Sunday 31 December 2017

2018 is here! To Plan or not to Plan?


Each year usually begins with such enthusiasm, hope and excitement. Its human nature to be excited about the new and I find myself wondering, how much should I plan ahead to maximize my time this year.

When I was younger, I rarely planned anything a day ahead let alone a year ahead. I feared that the fun and spontaneity would disappear out of life if I approached life with my diary in hand.

Fast forward years later, diary is often in hand as I find that if I don't plan, things simply don't eventuate.

I was asking myself the question this week, where is the balance point between planning and be spontaneous?  If we approach life like a complete control freak, it can lower our energy and be plain boring. It can limit room for serendipity and moments of wonder.

Then on the other hand if we make no plans at all we can feel like we are floating in an unsure sea of confusion as what step to take next.

Perhaps if we marry our intuition with our logic, and make peace with both.  Maybe they can walk side by side.

 Perhaps if we plan some practical steps along with tuning in with what feels right along the way, and find courage to change direction if it doesn't feel good.

Although I have made some concrete plans for 2018, I want my Spirit to guide me. I want to be a recipient of magic moments and be open to experiencing better outcomes than I can foresee.

Saturn recently made its way into Capricorn and will stay there for the next two years. This placement  is suggestive of getting 'real' and walking our talk, check out this article to find out more

Its also a 11/2 year astrologically which is about balance between the light and dark and finding harmony in our interactions on global and personal levels, for more information, check out this article

So wherever you are in your journey through life, I wish you a year of forward movement, of feeling like you are alive and thriving, regardless of what challenges you are faced with and always remember that Spirit has your back and are there for you the moment you ask!


Below are some of your questions answered.
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 Do you see a move in residence for me within the next few months?

When I tune in I see several angels around you helping you with this situation. They show me that at the present moment there is some uncertainty or confusion about where to go and how to do it. They suggest to firstly get clear within yourself what sort of situation you would like to manifest that is realistic and achievable. Ask yourself what are your needs and what is the best way forward and the angels will help you access your inner guidance and wisdom. It is a time to take control and not let the wind blow you, so to speak, be strong and know you deserve to have your needs met. I sense that there is a breakthrough with moving around late January/early February.
 I feel a bit stuck after having anemia, not enjoying my job, family issues... I want to know how to get my positivity back and feel excited again about life? How to make change as it feels to hard to make a start which usually I find easy?


My heart goes out to you as I read your letter, and I am reminded how life throws us curve balls at times. However, I also know that the curve balls are our greatest teachers and that feeling stuck is an opportunity and a clear message from Spirit that it's time for change because we have outgrown our current circumstances. My advice is to take baby steps, change one thing in your life by replacing it with something that brings you joy, be patient and ask your angels and guides for clear guidance. I see a kind gentleman in Spirit who is already assisting you, he feels like a father figure, perhaps on your mothers side of the family. He says you have a huge heart and you give out a lot, its time to reel in some of that love for yourself and place yourself on your priority list, He shows me you walking in nature and breathing deeply, deep insights are coming to you, and you are regrouping from the inside out. He showed me daisies which represent simplicity, have faith, breakthroughs are coming.

On the work front will I achieve what I was not able to in 2017

As I tune in for you I sense Goddess Diana around you radiating strength towards you. She impresses upon me that this difficult situation has helped you to stand up for yourself and create more clarity within you about what you want in your career. I do feel that this situation is done, that you have learned whatever is was you had to learn from it and that change is imminent. Sometimes when we get to the end of our tether, is when breakthrough happens because we are giving it over to source and the universe. Keep asking for help and guidance and have faith that change for the better is a certainty, I hear March being called out, sending you much love and blessings !

Sunday 3 December 2017

Falling in Love with Now


Welcome to my last blog for 2017!

Recently, I came across an audio on the internet of Esther Hicks (who channels the collective energy of Abraham

It was a talk about being in love with the now and the positive effect it can have on our lives.

Although not a new concept, it struck a chord in me.

Personally, I find I need consistent inspiration to remind me of the truth that I already know.

The theme of the talk was about how many of us often say to ourselves and those who will listen, I need this, I don't have that, when will I get the money, the love, the job etc?  How many of us get caught up in what we lack rather than what we have? We all do, sometimes, but isn't it great we have the power to shift our perspective when we get a wake up call or are reminded to focus on what we do have.

According to Abraham, when we fall in love with now, it creates a whole new vibration in our personal energy field that then echos out into the universe. We can then be delightfully surprised in the creative ways that the universe will respond. Most likely in wonderful ways we never contemplated.

So what is being in love with the now?  Perhaps it is seeing the good traits in ourselves and others, noticing when a beautiful bird is nearby, acknowledging a new day with thanks and being grateful for simple things like running water and food on the table. Perhaps even when we don't feel happy, we can be glad that we have the capacity to feel and process a myriad of emotions.

We don't celebrate Thanksgiving here in Australia, but sometimes I think we should.  A day to be grateful is a reminder to focus on what we have and not what we don't have and whatever we focus on we attract more of.

And at the end of our lives, I believe that these are the moments that will matter.

As 2017 draws to a close, rather than be happy that the crazy, kooky year it was is over, I also want to be thankful for all the special moments I experienced.

Sending you all great love and hoping you can fall in love with your now, even for a moment here and there.

See you in 2018!


Below are some of your questions answered.
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I publish my Blog on the first Monday of each month.

Can I please ask about my work, any employment changes early 2018 and also if there are any messages from my dog Benny who is an angel now?
Miss F 

Dear Miss F,

I sense an older gentleman around you in Spirit who I feel is going back a generation or two, he is connected to the name Jim perhaps. He shows me the end of January and I feel something is moving for you around then in terms of change of job or information coming to you that you need to make decisions. He senses your excitement and says to tell you to hang in there, change is on its way. I feel he has Benny with him who now has much energy and is jumping around in a field of daisies. Big hugs from all in Spirit who love you dearly. 

I'm just wondering if I will ever have another baby (I'd love one more child!). I have 2 sons aged 5 & 14. I'd so love to have a third!

Dear Belinda,

I sense a team of three beautiful guardian angels around you and I get that one of them is called Stella (I know that sounds a bit odd but had to mention it anyway, sometimes angel names can be quite plain, not necessarily exotic) 
They said you are a happy mother and a gift to your children. There is an opportunity in the next year or two to have another but it will be your choice to go forward. I feel the angels message is not to worry about the future as there is a perfect plan for you and your family that will unfold sooner rather than later. 


After a very happy whirlwind beginning, my relationship came to an abrupt stop. Do you see it continuing? What really happened?” Signed, sad. 

Dear Sad, 

I am so sorry you are feeling down and send love and healing to you. I sense a female elder Spirit Guide around you whispering the words 'It was not meant to be' which I know may not bring much comfort to you at this time but I also sensed it as she spoke the words.  I can't help but feel you were being protected in some way and that perhaps there was important information regarding this person that you were not aware of.  I doubt that it will continue but if you have the opportunity to do so, I would proceed with caution.  There is someone else for you who is an absolutely perfect match for you, they may be involved in some sort of healing area in their profession or lifestyle. This is not far away and Spirits suggestion is to be kind to yourself at this time and prepare for the new. You are stronger than you realise.