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Your Questions Answered and New Arrivals to the Spirit Word

 Hi Everyone,

Below you will find some of your questions answered. If you would like to ask a question, please email me at info@lizwintermedium or message me via my Facebook Page.  

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One question I am commonly asked, is how long does it take after someone passes until communication is possible? This is a loaded question and there is no one answer.

Communication to newly departed depends on a myriad of circumstances and variables. Some things to consider are; 
  • Was the passing expected or sudden?
  • What was the person's views on life after death?
  • Did the person feel at peace within themselves at their time of passing?
  • Did they take their own life?
  • Are you, the mourner at peace with their passing or experiencing shock and deep grief.?
  • What sort of personality did the deceased person have?

 There is a 'rule of thumb' among medium circles that it is wise to wait six months before attempting communication.  That way, regardless of the variables, it should be enough time for things to settle down. This includes the ones left behind coping with their grief and the person on the other side adjusting to their new life.
Sometimes,the newly departed come through on a weaker link than those who have been passed for a long period of time. This is simply because they have to learn the process of downloading information via a medium. A bit like we have to learn how to use and iphone and all the apps and tricks. I generally find they come through in tandem with a more experienced passed over person. I think its sweet how the newly departed seem to be very supported by others in the spirit world.

Having said all that, there are times when you will hear within a few days from a loved one who has passed, so although there are no concrete rules, I believe it is best to wait at least a month or two.  You may find in the meantime you will have a vivid dream or experience of your loved one connecting with you. 

Remember, there is no rush, despite the urgent need for contact, no one is going anywhere.  If you are feeling overwhelming grief, do share it with those you trust or seek out a grief healer.

If you have lost someone dear to you, ask them to give you a sign. You can write a letter to them, mentally ask or ask out loud. Don’t ask how you want them to respond just put out the request and then be open minded. The sign may come in a dream, something someone says, lights may flicker (Spirits are good at manipulating electricity) a song comes on the radio but whatever  it is you get a feeling and a knowing.  Don’t assume they won’t use humour in their signs, they often do!   

Always remember bonds of love cannot be broken, even in death.

So here are your questions;

I am thinking of selling and moving back to Turkey, how does that look?
Miss B

I sense a beautiful elderly woman around you who is looking out for you. She says she is connected on your mothers side of the family. She says you have a yearning in your heart to make a move and that you are the type of person who follows your heart and she says you have already made up your mind. This move can be wonderful for a few years but I get the sense that you will either come back here in a few years or take up residence in another country again. I sense you are entering into creative ventures overseas that could be quite profitable. Bon Voyage!


I will be going to help my stepmother in her transition next week. I wonder if my Dad will be there from the Spirit world. Are you able to tell me anything?

I am greeted by your father but also a mother in Spirit and I hear a piano playing. I feel they are on either side of you and very close around you at this time. They admire that you are helping your stepmother and want you to know it means so much to her whether she can express her appreciation or not. I feel it will actually be an enlightening and a special experience and you will be able to feel the angels and love that descend around the time you spend with her. They are so proud of you. Someone who wore a military hat salutes you.

Will I go overseas this year?

I sense a lady in Spirit around you who passed prematurely and she says she was a friend of yours and that you laughed a lot together. I sense there was an illness with her, something like cancer. She said you will have a few opportunities to go overseas and I see you being invited somewhere, possibly UK or Europe.  Ultimately it is your decision but if you get the opportunity this lady says 'go and have a ton of fun, you deserve it!!'  

I would like to know what you can see regarding income and if there's any travel?
Ms G

There is a father figure around you in Spirit who feels like he passed away a long time ago, (if not father, possibly grandfather, he is dressed in clothes that remind me of 1920-1940's era) he may have struggled with a lung/breathing issues. He is happy now and brings you blessings of abundance and says the second half of this year things will improve financially and to keep on doing whatever you are doing. Travel wise he says to be choosy and only take trips that you feel 100 percent right about, it has to be your idea, no one elses.   

My son has moved to the UK, do you see him living there long term?
Ms L

When I tune in I see an American Indian Spirit guide around you but also around your son. He shows me a peace pipe and says that your son is finding peace within himself there and putting down new foundations for his future. He reassures you he is safe and he may be home at the end of this year for Christmas but I think he will return back overseas. I see a connection to France or Italy.

I believe I am ready to meet my soulmate, will he show up soon?
Ginger R   

I am shown pixie type fairies around you and they tell me you have a wonderful connection to nature and they show me Ireland for some reason. I do feel there is a gentleman for you who is a kind and gentle soul. He may play a stringed instrument, maybe a ukalalie (?) He may enjoy folk type music and his soul has a poetic energy about it, so definitely a creative soul. I am told that you may connect with him online but I don't think he is in this country so maybe you could research international online meeting options. The fairies say you are correct, you are ready.

 Have a great week all!

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