Sunday 3 November 2019

Darkness before the Dawn
As I scroll through social media, I notice that people in general look more tired than usual, worn down with a hint of defeat behind their eyes. It is as though the sweetness and innocence of  life is eluding many of us.

Structures that have defined our life here on earth, like religion and politics, justice systems etc crumble before our eyes. Climate change, among other things, is inducing fear of our own extinction and a sense of powerlessness prevails. In our own lives, challenges have never seemed so big with anxiety impacting many people's lives.

So many of us are worn down, exhausted and sick of trying to find a thread of light. So how do we make sense of being here, in this time and space.

Well, to point out the obvious, for positive change to occur, the old must go! The toxic politics, religion and lack of care for the vulnerable and the planet has to be addressed and dismantled.

Perhaps what is happening is actually a wonderful thing where qualities of  unity, respect, care and faith in the goodness of humanity prepares to be restored. This idea can also be applied in our personal journeys.

Many of us are feeling our personal lives are being dismantled.  I believe we are being called to expand who we are. We are being called to be open to thinking outside existing, comfortable squares. We are being called to acknowledge that we are so much more than a body,  to dig deep and get in touch with our true inner selves that has endless love, healing and wisdom for ourselves and each other. We are being asked to examine our choices and question if  they are really serving us.

As 2019 comes to a close, rather than curse the year leaving us, perhaps we can reflect on what we have learned, what blessings came from hardship and what wisdom can we take with us into 2020.

For me I can say I am learning to control less, pray more, pull myself in to my centre more often and let go of outcomes more so. Externally its been bumpy but internally,  along with some chaos, it's been a process of trusting, healing and letting go.

When we eventually return to our true home in the Spirit World, may we feel blessed that we had this life and know that we never gave up trying to find the thread of light even when we felt temporarily blinded. 

Let's hold vision for ourselves and a healed planet where there is unity, love and care and know deep within that right now is truly the darkness before the dawn.

I will be travelling in December so this is my last blog for 2019, see you in 2020!

A sincere thanks to all of you who have supported this blog and my work.  I truly wish you a fabulous, stress free Xmas and New Year!

Below are some of your questions answered. If you would like to ask a question, email me at I publish my Blog on the first Monday of each month. (although that won't be until 2020 now, wow that sounds weird!) 

Question I have been experiencing panic attacks while driving over the last twelve months and cannot connect any trigger. Does Spirit have any insight? Anonymous   

Answer I sense that you are certainly protected when you are driving as I see two tall angels around you while you are the wheel.  I am drawn to the heart centre and feel its an emotional wound of some sort that tends to rise to the surface when you are driving. It may be because we tend to slip into that relaxed automatic pilot relaxing our left brain when driving allowing the more feeling nature comes up.  Was there some sort of grief a year ago (or possibly further back) or upset that still feels unresolved? I feel by asking this question here in the blog,  you have given it over to source and you can expect a clear answer soon! If it does continue, I would recommend seeing a psychologist, they can be really helpful with these types of anxiety attacks. Emergency Essence from the Australian Bush Flower Range may also be a helpful driving companion.

Question I have been offered a job a few days a week in a shop and wonder whether it will continue and will I be up to the mark? Zoya 

Answer I sense a father figure around you in Spirit who is very pleased about this situation.  He says you are never too old for fun and I do feel this job brings some fun as well as some extra pocket money into the mix.  It is a divine intervention situation so enjoy and don't worry about tomorrow.  You will be fine.

Question Will my partner and I find a house to make our home in the up coming future and the get the opportunity for a fresh start? Maddie

Answer I am not sure what the delays have been but I sense not everything has been in place for some reason yet. However, if you continue to remain patient, as you have been, you will see progress in 2020. I sense that your partner is hesitant or is not practically in a position to make this happen quite yet. When it does happen you will be really pleased with the outcome. So definitely yes, but its a matter of the right timing. 

Question Can Spirit guide me on choices around preparing for a relocation in the next year? Kim

Answer  I sense a lovely lady around you in Spirit who brings lots of home grown roses that smell beautiful.  She feels like a mother energy to you and sense she was connected on the family tree. She shows me her hands worked hard and may be on mothers side of the family.  She is trying to uplift your energy and instills positive thoughts.  A relocation is not a bad idea in the next few years but she points out that making peace with where you are now is your challenge.  What I mean is to see your time in your present location as a healing and learning curve and even the tough challenges have bought you wisdom and insight into who you are and how to make better choices that serve you. I like the idea of you living close to water, although not necessarily ocean. I also see you happy in love. There is still lots of living and loving to do ahead. I would not get too anxious about the future quite yet as you have plenty of time. Enjoy now.


Sunday 6 October 2019

Bending To Catch The Light

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As my car danced around the curvy cliffs of a road I knew so well, I turned the music up and sang joyfully away, enjoying my own space and knowing no one had to tolerate my singing voice.  Half way through the second chorus, a voice from deep within became louder than the music, it said SLOW DOWN! I quickly braked. Upon turning the next corner, a car was heading directly towards me, and I somehow gracefully swerved to avoid it.  If not for the loud voice of warning, who knows what the outcome would have been. 

I am sure many of you can recall a moment or many moments in your life where you were obviously guided by a higher power within yourself, or perhaps it was the voice of a loved one in Spirit. The example above paints a picture of where the voice of guidance was particularly loud, but each day of our life we have access to quiet inner guidance that we are often not aware of.

It’s the subtle feelings, the whispers of quiet downloads and a deep inside knowing that clamours for attention, competing with the loud and forceful logical thoughts.

Our inner light is often dimmed by expectations we place on ourselves, collective ideas we absorb by osmosis, by other’s ideals and old, outdated beliefs.

Learning to acknowledge our inner guidance is an unlearning process. It actually involves a realignment of values. We have the power to choose.  We can value the subtle whispers of our soul more so than the thoughts that obviously do not serve us.  For example, thoughts such as, ‘we are less’ or ‘we are not lovable’.  This is where the shift can begin, allowing us to live a more authentic, guided and peaceful life.

So how do we switch our ratio of faith to favour intuition as much as logic? 

Allow inner stillness, even for short periods of time.  Become an observer, a witness to your life experience.  Stand back and watch the thoughts that come and go and question whether they are really serving you. If you assess that a line of thought is not serving you, be creative and choose a new perspective. The thought process that announces you have failed can become recognition of an opportunity for learning.

Training one’s mind to recognise the difference between truth and fallacy, love and fear, trust and worry may be a lifelong process and one we may never completely master. However, we have much to gain and nothing to lose by firstly recognising and then honouring our higher nature.

In essence we are light. We are more powerful than we know. Let us become the tree that bends to catch the light. When we make that effort from the heart, a wonderful universal law is activated. We take one step and the Universe takes ten thousand. 

Below are some of your questions answered. If you would like to ask a question, email me at I publish my Blog on the first Monday of each month. (although that won't be until 2020 now, wow that sounds weird!)

Question   I would like to know any updates about my love life as I feel the energy is shifting around me now. Elena 

I feel the romance angels are around you so I assume you have been asking for Spirit's help! I sense you are in a more receptive state to receive love and abundance in your relationships so well done for all the inner work you have been doing.  I am shown a vision of you looking happy and laughing with a partner. Keep moving forward and trust that all your needs will be met. You are on the right track.

I feel like I am stuck repeating a pattern in relationships that I am aware of intellectually and feel energetically but have not been able to release on a cellular level. How can I do so? Anonymous

I admire that you are so aware of your pattern but perhaps for you it makes it even more frustrating! I sense a beautiful tall angel around you helping you with this issue and the more I tune in I sense it is Archangel Raphael, the healing angel and he shows me your cells and auric field in motion, shifting and changing. My sense is that it is actually changing on some deep level that perhaps has not caught up to your conscious awareness, so hang in there.  Also, I know this sounds a bit obvious and I am sure you are already aware, but I feel at the end of the day it boils down to self worth and believing deeply that you deserve the best. Well done for all the work you have done on yourself. Have faith, it will pay off!

Can Spirit give me some guidance about my future direction regarding where to put my time and energy regarding income. Lisa

I feel so many loved ones in Spirit around you, many family members who bring you a huge bouquet of colourful flowers and a sense of encouragement. You have been learning big lessons around patience but you are getting there and coming out the wiser for it. I sense time wise March and April next year will be where you really feel like you are moving forward. Before then I get that things come in bits and bobs if you know what I mean. I don.t feel that Spirit wants you to worry too much at this stage about putting too much energy out as you need healing time a bit longer. However, when the time is right, I feel like you are doing something creative with your hands and selling whatever it is you are making.  I also had a flash of markets or stalls, maybe more for promotion.  I am not sure if you already have a website but saw sales there.  I saw you enjoying nature and animals. Trust  your inner guidance as I feel you are hearing Spirit often.

Sunday 1 September 2019

Here Comes the Sun

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YAY! September is here! Spring time, my favourite season. New beginnings, fresh starts, floral scents and new awakenings are all gifts on offer in Springtime. The New Moon in Virgo last week was perfect accompaniment energy for new beginnings.

After the intensity energy levels in previous months, things are beginning to shift and realign.

This month I was guided to share a message for us all from my book, Gifts of Guidance, Fifty Messages. Spirit and I co created fifty messages, that you can choose, much like a deck of angel cards.

It seemed apt that the message called 'The Sun' came up!

By the way, if you would like to listen to some short, free meditations, go to my You Tube Channel

Message 3

The Messenger
The Sun
If light is in your heart, you will find your way home’   Rumi

The Vision
Sunlight streaming through a dark forest.

The Message
It is time to open your heart to the light; to see the light in yourself and the world around you. We have a choice to count our blessings or to focus on what is not right in ourselves and in our lives. Gratitude is a quiet power that we have only begun to touch on.
In this moment, consider one positive attribute about yourself. Send love and gratitude to that quality, then name another quality you love about yourself and you will soon become aware of many of your inner gifts.
Focus on a situation that is bothering you right now. Within each shadow is a gift; are you learning wisdom, patience or perhaps being honest with yourself and others?
The light is here to help you simply by acknowledging its existence. Darkness is but an illusion as when light appears, darkness vanishes.
The light and truth will now shine on whatever concerns you today. Whatever challenges you now face, look for the silver lining and clarity shall be yours.

The Lesson
Awareness and acceptance of the light within.

Power Choice
·     Open the curtains, allow the light in
·     Burn candles
·     Breathe in light
·     Spend time in the sun
·     Focus on gratitude.

Momentary Meditation
Inhale deeply while visualising light entering your lungs. Hold this light in for a few seconds and then exhale darkness, making room for the light. You can now breathe in light easily and gently.

‘I am the light.’

Liz’s Comments
This message asks us to release superficial judgements of ourselves and situations we are in. It encourages us to search deeper in our hearts rather than accepting everything our mind tells us as the truth. Now is an opportunity to ascend to a higher level of understanding.
In moments of meditation throughout my life, there have been some special moments where I completely became one with light. Once, as a teenager, I was innocently walking to the laundromat when for approximately five seconds, quite randomly, I was above my body watching it walk down the street. Those five seconds altered my whole outlook on life as I merged with a light and power that encompassed me in complete peace.
More recently, I had an outer body experience during a meditation. I found myself hovering over planet Earth and was totally in love with every square inch of it. No judgement or fear. I just felt unconditional love. Perhaps you have had a similar experience.
Although fleeting, in those timeless moments I became one with everything. I knew everything there was to know. I sense this is what death is like, being one with the light and being able to be in an endless moment of unconditional love. There truly is a part within us that is connected to each other and all things.
Although we often feel separated from ‘source’ in human form, the light within us is consistent and accessible. We can call on our angels, helpers and guides to assist our connection.
Spirit can help us more easily when we make a conscious effort to focus on the light and on our inner selves. Such is the importance of spending time within and seeking balance and harmony in our lives.
If you would like to purchase a copy of either of my books, Gifts of Guidance Fifty Messages or For the Love of Spirit, go to my website for more info....

Below are some of your questions answered. If you would like to ask a question, email me at I publish my Blog on the first Monday of each month.


Do you think we will be moving house in the near future?
Ms H

Dear Ms H, when I tune in I sense that your guides are trying to help you cut through the confusion but it is hard for you to hear them. They suggest you get some quiet time, either meditation or time out in nature to download their guidance and get a sense of what you really want. I sense if you make the effort to be quiet, Spirit will be loud and clear. Besides that message, I do sense that it is time for change and that there will be a move. I do see a peaceful green place that you are quite happy living in. Whatever the future brings regarding home, I feel its a good one.

I am feeling drawn to a change of direction with career and like the idea of starting my own business. Is this a good idea?

Dear Misha,  the fact you are 'feeling drawn'  says to me, that you are being guided and I would honour that. I sense your own business would be a great success but the transition period may be hard work, yet your passion will be your fuel. At the end of the day, as you know, a lot of what happens in life is based on free will and choice. If you choose this path, Spirit will support you all the way. I do feel however not to leave your current job at this point but to start taking steps towards your own business. I also feel there may be an opportunity to work in a environment, for somebody else in the near future, that will be similar to the business you would like to create. Get manifesting! You can do it and it will be SO rewarding!

I would love some guidance around offering my readings, I am so ready but the practical and the particulars seem to be stalling me and am not sure how to proceed.
Miss SF

Dear Miss SF, I sense an older lady around you in Spirit who was very intuitive in her life, a relative, perhaps on your father's side of the family. She is a strong character and is pushing you to share your wonderful gifts. She is very practical and saying 'just start!' She is showing me a market atmosphere and also reading from a balcony somewhere that looks like a country side healing retreat or space. Once you begin, you will activate energy and more opportunities will come. As you say, you are so ready. Just start and the universe will guide you. This lady also shows me some business cards. Best of luck, the world needs your light!

My kitty has been ill in and out of hospital, does Spirit have a message for me? 

Dear Zoya, I am so sorry to hear about your Kitty and understand the worry and financial burden you are experiencing. When I tune in on Kitty, I feel she is tired and uncomfortable and part of her would like to go home to Spirit. However, only you can decide what best for both of you right now. I do see some improvement in the next few weeks, but in a way I feel what is happening now is preparation for when she does decide to go home. I feel your other pussy cat in Spirit is very close around you bringing you much comfort. I hear a little bell ringing, maybe she wore one around her neck. Much love and healing light to you and Kitty!

After a long break away from Australia I'm returning next week and would like to know how work life would look like in the next few months? Daniella

Dear Daniella, I feel a father figure energy around you in Spirit who is guiding you at this time with practical decisions. I sense he may have passed before his time and was a grounded sort of fellow. He says you are in tune as you are returning at the perfect time where unexpected opportunities will arise. You will have a few choices of career direction but the one you choose will give activate joy and enthusiasm. I feel it will be a helpful role and bring you satisfaction. All will be well. Welcome back !

I am looking for any insight on moving forward. I have taken a couple of steps, where to now?
Ms. K 

Dear Ms K, You have many loving people in Spirit around you who are excited for your future. I feel like you are travelling overseas and laughing a lot. I had a flash of somewhere that looked a little like Arizona. I sense you are ready to let some new people into your life, not that you will seek them out, I feel that they will just turn up. I also saw you doing something very creative with your hands, maybe weaving, dream catchers (?), leather work, fabrics etc. Now is the time for you. Be open to the new.  Doing some sort of intentional vision quest could also be quite helpful to you now.  Wishing you all the best for your fabulous future!

Sunday 4 August 2019

Has Spirit Forgotten You?

I know the feeling. You believe in Spirit, you try to trust, you try to make good choices and read and listen to inspirational information. Perhaps you meditate, do yoga and eat organic food and deep down you know that you are connected to something so much bigger than you understand...BUT why does it feel like you're floundering down here on earth some days and the thought creeps up, why Spirit, why are you doing this to me or why have you forgotten me ?

Well the way I see it, I believe in the school of thought that the planet is one big classroom. That means that everything happens for a reason and even if it is a mistake than its a learning curve. That may sound simplistic and not answer our burning questions about violence, death, hunger and destruction. Yet, perhaps we are not meant to understand everything and know all the answers and perhaps its okay to be living in the moment and not knowing where we are heading.

Oprah Winfrey wrote a book called, 'What I know For Sure' and although I never finished reading it, I liked the title. What I know for sure is that there seems to be a basic urge for connection with others, including all life forms, ie people, pets, nature etc. I suspect this is because consciousness is meant to evolve and the way we evolve is through connection to each other and life force energy.

Last week I had the saddest task of euthanasing my beautiful companion Charlie, who presented his life force consciousness in the body of a dog. (a terrier x Shitzu to be exact)

It was one of the hardest things I have ever done and I am missing him so much! However, Charlie continued to teach and help me evolve up to the end of his life by allowing me to be part of his passing over, or should I say vacating his vessel.

In the thirteen years we spent together, Charlie consistently reminded me of innocence, joy and unconditional love. He was a puppy until the end. Through knowing the consciousness that inhabited the body of Charlie, I evolved, right up to his last breath.

The last week he was alive, he allowed me to be his carer, healer and comforter as he became so weak and helpless. As my husband and I walked away from his body after he vacated it, I saw no one home in his eyes, he was not there in that cute, tan coloured body anymore.

I can only hope that the love he received from me and my family helped his consciousness to evolve also.
Rest in blissful peace, my angel Charlie, 2006 - 2019

So, has Spirit forgotten me? Has Spirit forgotten you? No, I don't think so, the wheels just keep turning and perhaps the most self caring choice we can make is to trust that everything is working out in ways that we may not always understand. I sense that there is a bigger picture going on that gets revealed to us at the right time.  In the meantime, we can trust, we can ask Spirit for help and guidance and be open to how that manifests.

Does it mean we won't flounder, feel fear, grief, anger or uncertainty? No, but we can be comforted knowing that Spirit, or a divine power, call it what you will,  is with us even when we can't feel it and that this gift of  life, well, is pretty special!

Have a great August!

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Below are some of your questions answered. If you would like to ask a question, email me at I publish my Blog on the first Monday of each month.

 I would love to know where my future is headed in the next month.

Dear Maddie, our future lies not only in fate, but in our choices. Do not underestimate your own power and ability to make positive choices. In many ways, that is why we are here, to develop our free will. Spirit trusts you enough to know you can make positive choices in the next month that contribute to a fulfilling time ahead.
Spirit advises you make choices based on your gut feelings and not what you think you should do. I know it can be confusing but perhaps imagine you were giving your best friend advice in the same situation as you, what would you tell them? A tall angel walks by your side who I feel is like a guardian. She will help you create new beginnings in the near future. Keep asking Spirit for help and they will answer you in subtle but meaningful ways. Wish you all the best.

 Can I have guidance on next steps in my career and if change is approaching and if so, any wisdom on the best path to consider? Kelly

Dear Kelly, Spirit applauds your sincerity and kindness and have been hearing your prayers and wants to remind you that you always land on your feet and that each opportunity is a platform for you to grow. It seems you are outgrowing current conditions and opportunities for growth and expansion are afoot. I get that by the end of August, the next steps are clear, it will be your choice to walk through them.  Wishing you all the best for your future.

 Hi Liz, my husband has a very stressful job and things are not going okay at the moment. Do you see improvement in his current work environment or a change in career? This is really effecting his health, he is not seeing that he is going in depression. Thank you for all you positive energy. Yolanda

Hi Yolanda, I understand its difficult to watch those we love in pain but this is something only he can change. Keep loving and supporting him and he will soon realise that he deserves more and then attract new opportunities. I feel he is working through some deeper issues internally and that this job has been the catalyst to bring things to the surface for healing. This is a stage he goes through that brings wisdom but definitely a temporary one. Keep the faith, all will be well.

I am feeling lost at the moment and wondering what’s installed for me work wise in the near future? Debbie

Dear Debbie, I feel your concern and worry and I sense there is an older gentleman in Spirit around you who was very kind and loving, either a Dad or a Grandad. He called you popsie, or something like that. He said anyone who gets you as their employee is a lucky indeed and start owning your power girl! You can stay in your current job as long as you want or manifest new opportunities. Trust your gut and ignore the negative talk around you. You have a beautiful light and help more people than you realise.

 I am working on an art commission which is not going well. Will it work out? Zoya

Dear Zoya, 
This situation is testing your self confidence and creating an opportunity to dig deep. I feel your loved ones in Spirit and Spirit Guides working with you. An American Indian guide around you wears brown fur (Bear maybe?) and he says not to focus on the outcome so much but bring yourself into the present moment and work from the heart, not from the stress. If you can find the discipline and strength to get centered whilst doing this project, they will work through you. Give it over to Spirit and face the the fear of the worst outcome, and at the end of the day you will see that you are indeed a beacon of light for Spirit and that is what matters. All will work out exactly as it is meant to. Sending prayers  

Does Spirit have any messages for me? Davey

Dear Davey, I sense mother and brothers around you in Spirit with champagne and symbols of celebrating. I sense there is good news around money or career for either you or your partner. They love something you have been creating lately, something creative with your hands, maybe with wood? They love it when you and your partner go away for a weekend, even if it is not far away, live and enjoy they are saying, your light helps many. Cheers

 Can my guides and angels please tell me how the future looks with S? We know we are soul mates, and the road has always been so very hard. will it ease up? Anonymous

Dear Anonymous
road you two are walking is at times intense but and I feel there are many around you in Spirit guiding you both. Your challenge is to bring out the best in each other and I feel you will get through this current phase soon.  I see you both arriving in a place of peace with each other mainly because neither of you want to walk away, that you will work it out. Keep praying and asking for help as you have been and things will improve. Also some self care time out for you could be helpful but I guess you know that, even small things make a difference. Best wishes

Sunday 30 June 2019

2019 Mid Year Review

What is the most challenging thing going on in your life right now?

An interesting question to ask yourself and a great conversation starter.

Whenever I ask someone that question, I see an immediate deep in thought expression, but only for a few moments and then the flood gates open as they describe, often in detail something that was on the surface of their mind driving them nuts.

Seriousness turns to relief and then relief turns to solution focused antidotes, all from their own inner wisdom that was sitting quietly in the background, trying to get their attention. I believe the voice of love and truth are often quiet and the voice of fear and doubt are louder. So once we start to express,  the fear voice expels and makes room for the love voice to emerge.

My most challenging thing going on in my life right now?

Well 2019 has been a bit of a doozer so far.

My family and I relocated interstate after 23 years of country life to city life, my mother has almost died twice, (albeit she is 92), one of my children has come out as transgender, (he says he doesn't care who knows, just doesn't want anyone to make a big deal about it) and recently we were told that our landlords want their house back after 4 months so we have to move again.

When the clock ticked over to 2019, I was suspicious of the 9, which represents learning, the end of things and letting go. There are also some powerful astrological aspects about, including Saturn and Pluto in the sign of Capricorn that is forcing the world to wake up and change, because, lets face it,  it has to.

So in our own lives, it appears we are being presented with accelerated learning opportunities and yes I do mean opportunities. Everything that happens is a vehicle for growth even if it seems torturous and unfair.  The power we have is to realise we can ask Spirit for help, we can ask for help from others creating more support and connection, we can try to see the gifts in the most difficult challenges.

For me, the gift of being thrown out of my comfort zone by moving to the city is making me expand who I thought I was.  My mother tinkering close to death has made me appreciate how long I have had her in my life and reinstated my appreciation of life being short. My son coming out is proving to be the best thing for him as he seems happier not having to keep a secret, which of course as a parent makes me happy.  Our new rental home we are moving to is actually nicer than the one we are currently in.

At the end of the day, in the truest sense, who we are is light, who we truly are is a bright beautiful soul inhabiting this temporary body. Who we truly are is whole and complete and unscathed from absolutely anything. If we can allow the light within to dominate, to lead and inspire us, our life experience will be enriched. It doesn't mean we wont feel pain, disappointment or a range of human experiences, but it does mean we will be comforted, more consciously guided and open to miracles.

There are two eclipses in the month of July. Eclipses are catalysts for inner and outer shifts in meaningful and powerful ways, they literally shine a light on any dark spots in our lives giving us the opportunity to grow and move forward where we have been stuck. A good article for more info here

So forward march, hold fast, have faith and never forget you are a light, a soul and a power house made from love.

Feel free to express your most challenging thing in your life at the moment in the comments below.

Thank you all for supporting my work, I send you kind thoughts and loving wishes!

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Below are some of your questions answered. If you would like to ask a question, email me at I publish my Blog on the first Monday of each month.

I search  many years for my great love, my man, who maybe marries me even. I am dead sad, because I miss him endlessly, although I know not, whether he exists. Can you see him? If yes, if he exists, where and how shall I finding him? Can you seeing anything?Cindy
Dear Cindy,
I literally could feel your heart aching when I read your email and I send you much compassion and love. I believe meeting a soul mate is a divine appointment that we have no control over, although once we meet, free will is active and it is up to the two people what they do with it. If I was you I would give it over to Spirit, and surrender it to a greater power. Focus on what makes you happy because happiness attracts happiness. When I tune in, I sense a fatherly man around you in Spirit reassuring you that all is well. I sense there is a special person for you as you are special. They do exist, it just hasn't been the right time or place but it will be when you least expect it. They are kind and gentle and will treat you with respect. 
 I have been stressed financially for a long time and hope that soon I will actually be able to save money. Does Spirit have a message for me regarding this?  Zoya. 
Dear Zoya, there are many in Spirit around you who send their love, it felt like a party over there around you. I see birthday cakes and celebrations. I feel there is some reason to be excited about extra income and they show me August being a time for relief around finances. Keep believing and release worry energy, get ready to receive!
 Will I have my own children in the future? Maddie
Dear Maddie
I am greeted by a lovely woman in Spirit around you who feels likes a guardian angel. She is dressed in purple and has purple flowers in her hair and comes through on a high vibration. She says you a sensitive soul and would make a great mother as you have so much love to give. She shows me children of your own and says it is written in the stars and will happen at the perfect time. 

Dear Angels,
Thanks for being there for me and for your guidance.My life is in a big turning point as you know. New job place and new house are giving me a new challenging energy and I'm very grateful.
I wish my mum could come through now and be my Cupid Angel as she always loved to be and use one of her arrows for my love life as I really wish one can be used now.
The guy next to me since more than one year is giving me a lot of support in moving here which I am very grateful for. However he did surprise me now by telling me he is sure we can just be friends.
I'm looking for clearance from you as this is making me so confused again like a year ago,the difference this time is that I just realised I love him and at a point in my life I need him most. Elena

Dear Elena
Your mother in Spirit and your angels love you dearly and understand how challenging this is for you right now. They say that this guy in your life is your biggest teacher right now and the transformation and change through knowing him is healing very deep wounds. You will look back at this time later and it will make much more sense. He is there for you but cannot give romantic love but do know that he does love you in a sincere way.  I feel the lesson is about surrendering and letting go, trusting that all your needs will be met even if it is not in the way you would like it to be. There is much love ahead for you, have faith that you are perfect as you are, there is nothing wrong with you but there is a bigger plan playing out right now. You have made the right choice by moving.