Monday 27 June 2016

Spirit Messages Within a Mad Mind

I get messages from Spirit quite often but guess what, so do you. It's that thought lurking in the back of your mind that won't go away and the gut feeling that feels like it is more than indigestion. Its the knowing that you constantly push away, replacing it with an empty logical thought.

In a world where we are educated from a young age to listen to logic, we can miss the simplicity of our innate inner guidance.

So what is the big secret? How do we access our natural given intuition and guidance. Courses will charge you big bucks to find it, others will worship someone they think is more intuitive than themselves but at the end of the day you are a complete package, yes you! All you need is within you and trusting ourselves is the first thing we need to practice.

Our loved ones in Spirit, our guides and angels and our own higher wisdom appear in the form of thoughts and gut feelings.  These thoughts and feelings have a wise and clear sense about them where as our mad thoughts are often based on fear and what we think we should feel or think.

I saw a you tube video of some guy that stares and apparently you get enlightened from watching him stare....well who am I to judge, maybe he really does heal people with his stare.  I sat there watching for about 10 minutes. He had nice eyes, but so does my dog and he can be pretty healing too. Its all good and I support anything that brings about positive change,  but the point I am making is to remind you and myself that we are divine amazing intuitive beings and we have all we need within.

Talk to your higher self, talk to angels, talk to guides, ask for help and take even a few seconds of your day to breath consciously and ask yourself what you are really feeling, beyond the mad thoughts that race through your mind and sabotage your self esteem and judgement.

Perhaps we can choose to follow the thoughts and feelings that seem authentic and see what happens. I am sure you already have at some point and can remember what a good outcome occurred.  For example once I had a gut illogical feeling to have a throat scan. I had no visible symptoms.
I followed it and as it turned out I had a cancerous growth which I was able to deal with before it got out of hand.

Take 5 minutes to reflect on what you truly feel regardless of what you think is acceptable, be authentic, be true and let your beautiful soul shine.

An Angels Visit to a Dental Chair

Recently, as I sat in the dental chair, my face numb right down to my chin and the dentist deep in my mouth with pliers, I decided to drift off into another realm.  I imagined I was in a beautiful garden. Emerald green grass  scattered with purple and pink petals beneath my feet felt soft and soothing with each step. The sunlight gently warmed my being as I heard sweet bird calls coming from the tall trees.
As I turned a corner, a golden ray of sunshine blinded my vision and I knew I was now in the Spirit Realm.  A sweet and loving angel beckoned me to sit with her on a large, sparkling rose quartz crystal. I glided towards her and as I arrived she gently pushed my fringe back and her diamond green eyes met mine. Entranced, she began to impress thoughts on to my mind.

'Many of you have recently released major baggage and it is now time to show the world who you really are. Your true authentic selves have never had more room to shine than now. Do not be concerned how this will occur as you each have unique and specially carved paths that your higher self is aware of, but not your conscious self. Prayers will now be answered quicker than usual so do not hesitate to reach out to us. The global shifts and changes are reflections of you all shifting and changing, as in truth we are all one. Structures end so new ones can be formed bringing fresh meaning and direction. This is truly what is happening under the surface of your lives. Many of you are more awake than you have ever been, be open to rivers of love and magic moments'

Somewhere in the background I heard a man's voice gleefully state 'I got it all' and I was spun back to the present moment. The dentist hovered over me, excited to be showing me my extracted tooth while the dental nurse stuck her sucker thing down my throat. Not such a magic moment I mused.

I raced home and jotted down the message and re read it a few times. I can relate, I do feel like I have been releasing major baggage, particularly the last few years. It does feel like a dawn of a new age, and it's exciting to be part of it inwardly and externally.

Fear of change and fear of the future is our challenge. If we can put fear aside and focus on faith in ourselves and know we are always looked after, we allow room for magic to occur.  Let the magic begin!

*Angel picture by Reed Osama

Saturday 4 June 2016

The Last Fragipanni

Amidst the confusion and noise of the passing traffic, I felt a calm presence. My mood was low and I worrying about various people, places and things. In my internal fog, I walked, my gaze towards the grey cement beneath my feet. Suddenly, the calm presence urged me to look up.

In front of me I observed the last Fragipanni flower resting boldly on a bare grey branch, bold but forlorn. It's bleak honesty touched me as I walked by, it reflected myself, my sense of lonesomeness in a vast world that demanded me to perform, to contribute, to give, to be something in contrast to bareness and just being.

The exquisiteness of the white and yellow flower was a reminder of my own inner beauty and a sign of the impending winter. A fresh crisp breeze caressed my face as I contemplated how the Spirit of the Fragapanni tree might be feeling with only one bloom left after a long Mullumbimby Summer.

The first time I hugged a tree, I was sixteen. I remember it clearly. It was a sunny Winter Melbourne day. I wore my blue jeans and a long, black hippy coat. Sitting in the picturesque botanical gardens, I was feeling sad and confused about love...quite spontaneously, I hugged a nearby tree.  Sincerely I whispered to the tree; please help me, please comfort me. Immediately I felt a wave of pure, unadulterated love wash over me and in that special moment there were no words, just a feeling of unspoken compassion and understanding emanating from the tree. It felt so real, I didn't question it, I just felt grateful. As I walked away, I felt uplifted, reassured and revitalized.

Now, I am a closet tree hugger which I highly recommend!

My recent encounter with the last Fragipanni was a symbol and a reminder that I can be a light, that there is always beauty to highlight the grey, that there is contrast for a reason.

 Life is a palette of choices and experiences. We are the artists of our lives, creating, dismantling and creating again and again.

Trees do have a spirit, because they are alive, be nice to them and give them a hug, maybe they need one too!