Sunday, 29 September 2013

Soul Swinging in the New Age

Charlie, my dog and the country lane where we go for walks
As I was walking my dog, Charlie, down a beautiful country lane near my house, it occurred to me how tense I was.  The green beauty around me only mirrored my inner stress.  Breathe, I said to myself, breathe.

In this rapid time of shifts, changes...there comes a point where you have to step back and look at the bigger picture.  As the vibration and awareness increases on the planet, it feels to me like things are going faster. We are more distracted than ever before by the bombardment of technology such as cell phones, devices, social media. We are working longer hours and multi- tasking more than ever before. Is this a good thing? Is this a bad thing?  I don't think it's either, it just is what it is, it is the times we are living in.

Running parallel is a sharper and growing awareness of the intuitive side of life encompassing healthier lifestyles and spirituality.  Environmental and humanitarian issues are also becoming mainstream issues. 

 I believe we are here on this planet to work on our weaknesses and as we swing from each change to the next in an accelerated fashion, much like Tarzan swinging from rope to rope, we expand and we grow.  Each situation we find ourselves in needs to be bigger to house our perpetual growth as souls which is why we are here.  Perhaps our grandparents swings were just as intense as ours but less often.

We now have the opportunity in this age to pack in multiple and abundant transitions that will bring our souls enriched and amazing growth.  As we swing from each situation to the next, see it like an upgrade, just as when you have to upgrade your car, we need a new vehicle to go to expand and go forward in.  

Resisting change in this day and age will take more energy than to face your fear and do it anyway.
A mountain near my house, part of the Booyong Ranges. I affectionately call him Rock Man

 I believe that when we eventually arrive on the other side after leaving our bodies, (which I hate to remind you is a done deal) we will be in awe of how much our soul grew, perhaps even more than any life time before.  All the stress we endured worth it in the end because we will find ourselves  closer to our authentic source, which is pure, unadulterated love.

So, if in your life you are feeling like everything is going too fast, it probably is.  What can we do to cope  and balance the acceleration? 

'Stress busting' is so important because so much valuable guidance is missed as it lies just below our stress.

The stress masks the truth and the knowing we have deep down.  Here are some of my stress busting suggestions but because we are so unique, what works for one may not for the other so just for fun I have listed my suggestions using sun signs,

Aries; sports, comedy relief, partying
Taurus; gardening, luxuries, singing
Gemini; reading enjoyable texts, socialising for fun
Cancer; family time,  scrap booking, fun with kids
Leo; socialising, dancing,make over
Virgo; structured relaxation like Yoga, cooking, nature walks
Libra; socialising, pets, luxury, romance
Scorpio; sex, spending one on one time with those you love
Saggitarius; climb a mountain or jump out of a plane,,,play like a child
Capricorn; do something practical in nature, fish, bushwalk, build a tipi
Aquarius; Get your own space however you can, that's how you recharge
Pisces; talk it out with friends, a counsellor, go where you feel the love, water play.
                                          OR all of the above!

                      Breathe, relax, enjoy, you only have one life right here, right now.

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