Thursday, 3 October 2013

My Secret Dream

With the recent footy finals all around and seeing such huge audiences attending live events so full of vigour and enthusiasm, I found myself with conflicting feelings.  Part of me is happy that in this high pressured earthly world of survival that these people on my television look so happy and high about supporting their teams.  Relief from the madness and pressures of life and obviously feeling a passion for their also brings up for me, a dream I have of miracle cures....let me run my dream by you...

Imagine a stadium housing an audience of hundred thousand people, all feeling positive, high and excited.....instead of football players entering the field...a cancer patient is wheeled out....all one hundred thousand people close their eyes and imagine this cancer patient, healthy, carefree, happy and well...each of these one hundred thousand people open their healing hands and project healing to the cancer patient. There is a peace, a harmony, and a sound in the silence of intention.

The cancer patient perhaps can only take a minute of this powerful healing and maybe it heals them and maybe it doesn't. If someone is meant to pass over, I guess their time is up.  However, imagine  the other potential outcome...they rise from their chair....completely cancer free....or a child who was unable to walk, or someone who was blind could see, anyone in physical pain has an opportunity to be free.  

Us humans are so much more powerful than we know.

You may say I am a dreamer, but I know you are too, let's dream as big as we can because it seems that now thoughts and dreams manifest quicker than ever before.

                  Anyone got a stadium and a hundred thousand people to experiment?

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