Saturday, 5 October 2013

Stuck Between Heaven and Earth

   Imagine watching the world move in slow motion from behind a window…you are on the outside looking in. You can’t measure time and you have no idea if a minute or an eon has passed. 

 You see your loved one walk by outside your window so slow that you can see each detail about them so vividly, the light in their eyes, the way they walk, the movement of their head, their hair rustling, each gesture exaggerated.  You can almost hear their thoughts but not quite.  You try to yell to get their attention, you begin bashing on the window but it is made out of some indestructible substance.  They look in your direction and for a second you are sure they will see you and hope inside you rises, but  then they look straight through you with not an ounce of recognition.  You are shattered, frustrated and cannot understand what is happening.  Something is seriously wrong but perhaps you are dreaming and you will awake soon.  Imagine the relief if someone would just recognise you or at least just talk to you to explain  what is happening. 

Being a lost ghost is not much fun.                            

  I have no doubt that the house I grew up in had ghosts.  Perhaps they congregated in the cellar.   My clairvoyant sister Leonie and I would often feel these energies around us but of course had no idea of what they were.   

  There was a particular child ghost that would come into our dreams  every now and then  and terrify us.  My sister and I were able to match the description of him.  He had blonde hair and vampire looking teeth and a very nasty energy about him.  An awful feeling would linger inside of me for days afterwards and I can still remember the feeling if I choose to even now. It felt like wearing an invisible bubble of fear and terror and left a sickening feeling in the pit of your stomach.  

  These days I would have known what to do but then we were just children and telling anyone would have been pointless.  Although the house was demolished many years ago, I still visit that house in my dreams frequently although thankfully I don’t dream of him anymore.  

Earthbound Spirits are simply that, earth bound.  A person dies and somehow gets lost between here and the Spirit World. 

  It seems there is a denial or a reluctance to want to move on, despite the loving spirits waiting and willing to assist them on their journey to the other side.  I am sure each case is unique but some of the reasons may be fear, reluctance to separate from a loved one or a much loved home or perhaps because they strongly believe there is no after life they are not allowing themselves to be open to what is.

  Earth bound spirits often attach themselves to a location or a person and feed off the energy there.  I don’t think they necessarily mean to. 

  There are certain mediums that do what is called ‘rescue work’ as a medium can be the perfect mediator between the earth and the spirit realm.  I have done some of this work myself but to be honest it doesn’t appeal to me that much.  One way you can tell if there is an unwanted visitor is a temperature drop in a spot in a room or a thick uncomfortable feeling that isn’t really logical. Then there are the more attention seeking ghosts who will make noises or lightly touch you. Some like to move objects too but that is less common.

  My method of removing earth bound spirits has a basic underlying principle.  Raise the vibration.  Souls that are lost are often in a dark and unconscious space, a bit like a dream state and they need to be woken up to the reality of their situation.  There is usually a sense of sadness or low energy that they emanate.  If you can raise the energy around them up through music, candles, meditation, prayer, oil burning etc you shift the energy and it wakes them up from their state of inertia. Once the awareness sets in they are generally co operative and eager to move on to their new life.  It helps to talk aloud to them (even though you feel a bit of dill talking to the air)  as they may not hear you if you just think it.   Tell them they have passed on and that they should look around for their loved ones who are waiting for them shining a light.  I always ask for help from Spirit to take them over.  

  In a sense they are in a place of darkness through their denial and disillusion. By bringing in light, darkness disappears and they can see the truth and move on.  Darkness can simply not exist in light.  A room is only dark at night until the light is switched on.

 I often call on Archangel Michael, the angel of Protection to assist me with earth bound spirits and have had much success. 

  One evening, I awoke in the middle of the night and sensed an unpleasant energy covering my whole body. In my clairvoyant vision I saw a young male who I instinctively knew had been a drug addict.

  At that time, some young party type guys were renting  a house across the road.  I just knew somehow this earthbound spirit had wandered over from there. Quickly in my sleepy state I assessed the situation.  I tried to move and I couldn’t.  I called out inside myself to Archangel Michael, the archangel of protection to remove this presence and nothing happened.  I was now beginning to feel a little fear rising within me which quickly turned to anger and I then yelled or more hissed ‘ARCHANGEL MICHAEL, DO SOMETHING!’  Instantly it left and I could move again.  I took a deep breath, sent a thank you to Michael and a prayer to the lost soul that they may find their way.  

  If prayer doesn’t appeal to you there are other ways you can deal with earth bound spirits.  I use prayer and angels because it’s simple and it only requires a sincere request or a holler!

 You can always get a ‘ghost buster’ to help you which will usually be in the form of a medium or perhaps a priest.  However, most normal earth bound Spirits can be dealt with by anyone if you understand a few basic facts.

  Fear is the biggest no no. The cheeky earth bound Spirits, like the little blonde boy we had as children love it when you get scared.  You are technically bringing your energy down to their level where they can give you even more of a hard time. 

 They quickly become bored if you won’t play the fear game.  Let them know they have been caught out.  Be firm with them, tell them you are not going to tolerate their behaviour and they must move on.  Be like a parent with a child, firm, clear and caring. This will give you the best results.  

  Once they are gone you may need to give your home energy cleanse and make over. I use salt.  Any salt will do but I prefer sea salt of Himalayan salt.  Put some in bowls of water in corners of rooms and it will absorb negative energy.  You can even place salt right around the perimeter of your home.  Visualise an angel at each entrance of your house and land or see them holding hands in a circle around the whole house.  Having a salt bath will remove any negative energy you have absorbed in your energy field.  Burning sandalwood incense, burning lavender or eucalyptus oils are also cleansing.  Burning sage sticks does the trick as well.  Send a healing thought to the soul for a smooth transition to their new life in Spirit. 

 We will all end up there in the Spirit World one day and it would be nice to know someone was sending us a good thought.

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