Wednesday 21 December 2016

The Art of the Intuitive Gift

In a crowded department store, my senses were bombarded with Christmas Carols, decorations and stressed out people. The chaos in my mind was no better and there was a sick feeling of panic in my lower stomach. It’s one thing to buy a birthday gift as there is generally only one gift to choose but when you are faced with a dozen or more at once, it can take a toll of us mentally, emotionally and financially. 

Somewhere in that moment of panic, I called out for help to my Spirit Guides, Angels or whoever may be listening, trying hard not to resent them for living in a non-physical world where Christmas gifts didn’t exist.  Quite spontaneously, I felt my breath slow down and closed my eyes for a moment. I saw in my mind’s eye a clear vision of one of the intended recipients of my gifts.  I tuned in psychically on this person’s energy and I asked their higher self, what can I gift you with that would bring you pleasure? I opened my eyes and it felt like my head was literally turned by some invisible force towards the sports section.  I then recalled this person did have a passion for sport. I went straight to the item and purchased it, intuitively knowing this was the correct gift.

This experience led me to re-evaluate my gift giving techniques. I realised that often I buy gifts when I feel obligated and pressured and also how I frequently choose gifts that I think the person should have. Sometimes I can even be resentful I have to buy a gift when my funds are low.  I am sure someone would not want a gift given with the energy of resentment.   I have made a decision to shift my focus now when buying gifts and be more aware of the person, their needs and their passions. Then there truly is the joy of giving and hopefully the energy of care and love will be felt.

Then there is the old  ‘re-gifting’ trick when the ugly vase that your Aunt gave you is wrapped and given to someone else with the energy of ‘ good riddance.’ One thing I have learned is that each and every inanimate object has a vibration. From now on I am going to be selective in my re-gifting and only do it when I am confident it will bring the recipient joy and the energy ingested into the gift is positive.  (I also hope I remember not to re-gift to the original giver!)

The reminder I want to leave you with from this story is that you can ask your Spirit Helpers for any type of assistance, anytime and anywhere. 

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas! May you give and receive gifts that emanate love!

Saturday 22 October 2016

Dream Guides in Disguise

The man standing before me was dressed in orange overalls with stripes on the arms, wearing a hard hat and large red letters loudly embossed across his chest spelling 'Emergency Worker' He looked familiar.

His co workers were busy around him loading equipment into a white van.  He looked me directly in the eye as I noticed a falling star in the night sky behind his head, as if to accentuate the words he was about to utter.  He said; 'The trick is to make problems your friend'  I nodded in agreement as if it made perfect sense.......then slowly I woke up.

I had been having wild dreams all night long but this vivid dream fragment remained clear in my mind.

I began to think about how we automatically judge events in our lives. That's good, oh, that's bad, but that's good and that's not so good. Good, bad, good, bad. But is it really?

Or is every experience, good or bad, an opportunity for learning, for wisdom or simply to feel a range of various states of human existence to feed our souls that are hungry for growth and expansion? How often do we resist the flow of life because we don't want to feel uncomfortable or feel out of our comfort zone.

I began to think about certain challenges in my own life and realised that I was not making these challenges my friends but rather either avoiding them all together or feeling flat every time I thought about them. I am now considering reinventing some of my attitudes.

I recalled a Buddhist story I once heard that has always stayed with me:

A fifteen year old girl became pregnant. When her parents asked her who was the father, she said it was the Buddhist Priest at the local monastery. The parents angrily confronted the Priest and the Priest replied 'Is that so?' 

After the baby was born, the parents delivered the baby to the monastery and told the Priest he would have to raise it. 'Is that so?' said the Priest. He accepted his fate and the responsibility of the baby's care and welfare.

A year later, the young mother could not deal with the guilt she was feeling anymore and confessed to the parents that she had lied and the Priest was indeed, not the father.

The parents went to the Priest and apologised profusely. The Priest's response guessed it...'Is that so?' The Priest returned the baby to it's grandparents.

The wise Priest went with the flow.  He viewed what was happening as neither good nor bad. He just accepted this was what life was dealing him and went with it. It all turned out okay in the end.

I am not saying we should all accept whatever crap happens to us but perhaps before we judge it as 'crap' we can shift out attitude and embrace challenges and problems rather than run or avoid the experience because it's uncomfortable or difficult. In fact, perhaps sometimes we may be able to turn the problem into a blessing.

Point taken dream gods!

I also know now why the Emergency worker looked familiar, he was one of my Spirit Guides in disguise, he had the same eyes.

(PS Thanks for the guidance dream gods and guides! Send me some more crazy dreams, I love it)

Wednesday 14 September 2016

Celebrities in Heaven

Standing in line at the local veggie store recently, David Bowie's 'Major Tom' was blasting from the I swayed to the music,  I began to contemplate how many incredible artists we have lost. Bowie, Prince, Michael Jackson and of course many unforgettable icons such as George Harrison, John Lennon, Janis Joplin, Elvis, Jim Morrison and Jeff Buckley.  How about all the actors, the list goes on and on.

Then I started to think about what it is like for them to go to the Spirit World. Do they get a green room or a special trailer, do they get room service and private jets?  When they arrive are there deceased screaming fans and autographs to sign?  I began to giggle to myself as my mind went down this train of thought as I realised that when they arrive to the Spirit world, they aren't really famous anymore. Surely, they are just like you and me, normal souls whose body has expired.

Yet, what about all the grief of thousands though, do the deceased stars feel that? Is it stopping them from moving forward or is it irrelevant? What if they try to communicate back here, no medium will believe that it is them so how does that work?  As I contemplated these questions I began to hear my Spirit Guide, White Owl, in my mind joining in on my thoughts.

He said something like;

'Celebrities are no different to anyone else when they arrive. They have a life review and give themselves a self appraisal as we all do when we make the transition to the Spirit world.  The masses that mourn them are part of their karmic package they chose and on a soul level, they are ready for that and protected from being overwhelmed. To choose a life of such fame comes with a great responsibility and many fail and are keen to reincarnate to try again. The best outcome is when an individual uses their influence of fame and power to make positive change for many and sometimes that is achieved merely through performing a song, writing words that are inspiring or transporting people to a higher vibration through an artistic performance. Other times it may be a more massive effort, raising huge amounts of money that creates concrete changes or shifting consciousness through courageous actions.

 We are all here to serve in some way and add to the greater good. Many find the task of fame overwhelming which is why some individuals choose to exit the planet or numb themselves with substance abuse. It is difficult for them to find a psychic medium to connect to their living loved ones but as with anyone, if the love in strong enough, they will find a way. Becoming famous is not for the faint hearted but when a positive outcome is achieved it is a high honour'

Wow, that all seemed to make sense, at least to me. Perhaps being famous is tougher than it looks. Each of our paths are unique and challenging in various ways.

 One thing for sure is when it comes down to tin tacks, we are all special whatever our life purpose is and we can all add to the greater good, famous or not.

Tuesday 2 August 2016

Your Personal Moon Sign Magic

Lately, I have been thinking about the moon and our emotions and have had some mind blowing insights into my own moon placement, which got me thinking.

 The moon placement in our chart represents how we react emotionally, how we process what we feel....the moon is raw sensitive emotion and intuition. The sign it happens to be visiting in when you were born will tell the story of how you express your feelings....I was born with a dreaded, boring Virgo moon that has to analyse, get permission, make sure it is acceptable to feel anything, only then will I allow myself to feel! I also have the planet Pluto right next to my moon sign which intensifies my feelings immensely, but it gets all tied up in knots with the conservative Virgo expression. For example once when I found out something emotionally devastating, I cleaned non stop for 2 hours, a typical Virgo moon reaction.

As I grow and learn, I am learning to not take it so seriously and allow myself  to just feel.

Below is a my interpretation of the varying moon signs. Be aware that other planets that make aspects (ie patterns) to your moon sign may influence and alter your personal story and a good astrologer can help you with that.

If you don't know your moon sign, go to either or for a free natal chart or just google where the moon was on your birthdate.

Aries Moon
You express your emotions impulsively, passionately and boldly.  You're inspirational to those who fear their emotions and somewhat annoying to those who find you too intense. When you are angry, you don't hold grudges, you let go quickly. You're warm and like affection.

Taurus Moon
You express your emotions bluntly and realistically but do it with so much charm that it is hard not to like you. You have a sensual, earthy energy that makes one feel safe. It takes a lot to get you angry but when you do, you really let it rip.

Gemini Moon
You are the King or Queen of detachment from your emotions, it's not that you don't feel anything, in fact you feel a lot but you process it through your logical brain and put it in packages and only open them when others prompt to. To you, life is too much fun and too interesting to get way laid by burdensome emotions.

Cancer Moon
Your feelings sit deep and passionately within and often stay there,within! You feel happy to share your nurturing and caring feelings but other more complex ones are hard for you to get your head around so often you sit on them.

Leo Moon
Your heart is huge and you feel deeply but your pride gets in the way of fully expressing what you feel. You channel your feelings into creative projects which is healthy, but sometimes those who love you cannot gauge where you are at emotionally.

Virgo Moon
You feel much more intensely than you let on. Emotions can be awkward for you to express and you are often misunderstood. It's hard to get your head around that there is no perfect way to feel, keep practicing accepting that its okay to feel whatever it is you feel.

Libra Moon
 Your feelings take you on a magic carpet ride where fantasy and fiction get all mixed up. It can be fun sometimes and other times you land with a thud. Over time you can learn to balance emotions with reality. You really are too kind and sometimes you inadvertently set yourself up for disappointment.

Scorpio Moon
Deep, dark, womb like feelings are always brewing under the surface and you pull them up to express through intuition rather than choice. Always trust your gut feelings, you are spot on, mystical magical person that you are.

Sagittarius Moon
 Not all emotions are happy ones, and although you like to keep it light and fun, your challenge is to embrace and deal with a whole range of varying emotions. As you embrace each one, you grow and mature. Try expressing your feelings sensitively, you have a habit of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time.

Capricorn Moon
 Positive thinking is so important in conjunction with your emotional state. It is so easy for you to get grumpy and think the worst when you feel emotionally out of whack. When you love you love deeply but remember we are all different and not all of us have the impeccable morals you guys have.

Aquarius Moon
Emotions? What emotions? Sorry, just joking, but you must admit you can detach sometimes and its hard for others to know what you are feeling. You are logical in a futuristic way, you are ahead of a lot of us, so you need to be patient with others and explain what your feelings and thought processes are, we can all learn so much from you.

Pisces Moon;
Ah the dreamer! Super sensitive to the core, you feel things before they even happen and over time will learn how to deal with your super charged emotions. Channeling your feelings into creative or healing pursuits is one of the best things you will ever do to survive the sometimes harsh realities of this world.

Saturday 16 July 2016

Love outside the box

Racing home through traffic, wondering what to create for dinner, swinging by the supermarket, get home, feed dog, birds and teenage child, check mail, email, phone messages, change clothes, walk dog, cook dinner, do dishes, empty garbage...maybe now I can sit down for a minute, phone rings etc etc

 Lately, life seems intense, maybe you can relate. It seems every time I log on to Facebook I see posts telling us that its time for change and life is intense. makes me long to sit on a sweet scented grassy hill with a clear view of a turquoise ocean.  I could watch joyful dolphins playing in the waves. The salt air would fill my lungs and I would feel renewed and inspired. A wonderful clarity would encompass me and my life would look different through the lenses of another aspect of myself.

I long for the epiphanies that come when I am in that space of intimacy of nature and myself. In those moments I never feel alone.

Just now, while picturing the scene of sitting on the hill, I had a realisation. Without meaning to sound like Carrie from 'Sex in the City' I realised....

All we need is love but I want to love outside the box. The lines of the box are often made of expectation, disappointment, being someone you think you should be and all sorts of fears and obsessions.

Love, we all want it, we've all looked for it, we all want to feel it. Yet it seems that there is always a price to pay or a structure and limitation to fit it into to. Is it possible to love outside structure and expectation? Is it possible to just love for no reason at all? Not so one can feel fulfilled, not to fit into a role of being a lover, spouse, parent or friend and not to love just so we can be loved back.

Maybe we can love to just feel it, to enjoy it, to appreciate people and life unfolding. Maybe we can let the lines get blurred and smudgy and perhaps a porthole of rich, deep inner love that we sometimes glimpse will emerge, refreshing and energizing our souls.

They say there are only two emotions, love and fear...maybe we fear to love outside the box...somehow I want to choose to love the fear.

The shadows and the light are all part of the same thing, without one or the other we cannot know the whole. There is no perfect way to love but real love will transform you, move you and let you see outside the lines.

Without wanting to sound like Sting, I will end this blog by saying 'If you love someone, set them free, free free set them free! 


Monday 27 June 2016

Spirit Messages Within a Mad Mind

I get messages from Spirit quite often but guess what, so do you. It's that thought lurking in the back of your mind that won't go away and the gut feeling that feels like it is more than indigestion. Its the knowing that you constantly push away, replacing it with an empty logical thought.

In a world where we are educated from a young age to listen to logic, we can miss the simplicity of our innate inner guidance.

So what is the big secret? How do we access our natural given intuition and guidance. Courses will charge you big bucks to find it, others will worship someone they think is more intuitive than themselves but at the end of the day you are a complete package, yes you! All you need is within you and trusting ourselves is the first thing we need to practice.

Our loved ones in Spirit, our guides and angels and our own higher wisdom appear in the form of thoughts and gut feelings.  These thoughts and feelings have a wise and clear sense about them where as our mad thoughts are often based on fear and what we think we should feel or think.

I saw a you tube video of some guy that stares and apparently you get enlightened from watching him stare....well who am I to judge, maybe he really does heal people with his stare.  I sat there watching for about 10 minutes. He had nice eyes, but so does my dog and he can be pretty healing too. Its all good and I support anything that brings about positive change,  but the point I am making is to remind you and myself that we are divine amazing intuitive beings and we have all we need within.

Talk to your higher self, talk to angels, talk to guides, ask for help and take even a few seconds of your day to breath consciously and ask yourself what you are really feeling, beyond the mad thoughts that race through your mind and sabotage your self esteem and judgement.

Perhaps we can choose to follow the thoughts and feelings that seem authentic and see what happens. I am sure you already have at some point and can remember what a good outcome occurred.  For example once I had a gut illogical feeling to have a throat scan. I had no visible symptoms.
I followed it and as it turned out I had a cancerous growth which I was able to deal with before it got out of hand.

Take 5 minutes to reflect on what you truly feel regardless of what you think is acceptable, be authentic, be true and let your beautiful soul shine.

An Angels Visit to a Dental Chair

Recently, as I sat in the dental chair, my face numb right down to my chin and the dentist deep in my mouth with pliers, I decided to drift off into another realm.  I imagined I was in a beautiful garden. Emerald green grass  scattered with purple and pink petals beneath my feet felt soft and soothing with each step. The sunlight gently warmed my being as I heard sweet bird calls coming from the tall trees.
As I turned a corner, a golden ray of sunshine blinded my vision and I knew I was now in the Spirit Realm.  A sweet and loving angel beckoned me to sit with her on a large, sparkling rose quartz crystal. I glided towards her and as I arrived she gently pushed my fringe back and her diamond green eyes met mine. Entranced, she began to impress thoughts on to my mind.

'Many of you have recently released major baggage and it is now time to show the world who you really are. Your true authentic selves have never had more room to shine than now. Do not be concerned how this will occur as you each have unique and specially carved paths that your higher self is aware of, but not your conscious self. Prayers will now be answered quicker than usual so do not hesitate to reach out to us. The global shifts and changes are reflections of you all shifting and changing, as in truth we are all one. Structures end so new ones can be formed bringing fresh meaning and direction. This is truly what is happening under the surface of your lives. Many of you are more awake than you have ever been, be open to rivers of love and magic moments'

Somewhere in the background I heard a man's voice gleefully state 'I got it all' and I was spun back to the present moment. The dentist hovered over me, excited to be showing me my extracted tooth while the dental nurse stuck her sucker thing down my throat. Not such a magic moment I mused.

I raced home and jotted down the message and re read it a few times. I can relate, I do feel like I have been releasing major baggage, particularly the last few years. It does feel like a dawn of a new age, and it's exciting to be part of it inwardly and externally.

Fear of change and fear of the future is our challenge. If we can put fear aside and focus on faith in ourselves and know we are always looked after, we allow room for magic to occur.  Let the magic begin!

*Angel picture by Reed Osama

Saturday 4 June 2016

The Last Fragipanni

Amidst the confusion and noise of the passing traffic, I felt a calm presence. My mood was low and I worrying about various people, places and things. In my internal fog, I walked, my gaze towards the grey cement beneath my feet. Suddenly, the calm presence urged me to look up.

In front of me I observed the last Fragipanni flower resting boldly on a bare grey branch, bold but forlorn. It's bleak honesty touched me as I walked by, it reflected myself, my sense of lonesomeness in a vast world that demanded me to perform, to contribute, to give, to be something in contrast to bareness and just being.

The exquisiteness of the white and yellow flower was a reminder of my own inner beauty and a sign of the impending winter. A fresh crisp breeze caressed my face as I contemplated how the Spirit of the Fragapanni tree might be feeling with only one bloom left after a long Mullumbimby Summer.

The first time I hugged a tree, I was sixteen. I remember it clearly. It was a sunny Winter Melbourne day. I wore my blue jeans and a long, black hippy coat. Sitting in the picturesque botanical gardens, I was feeling sad and confused about love...quite spontaneously, I hugged a nearby tree.  Sincerely I whispered to the tree; please help me, please comfort me. Immediately I felt a wave of pure, unadulterated love wash over me and in that special moment there were no words, just a feeling of unspoken compassion and understanding emanating from the tree. It felt so real, I didn't question it, I just felt grateful. As I walked away, I felt uplifted, reassured and revitalized.

Now, I am a closet tree hugger which I highly recommend!

My recent encounter with the last Fragipanni was a symbol and a reminder that I can be a light, that there is always beauty to highlight the grey, that there is contrast for a reason.

 Life is a palette of choices and experiences. We are the artists of our lives, creating, dismantling and creating again and again.

Trees do have a spirit, because they are alive, be nice to them and give them a hug, maybe they need one too!

Tuesday 24 May 2016

Is the Meaning of Life 42? 

Yesterday my gentle  23 year old son asked me 'But why, what's is life all about? Why should I struggle and toil, what for? Why?' As his sweet hazel eyes stared into mine I felt compassion and understanding. I remember asking the same question as a youngster myself and recklessly throwing myself into situations where angels feared to tread to find the answer. One thing was different then, there was no internet.

This information fed generation are different, they have google god, they text, they Skype, they You Tube and goodness knows what else to find answers to life. Yet still, in one way, nothing has changed, the question is still asked, what's it all about?

As my son continued to wait for my God like answer, a million things ran through my mind. I know what is my meaning to life, it has taken me 54 years, but he won't relate to it, he has to find it himself but he is looking to me for guidance. I made a joke about the meaning of life being 42 from the book 'The Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy' we laughed and he wandered back to his computer.

I thought about how to answer him properly for the next 24 hours.  Then I had an epiphany, finding  joy is the reason for being here.  I thought about how I have always gained great pleasure from being of service to others, the joy of feeling connected to nature, to my higher self, to Spirit and  to knowing even if some small way, I can make someone feel good. Sure there are more philosophical and deeper answers to the meaning of life, but I wanted to keep it simple and relatable.

Thinking he would rush into my arms and say something like "I know mum always has the answer' I went to him and told him my epiphany...he looked at me like I was crazy . 'Yeah whatever mum, I'm sort of busy' As my aura deflated like a flat cappuccino, I retreated to the couch and pondered the complexities of parenting.

It really is a solo and unique journey here on the earth in many respects. No wonder sometimes it feels lonely even when you have a million people around you.

Only we can make our own minds up and choose how to view and live our lives. We are often guessing and making it up as we go.

Many claim to have the answers but at the end of the day it only matters what feels right for us.

What is your 'meaning of life?'

Maybe it really is 42?


Monday 2 May 2016

Write, eat and be merry!

Apparently I am a writer but for some god forsaken reason, I haven't been owning it. Writers usually think their writing stinks but if they are a true writer they keep writing anyway, under the sheets, in the coffee shop, on their laptop and file it somewhere they don't even remember because after all, its shit. When they're not writing they walk around with a commentary going on in their head that should be on paper yet they feel like an empty sack and can't remember why.

With all the crazy planetary alignments of late and stepping in the teen years of the 2000's, recently something snapped inside me...I woke up one day with the thought I am a frickin writer, start frickin writing!  I dragged out one of my favourite notepads, found a pen and now I am off. The book I started last year is getting a shine up too. I couldn't believe I hadn't written in this blog for almost a year, so I am back! Be bored, be stimulated or laugh at me, just click me away, I don't care anymore, my writing might stink, it might delight but finally I realise its all about me! ME ME ME!

Lately, I have been eating like a troll in an amusement park. Since Easter egg chocolate touched my lips, seduced my tongue and started dating my hips, sticking to them like glue. Every time I stand on my scales I can hear them laughing at me so I reach for something to stuff in my mouth to dull the pain. Emotional eating is my downfall, I know it, I feel it, but I can't always seem to be functional and do what all the experts say to do. Ring a friend, go for a walk, examine your feelings.  What is functional and what is dysfunctional, does anyone know anyone who is actually 'functional'?

At the end of the day, we are all souls in physical bodies trying to navigate ourselves through an incredibly complex world of choices, emotions, disappointments and enlightenment. Each time we fall, we pick up a little wisdom while we are down there. Maybe it will always be like that, maybe it won't.

We don't have to be perfect and it is okay to be dysfunctional .....but its also good to remember our time here is short, so lets not waste it on focusing what's wrong with us and start loving ourselves warts and all.

Chocolate anyone?