. I am getting a period of  weeks from now and I sense their relief and a lighter energy around them.  It seems that you and your family have chosen the right home for them. It seems like it is in a pretty location or has a nice nature aspect. I see blue birds around them which I feel is a lovely omen. Change is always scary on some level, but this feels right for everyone.

Sunday, 1 July 2018

The Robber and the Saint

Somewhere I read that its good for the soul to go outside our comfort zone at least once a week.  I retained that thought and it sat in the forefront of my mind. So, as I was driving down the country road from town back home, I picked up a homeless guy hitch hiking.

This was definitely outside my comfort zone. I usually have a rule that I only pick up female hitchhikers, particularly when travelling alone. However, I had observed this local guy around town the last few years and knew that the word on the street was that he was harmless.

As he climbed in the car the song 'I can see clearly now the rain has gone' was playing on the radio. He immediately began to sing along and snap his fingers before he went into a conversation for the next ten minutes that made no sense at all. He certainly had an odour that told me he had not showered for awhile. As he chatted away I realized I could choose to judge this guy and worry about the car's upholstery or I could accept that he has the same light within him as I do and is walking his own path.  At the end of the day we are no different.

 As we arrived at his destination, he expressed a sincere thank you as he went on his way. Part of me felt empowered that I lived outside my own square, even for ten minutes.

It reminded me of a true story I heard.  A guy, who was very spiritually aware, was home alone one night in his New York Apartment. He heard some noises in the other room and upon inspection, realized that an intruder was trying to break in. The intruder began to run away but the home owner instinctively yelled out to the intruder, 'come back, I want to talk to you'

Some time later, the pair had shared a coffee and a heart to heart conversation. The intruder had just experienced a relationship breakdown and a job loss and was acting out of grief and momentary madness. The guy gave him a listening ear, encouragement, and $20 as he left.

What could have ended up a potential crisis had been diverted into a humanly kind interaction due to the man's good heart and willingness to go outside his comfort zone.

 I am not suggesting we place ourselves in dangerous situations but as outdated structures crumble around us, kindness is really like gold.

Have a great July!

Below are some of your questions answered. If you would like to ask a question, email me at I publish my Blog on the first Monday of each month.

My brother in law passed away in February and we are all still struggling, is he okay and is there any messages? Jane

As I tune in I am greeted by a lovely man who brings through such a calm and grace. I feel like he passed over gracefully and was greeted with so much love and perhaps a dog he loved who has passed before him. He is working hard to help his loved ones here on earth, in any way he can. He sends so much love to family and friends and says that you are a spectacular person, (he was specific about using the word spectacular) with so much to share. He shows me orange and red roses and a book of some significance that his wife may be reading. Have faith he says, I am not gone, just transformed. He shows me a photo inside someones wallet. Perhaps he wore a uniform at some stage. Keep talking to him, he is listening.

My lovely Dad (Terry) passed very suddenly of a heart attack on 12 May this year, just one month after his 70th birthday. I am heartbroken and shattered. I never knew anything could hurt this much.
Is he still around me? Is he okay? And does he have anything to tell me? 


There is such a feeling of compassion and comfort coming in around you from Spirit and I sense your Dad is with a strong lady in Spirit, possibly his mother. She may have had a faith in God or was religious. Your Dad is a lovely soul who had a great sense of humour. He is around a lot and he is laughing about someone lighting a candle for him and he is blowing it out. Its early days and he is trying hard to let you know he is around but its hard for him to breakthrough the grief energy. Be kind to yourself, you deserve the best he says. He will be contacting you via your dreams or perhaps he has already. Someone is wearing an armband for him or has a tattoo on their arm representing him or is thinking about doing so. Think and talk to him, he can hear you.

Belinda's Feedback
  Thank you Liz!! OMG, that was spot on, the reading you did for me. My Grandmother was a parishioner in a church. My Father has got a great sense of humour (he was well known for it!!). I light a candle for him every morning & I am thinking of getting a portrait tattoo on my arm (a picture of him & I together)!!

I am dating a nice man but feel a wall between us that I would like to remove. This is frustrating me. Does Spirit have any guidance?

There is a lovely elderly man in Spirit who comes through to help you Ely. He was a kind and wise man connected to your father and he brings a strong message of patience and reassurance.  This wall you speak of will eventually dissolve but it will take some more time. You have both been disappointed and hurt in the past so you both have your own walls up in different ways. However, by focusing on what does work between you rather than what isn't, I feel that these walls will eventually fade away. I feel like you both need to feel totally safe to express your more vulnerable sides. I hear the words 'you can't push the river' Let it unfold and rejoice in the wonderful connection you have found in this man.

Wondering how my future is looking financially and in my career.. where to go next? What to do? 
I sense there are angels around you that are excited for new beginnings and a new future although I get that the end of winter and beginning of Spring is your power time. I get that now is a time to relax and contemplate and soon new opportunities will present themselves. I sense overseas travel and new career options be offered. I feel like all your financial needs will be met and something about PR work. Success awaits.

Am I on the right path or should I turn around ? Miss B
This is a choice only you can make as we are here to exercise our own free will. However, I do get a gentle lady in Spirit who advises you to sit and be for the time being. I sense she is saying that now is not the time to make any radical decisions. I sense you are feeling pressure from others about what you should be doing and Spirit wants you to look deep within and ask yourself what is it that you want? Take time out to feel and be, you will be guided. A day on your own in nature could work wonders. Whatever you choose, keep your sense of self strong as you have a lot to do in this world in terms of helping others through your wisdom.

Sunday, 3 June 2018

The Oracle of the Burning Tongue

My tongue was burning, for no apparent reason, I had not eaten or drank anything hot.

Good friend google tells me it can be burning tongue syndrome, common in menopause (oh yeah hello, another to add to the list)  and times of stress but really the medical industry apparently has no idea why it happens or any cure. To top it off it says it can last up to six or seven years, great !

I turn to an app on my phone,  'Heal Your Body' by Louise Hay. The App is based on Louise's book 'Heal Your Body' which provides a dictionary of body parts and health problems and related emotional/metaphysical imbalances.

I look up Tongue Problems and my app tells me:

Probable Cause...represents the ability to taste the pleasure of life with joy

New Thought Pattern...I rejoice in all of my life's bountiful givingness

Mmmm..I thought I was doing okay.... but then I really thought about my current responsibilities in life and things that I do consistently worry about.

 I worry about my family, I worry about money, I worry about my age, I worry about the future, I worry about my dog, I worry about my sons and wonder how they will fare in life, I worry about my husband who works so hard,  I worry about my aging mother.  My goodness! Perhaps on a not so conscious level I am stressed and I am not tasting the pleasures of life as I could be.

After digesting this information, I slow down, I go within and meditate. I release all my concerns and consciously decide to give it over to the universe, great spirit, angels and guides. I start to feel a peace within, I know deep down, everything is working out in divine timing and I acknowledge that. I choose trust over fear and I feel a well of peace flow into my being. I feel grateful for what is, rather than focusing on what isn't.

I emerge after 20 minutes or so.....amazing, my tongue has stopped burning, perhaps it was stress related.  Thank goodness I didn't have to wait seven years!

I then thank the condition of the burning tongue as it bought me the awareness of what I needed to know.

Peace in Chaos photo from
Perhaps if I was more conscious of my own stress, there would not have been a need for a physical condition to prompt me.

I really believe that stress can manifest in our bodies in almost any part of it. However, there can be a message within the part it shows up in, therefore acting as an oracle.

Unfortunately, it has become normal to experience stress so we are not failures for feeling it. However, it is fortunate that we can acknowledge our stress and once awareness is gained, we can brainstorm intuitively how we can manage stress in ways that will work for us.

Over the years my go to stress management plan has been always having the Australian Bush Flower Essence handy, seven drops under the tongue calms me down immediately,   meditation, listening to spiritual mentors speak, writing, walking and spending time in nature. Yoga works for me too, but I can get lazy with that.

If you can relate, I recommend
  • to firstly acknowledge where you feel stress in your life to bring light and awareness into the mix
  • research options and tools for healing stress
  • experiment with what works for you, we are all unique
  • create 'a go to plan' so that when you become consciously aware that you are stressed, you have somewhere to go to and something to do.
Life is short and we deserve to experience optimum joy wherever possible. When we choose joy, our vibration is automatically heightened helping to attract positive outcomes in the physical. Sound simplistic I know, but I truly believe simple is good, simple is true.

Have a wonderful June!

Below are some of your questions answered. If you would like to ask a question, email me at I publish my Blog on the first Monday of each month.

I have some detailed plans coming into fruition soon and I'm really excited. There is one very key person who has not committed either way yet, and I understand completely the internal struggle around this.
However, I keep getting very strong signs, nearly every day, that this person will be involved as initially planned.
Am I just being too hopeful or is Spirit really trying to reassure me?
I totally relate to you wondering if you are being hopeful or is it Spirit reassuring you. I understand that its hard to be objective about things we are excited about.  I believe signs from Spirit leave you with a deep gut feeling and I encourage you to trust your intuition.  
Its a difficult thing for any clairvoyant or medium to predict what someone will choose, as free will is something that belongs only to the individual, and Spirit is not allowed to interfere.  So, to be honest, I cannot answer what will happen or what this person will decide.
However, I do sense that they have some reservations. If they can find peace with their internal struggles it could work well. There feels like there is a risk element and this is partly why they may be unsure. I feel like Spirit is trying to let you know they have your back whatever the outcome as I feel you are indeed on an exciting path that will lead you to great things!

Are my family around me? Are they guiding me? Have they anything reassuring for me?

As you know Dave, I am aware that many of your family members have passed on and I am pleased to let you know they have not lost their sense of humour and send you much love and laughter. They are very fond of you and your partner and they want nothing more for you both then abundance joy and happiness. They are showing me you going away to the bush and encourage getting away from everyday pressures.  I feel your mother around you saying that she is aware of pregnancies or births in the family, not sure if she means recent or coming up soon.  There is something about study for your partner? I sense the next few years will see some practical changes that you seem very happy about. I see you moving from where you are currently living in the next few years and settling somewhere with a lovely nature aspect. Mum says to look out for owls, she will be sending you a sign of one, letting you know she is around. (could be photos, films, songs or real owls) She also showed me the old fashioned record player, not sure why. Sing dance and be merry is the collective message from your loved ones in Spirit.

Sunday, 29 April 2018

A Message from a Mountain Spirit

Photo from

For this months blog, I was guided to post a message from my book 'Gifts of Guidance Fifty Messages'

I held the book to my heart and put out the intention for the perfect message for this month to appear. I feel that if you are reading this, this message is for you.

Message 18
Mountain Spirit
‘The most valuable skill or talent that you could ever develop
 is that of directing your thoughts to what you want’   Abraham-Hicks

A glorious mountain covered with wild blooms in the springtime, a face embedded in the mountain.

This is a message of reassurance that the energy and hard work you have been giving out will soon be rewarded. The light at the end of the tunnel may yet be elusive but only temporarily.
The Spirit of the Mountain energy is solid and supportive and reassures you that you have wonderful powers of manifestation.  Clarity of thought marrying practical action is the key and soon your needs will be met in solid and practical ways. Keep striving for improvement in areas of life that are meaningful to you. Create practical structures in your life that support you, your lifestyle and your loved ones.
The flowers blooming on the mountain in the springtime represent positive outcomes and reaping rewards. The seeds you have sown in the past and continue to sow will blossom and grow.
Keep doing whatever it is you are doing. Trust that there is a bigger plan at work that may manifest in an even better way than you previously thought. Dismiss any fears and doubts troubling you, own your power and keep moving forward.
If you have asked a specific question today, the answer is to have faith in yourself and know your needs are about to be met.
Whether you are conscious of it or not, you are currently creating strong foundations for the future which will have a positive ripple effect on others.

Photo by
Your soul is experimenting with outcomes of actions.

Power Choice
·     Use manifestation techniques to boost desired outcomes
·     Create a vision board, use affirmations
·     Breathe your desired reality into the now
·     Use positive affirmations
·     Study mentors or employ a life coach.


Momentary Meditation
Imagine you are on a beach at sunrise, visualise what you want to manifest in the sky above, see it, feel it, sense it, say the words, ‘it is done, it is so’.

I create a joyful and meaningful life every day.

Liz’s Comments
It is said that everything happens for a reason and to some extent I believe that is true. Yet hard work and effort does bring rewards and we have more power to manifest than any of us realise. We are only scratching the surface of our own infinite, innate power.
When we feel inspired to take action, it is often Spirit guiding us.  It seems we are on an ongoing journey learning to listen to the subtle voices of our soul. We co-create our life with the Universe much like an artist’s paintbrush brings life to a canvas.
This message is acknowledging the hard work you have been doing and is praising you for your efforts. There is more to reap that you may not yet be aware of.
When my husband and I were awaiting approval for a home loan to buy our house, we were on edge. We had done all the right things, worked hard, saved up the money for the deposit and employed a broker. I had created an altar with a green candle for abundance and a photo of the house we wanted to buy. I would stop and say prayers at the altar regularly hoping this would help to manifest our desired outcome.
Finally, we received word from the broker. The bank agreed to grant the loan on the condition that we came up with another $10,000! There was no way we could find that sort of money and our hearts sank. We had tried so hard.
The next day I met for coffee with an old friend and shared what had happened. Unknown to me, my friend had recently come into some money and offered to help us. It was so random and unexpected! 
It felt as though universal synchronicity was at work and we accepted her kind offer and the house was ours. Obviously I was also blessed to have such a kind-hearted friend. 
My point is, the saying ‘God helps those who help themselves’ is quite true.
Whatever is happening in your life, wherever you have been giving of yourself and your energy, you are about to reap the rewards, so rejoice!

You can get a free 20 page excerpt of this book by signing up for my newsletter at my website

If you would like to purchase a signed copy of Gifts of Guidance Fifty Messages, contact me and I can post you one $20 AUD plus $5 for postage. Other copies can be obtained from most online bookstores.  For more details go to

Have a wonderful month ahead!

Below are some of your questions answered. If you would like to ask a question, email me at I publish my Blog on the first Monday of each month.

Can you see a good move this year to another state where things will go much better for me?
I am shown a visual of you moving interstate with a small bag, north, I think. I feel the symbol of the small bag is that you go with a light heart and leave the past behind where it belongs. Fresh starts and new beginnings ring true. Follow your heart and your passion. I see you around many creative people.
  Please ask Spirit if we will be moving to the Byron area and can they help with a time frame. Deborah
It is your decision whether you make this move but I sense in your heart this is what you will manifest. There are angels around you guiding you and setting up synchronicistic  leads and guidance. I just keep hearing one year, but not sure if that means within the year or a year from now. You have the power to manifest this change and Spirit will support you.
I would like to know what Spirit says about the 30 year connection S and I have, and what will happen over the next few months.
We had such amazing plans and I really felt like our Guides were, well, guiding us to this time in our lives.Now I don't know what to think

I get a lovely lady in Spirit who has passed on who often is looking out for you. She feels like she is connected on your mothers side of the family and is very protective. She understands the strong connection but she said everything happens in perfect timing and on some level S is not ready for the plans that were made. If you love something let it go, if its meant to be it will be. I feel more clarity and answers emerge naturally soon.
How can I improve my health?

Photo by
I am being shown fields of flowers of daisies and I know daisies represent simplifying. Perhaps Spirits message is suggesting  to simplify your life and remove areas of pressure or stress. Placing photos of daisies on your screen savers, or real daisies around you can draw in supportive energy. I also am shown a bottle of Vitamin C. Laugh, play and be merry !   

 I was just hoping to connect with my dad who passed away a couple of years ago. I kind of feel no closure just miss him so much and want to know he’s okay? Natasha
Your Dad comes through with an Aunt, maybe your aunt or his, not sure but he feels like he went a bit premature and has been doing a lot of healing on himself since he passed. He is in a good space and sends you so much love, he knows you do not judge him and he is proud of you and grateful for that. His words to you are enjoy your life and don't be concerned with the small stuff. I also see a small dog at his feet.  
Will my wife and I work things out and save our marriage?
I sense a kind gentleman around you in Spirit who has been looking over you and giving you much love and support. He says to think positive about your future but make decisions that you feel will serve you best. This is not a selfish way to be, this is a healthy way to be. I feel your friendship lasts the distance regardless of the outcome of the marriage. This man advises to focus on what is working, such as the friendship, not on what is not working.  Of course, nothing is set in stone with relationships as it is up to the two people's free will.  If you love someone, let them go and if it is meant to be it will be.

How do I handle my husband, I suspect him of infidelity.
Miss A  

I sense that although there is much unrest within the relationship, on some higher self level, you are both choosing to remain together as whatever lessons you are learning from each other is not yet complete. I actually sense deep down there is a lot of love sitting dormant at the foundation of the relationship. I would pray and ask for guidance from all of those who love you in Spirit and whatever outcome you both decide, do know that you will be looked after. I am not told if infidelity is part of the dynamics within the relationship but sometimes Spirit does not impart the information we would like them to. I would focus more on activating the dormant love and then the communication will flow and you will be able to share truth and authenticity. I wish you well in your marriage and life journey.

Sunday, 1 April 2018

Letting in Light

'I've been thinking' by Maria Shriver
The lady sitting opposite me lowered her eyes and looked away, her feet shuffled and an instant air of discomfort filled the room...we were in the middle of a reading and I had simply posed one question to her that elicited her reaction.  'What prevented you from taking the job offer?'  This lady had recently been offered the job of her dreams that she had been wanting for many years.  However, once it manifested she couldn't go through with it. After a stifled silence she replied 'fear of failure.'

It got me thinking how often many of us sabotage various aspects of our lives for seemingly real reasons that perhaps at the end of the day are not so real at all. Disregarding our intuition is included in these scenarios, where we let our logic sabotage what we know deep down, feels right.

Our days are numbered and our souls ache to experience all sorts of things while we are here, so why do we sometimes resist the things that would soothe that very ache?

As I scan my thoughts for possible reasons for resisting new and exciting possibilities in life, these are some reasons that occurred to
  • Fear of being judged/need for approval
  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of the unknown, change/a need for control
These may seem obvious reasons I know, but how often are we operating from these intentions without awareness and without knowing that we are?

Will it really matter on our death beds what somebody's opinions was? If we do fail, isn't it better to have gained wisdom from trying than not at all? How can we expand ourselves and our experiences if we are not prepared to leave the cage?

What can we do to over ride these inner blocks and breakthrough to a more satisfying life?

  • Simple awareness, gaining a level of objectivity so that we can catch ourselves, even just some of the time, when we are sabotaging potentially wonderful possibilities.
  • Hear out our intuitive gut feelings before dismissing them, give them some room to express themselves
  • Start small. Make 'safe' decisions based on what feels right and over ride the fear based logic. After practicing, bigger decisions will be easier. 
Its time to give ourselves credit for the amazing, powerful, wise and wonderful souls that we all are! Let us allow our light to shine and be our daily guide as we live out our days here on planet earth.
Below are some of your questions answered. If you would like to ask a question, email me at or go to my website I publish my Blog on the first Monday of each month.

photo from
  I don’t feel that my husband truly loves me because we are emotionally out of line. Does he love me or has he moved on? Yolanda

As I tune in, my first impression is that whatever inner journey your husband is on and the mood/feelings he is experiencing is actually separate from his love for you. I feel he does love you deeply and has not moved on. I encourage you to tell him how you are feeling. There is a beautiful blue bird I see around you in Spirit, it feels like an animal guide that is uplifting your spirit when you are feeling a bit down. You have a beautiful heart and are a creative soul, enjoy life, you deserve it.


I am faced with a difficult dilemma with my family involving my mothers will. Should I walk away or pursue legal avenues? Christine


My heart goes out to you Christine as I sense the pressure and burden you are carrying. I am a big believer that even the hardest situations hold a gift or opportunity and I encourage you to contemplate what silver lining could come from this, even if it is in terms of self growth. The over riding sense I am getting intuitively is to give this more time. Sometimes to take no action is the wisest course, I feel if you can somehow put it on the shelf for now, a few months down the track movement will begin to flow and things will be a lot clearer than they are now. Sending you much love and prayers.


Can you please let me know if my granddaughters will re-unite and if so, will it be soon.  It is breaking my heart that they are estranged at the moment.  Cheryl


As I tune in Cheryl I get the angels almost yelling a resounding YES! I am not sure of the timing but I sense it will not be too long. They love each other dearly and have come together in this life for much learning. You are doing the right thing by taking a step back, they will sort it out. I hear that May is a happy month for you. 

 Have I chosen the right tenant for my flat?


My first thought Rosie is that the fact you are asking shows that perhaps you have your own doubts and knowing how intuitive you are, I would be questioning this decision for sure. However, when I tune in I see a man around the flat, not sure whether he is living there or visiting a lot. To be honest, I feel his energy is questionable but not a danger in any way. If the energetic atmosphere is important to you, I would be very selective who you let the flat to. I hear your angels say its not too late to change your mind or at least ask the people in question to give you a bit more time.


What new information would the universe like me to know about my love life?

I saw your guardian angel holding a red rose that was slowly blooming. I was impressed with lovely feelings of opening up and blossoming and I sense the message is that you are growing on the inside and are ready to receive more love. There is a very positive energy around you in regards to romance. Be open to deserving the very best, you deserve it! 

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Soul Soothing in Kooky Times

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The last few years, life has been a roller coaster, and not just for me it seems, its seems everyone I talk to  is going through highs and lows in a more accelerated fashion than usual. The yin the yang, the bad the good, the happy the sad, the love the fear...sometimes this world of duality we are living in is outright exhausting and a tad overwhelming!

So when our world begins to cave in and your mind can not fit anything else to think about, where can we go to find relief, where can we go to find peace?  Where is the consistent source of love we crave?  In this enlightened age, we are beginning to understand that true peace lies within,yet there are days where it seems out of reach.

For thousands of years, some African tribal cultures have employed their local Shaman to get answers when they were feeling unbalanced, unwell or confused.

These are the questions the Shaman asks;
  1. When was the last time you danced?
  2. When was the last time you sang?
  3. When was the last time you told a story?
  4. When was the last time you sat in stillness?
Today I asked myself these questions.

Mmm, the last time I danced... I danced around the kitchen when I found out I didn't have to cook dinner last week.
The last time I sang? Yesterday, in the car with no one around, thank goodness! I sang along to 'don't go breaking my heart'
The last time I told a story was the other night when I told my son I didn't eat his chocolates, but I did.
The last time I sat in stillness was last week, sitting in a traffic jam, I had no choice.

Without doubt, I have some work to do!!

I like the Shaman's advice. There is a sweet simplicity in wisdom that rings true. Navigating our path in life is sometimes complex so its easy to assume the answers we seek must be complicated.

The longer I am alive, the more I see the opposite is true. Often the answers I seek are right in front of me but I can't see it because I over think things.

So I will listen to the Shaman. I will try to dance like no ones watching, sing loudly and often, tell stories from the heart and slow down and smell the roses.

Have a wonderful March! 

Below are some of your questions answered.
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A house has come up for sale and my mum has left me enough money to consider making an offer. This is big decision and I wish my mum was here to ask what to do. If Spirit has any plans for us or is this something I could be guided by own thoughts and feelings. Nicky

Dear Nicky, as I tune in I sense your mother in Spirit bringing in a huge smile and a feeling of pride. She sends so much love and is so happy she was able to help. She knows how much you have struggled and is so relieved you now have the opportunity to buy your own home. Trust your gut feelings as she will be with you every step of the way. I do see you living somewhere with a strong nature aspect but not too isolated. I feel the one you have your eye on has a good energy and Spirit is encouraging you to look into in further. Also, I do see you seeking advice from a professional, how to proceed. Perhaps talk to a broker to get their advice, I feel this will take a lot of pressure off you. I hope this helps!

Recently I've connected with a younger guy and the chemistry is intense, but my instincts tell me to stay away. And every time I call on spirit for clarity I hear the words 'stay away'. So my question to you is, do I trust my instincts or the intense feeling of attraction? 
Ms M


Dear Ms M

I sense a beautiful group of loving spirits around you that want to acknowledge how hard you work and how much energy you give out to others.  You are coming into an era in your life that is more about yourself and your needs. I feel this guy has appeared to show you that you are desirable and attractive and that it is okay to experience some passion in your life. However, I feel the reason you get the words 'stay away' is because this is not meant to be a long term relationship, rather a short burst of fun and self confidence. This guy is not ready for commitment but this connection has shifted something in you that will attract a new era of romance. Enjoy!


 I  was wondering if there is any opportunity that I will own my own house in the near future? Kelly


Dear Kelly,

I sense a gentleman around you in Spirit, perhaps a father figure who is helping you achieve the goal of owning a house. He said it has been a bit of a roller coaster ride, sometimes seeming like the goal is in reach and other times feeling like its never going to happen.  This year is the year to put out clear and strong intentions coupled with practical action to really make this happen. I feel that Spirit will impress feelings of determination upon you as a way of helping. Get clear what you want and go for it and doors will open.  I do sense it will be this year.


My lease has abruptly been terminated. I have been living here for 4 years in a studio room with my son and two dogs.
 I have kept a brave face for my son who is doing his Last year at high school. I think I will go to a camping ground to live in a tent for three years and save for a tiny house. My son leaves for uni next year so it will be me and my dogs... I really want to stay in the town I am in.  I have a job and love the location.
What do you see happening?
Ms C

Dear Ms C
I understand how vulnerable you must feel and although in one way you are a victim of the (non) affordable housing problem in this area, this is also an opportunity to create an even better situation and space for you and your little family. I feel this is intervention from the divine to propel you into something better. Certainly  it is a leap of faith and trust but I sense there are many around you in Spirit supporting you.  I am shown an elderly man, like a grandfather figure wanting to assure you that in the next few months you will find yourself in a bigger space that is affordable in a location that suits. I had a flash of something that reminded me of a warehouse made cosy. Perhaps not far from where you live now. Be positive, have faith and allow yourself to receive. This is a positive change!


Sunday, 4 February 2018

The Age of Aquarius

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It feels to me like we are on the eve of change, and I am not referring to our personal events in our lives, but as a collective consciousness on our planet. 

Yes there are bomb threats, terrorists, nuclear weapons, mental health catastrophes and absolutely crazy world leaders with far too much power, but even that is not what I am trying to articulate as I write this.

It's a sense and a feeling that we are shifting our inner selves on profound and deep levels like never before. As the world becomes more dark and hideous in some ways, the light competes and accelerates its gifts of connection to our deeper selves and each other. 

I sense that if we can shift our focus at this time to the light and not the dark, we will have immense impacts on not only our own lives but it will activate a domino, ripple effect and echo out to ricochet the dark spots.

The powerful conditioning of limitation that the media, our upbringings, our schools and religions have brainwashed us with, feels like it is loosening and dissolving more than ever and there is such an opportunity right here, right now to step into our authentic selves and simply be and live from our light within, in a bigger way than before.

In my first book I wrote 'For the Love of Spirit A Medium Memoir,' (link below)
I talk about being an eight year old in the late 60's and the feeling in the air, and this era right here and now, feels similar.

  Here is an excerpt;

'One fond memory is of Carmen and me dancing to the song 'The Age of Aquarius' while writing in the air with incense. As I waved around the black sticks, creating patterns with the swirling streams of scented smoke, a type of
euphoria embraced my higher senses. The caged light inside me that was often filtered through a narrow passage of expected behaviour was beginning to awaken. It was the late 1960's. and there was a sense of magic in the air. The world was on a roll. There were horrific things happening, such as the Vietnam War. Yet, running parallel was a new consciousness: a new wave of thinking was being born. Although we as children were blissfully unaware, the music and the mood of the planet were prevalent and the younger generation were strong and demanding. Like the process of osmosis, we were taking it all in.'

 In a powerful book by Anita Moorjani, 'Dying to be Me', (link below) which is an account of her amazing near death experience, Anita says when she was clinically dead she felt that whether she lived or she died, she knew without doubt that everything was going to be absolutely fine and fear became irrelevant and non existent. When fear can be irrelevant while we alive, the power of trust and love can take its place creating infinite possibilities.

Through choosing to become more aware is a simple step we can take now. With Saturn in the sign of Capricorn until 2020, we will not have the luxury of resting on our laurels or keeping our head in the sand. Now is a time to dig deep, look clearly at ourselves and see the good, the bad and ugly, allowing our inner beauty to shine regardless, love all of ourselves and see where we can learn and grow.

If we can expand our inner wings through coming from a place of love rather than fear in our day to day lives, there is a wind current in the cosmos, that will lift you higher than ever before.  

Below are some of your questions answered.
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I publish my Blog on the first Monday of each month.

Will I have children of my own?
As I tune in for you Maddie I  am surrounded by three of your guardian angels bringing you much comfort and calming energy, they impress upon me that there is plenty of time ahead for a family and this will happen at the perfect time. So yes, I do see you with children and you will be a great mother. They are a little elusive with the details, but sometimes we are not meant to know what lies ahead. Enjoy life, everything is working out exactly to plan.

I'm in a challenging emotional moment,bringing me back in the sense of past abandonment and every time I meet a guy I really like I'm worry he disappears, and soon or later it really happens.
I do have an attachment feeling to them.
It's not good for me, it's not matching with my independent personality,and even if i don't need it, i have to cope this every time,since my younger age.
I feel I can't be able to be in a relationship with a man at all as this drain my energy before even to start a relationship with them,when I don't hear from them for a while now I just want to give up, close any contact with them even if I know it's me and they might be in a emotional challenge too.
How can i make that feeling of abandonment go away and don't be scared of love?
There is a guy nearby me at the moment and I'm wondering what angels say about him too. Ely
As I read your question my first impression is that the men in your life so far have been there as a catalyst for healing inner wounds. Its wonderful that you are so aware of your feelings and I can sense your soul driving you to create breakthrough and peace with your internal conflict about creating emotional intimacy with someone special.  I sense many around you in Spirit but particularly a kind lady who feels as though she was very spiritual. Her words are something like..'look in the mirror and see love, do this often and others will see the light in you and love you also. As long as you are projecting that you are not good enough, that is the reaction you will get from others.' I sense the answer is to forget about the men and focus on loving you, and then the men will not be able to resist you. I would like to recommend a book I feel may help its called 'Living an Exceptional Life' by Louise Hay and Cheryl Richardson  
This book really helped me to love myself more. Remember also, the law of attraction. When we focus on lack, of anything, that is what we attract. Trust your intuition in terms of seeking out support and healing. 
As far as the man around you at the moment, I feel he has been sent as a catalyst for you to go deeper in yourself and I do feel a nice friendship forming that may lead to romance. Sometimes we are not meant to know outcomes and also free will can shift results so relax, enjoy and love you!
 Can spirit see me in my own home soon and if they have a preferred house number I need to be in even or odd? Aprille
I do see a house for you that you instantly fall in love with, it seems small but cosy and has a lovely nature element. I get a gentleman in Spirit around you, perhaps a father figure, helping you. He says focus on how you feel when you find the right home and ignore the number, you will be living in the number vibration that you are meant to be in. The next few months will see positive results around this situation. Give thanks in advance for the blessings of your new home.