Tuesday 25 May 2021

Healing from the Other Side


It never ceases to amaze me how much healing occurs through the undeniable connection to the Spirit World. It may be in the form of words spoken, a download of feeling, a release of emotion or a heart that is touched, sometimes without knowing why. When the relationship between our own Spirit and the Spirit world connects, magic can and does definitely happen.

Recently I witnessed a student deliver undeniable evidential information to another student. The recipient was overwhelmed with relief around a situation that had been causing them guilt for many years. In a matter of one or two sentences that drove straight to the heart of truth, the guilt was released and healing accelerated.

Guilt, anger unfinished business, sadness and hurt are often alleviated when a genuine connection takes place. It is a three way communication. The medium, the sitter and the person in Spirit. For me it feels like we are sitting in a bubble of light and within the bubble there are magical forces at work. Sometimes people cry before I have said a word because they feel the love of Spirit. Sometimes all any of us we have to do is sit and feel the energy to receive a healing. 

The healing that takes place for the person in Spirit is hard to measure but I know on some deep level communication to their loved ones still living helps them. I so often sense their relief when they have made contact. 

Healing can take place without getting a reading from a medium. It can happen when there is a sincere desire to receive help and guidance from our support team in Spirit. Simply asking from the heart is all that is required. 

My point is that mediumship is not only about making contact, it goes much deeper. It is about healing the heart and knowing a part of us is truly immortal. My hope is that in the future, our natural connection to the other side will be seen as something normal and a healing tool for our heart, our mind and our soul.

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