Sunday 31 March 2019

Shape Shifting in a Modern World

Traffic can sound like an ocean hum! Photo taken at Waikiki Honolulu
I was distracted by random thoughts as I walked along the tree lined path at 5pm on a Wednesday afternoon.  Somewhere in the background there was a humming sound that was getting louder with each step forward.  Finally I acknowledged the sound. It was because I was walking closer to the M5 freeway in peak hour traffic.

 For a few moments, the tree lined path looked duller as my thoughts focused on the pollution I may now be breathing....but then the thought popped into my mind, the sound of the traffic actually sounds like the ocean. Well, yes it actually did!  The moment I owned this thought, my body responded, I felt an extra skip in my step and a sense of relief.  Yes, I like that, I decided, from now on when I hear the hum of peak hour traffic, I will pretend it is the ebb and flow of the ocean.

Image by Michael Durst
They say (whoever they are) that what and how we perceive people, places, emotions and things becomes our reality, our experience.  We do have a choice, is the glass half full or half empty? When we choose alternative realities, are we we just in denial, putting our fingers in our ears and going nananananananananana?

Well the way I see it, I am here in my body for a limited time. Through the power of choice, I have a certain amount of control over the quality of my experience here.  It seems the strongest muscle we possess is our mind. It is a powerful force we have only scratched the surface of.  We can let the mind control us or we can become its keeper, giving it direction that will benefit us and ultimately those around us.

Thoughts have energy.  When we don't get the result we were hoping for, we can see it as failure or entertain the thought that perhaps we are being redirected.  Maybe there is an even better way forward, or an improved outcome. Which thought makes us feel better? When we are tired we can say, omg I feel like crap or we can say, my body is recharging at the moment. Its obvious the latter feels more energising.

So if I am in denial when I hear the peak hour traffic, so be it, I would rather create an ocean reality. If I look in the mirror and I focus on a spark in my eyes rather than the wrinkles, so be it.   To me, its not so much a matter of denial as it is of re focusing on what gives me energy and joy.

So I leave you to ponder, what is it in your life or in your mind, that you could reinvent the way you are perceiving that would benefit you?

Once we can identify and shift a stubborn, self deflating mindset, we radiate a positive energy that can attract amazing and wonderful things.

Have a fantastic April !

Below are some of your questions answered. If you would like to ask a question, email me at I publish my Blog on the first Monday of each month.


I was recently forced to leave my job and am in the process of finding a new one. This search has been ongoing for more than 7 weeks now and I am loosing confidence in my abilities and faith that a job will eventually come along. Can you put my mind at ease, will I find employment soon? Katrina


First of all I sensed a feeling of congratulations coming from Spirit, which I know may seem strange, but I sense it was such the right thing to do to move on. A redirection for the next phase of life.  The reason you have not yet found a job is simply because the right opportunity that matches your energy has not been present, but rest assure, it will not be long. I sensed you needed a bit of time to re group and get some things done in your life.  I know its easy for Spirit to philosophize while we here on earth need cash! However, they reassure that all your needs will be met and I feel that in May and June you are very active and I see dollar signs around you. There also seems to be thoughts of self employment, and I want to say to hold those thoughts, even if now isn't the right time.

Please forgive the red text, cannot seem to figure out how to change it!


Due to my health concerns, I am struggling to keep up the maintenance on the land I am living on. I am wondering if I should rent out a space in return for help and reduced rent? Is there something I should be doing that I am not doing at the moment?  Anonymous


I sense a father figure around you strongly who is very good with business and a get things done person. He knows you are trying your best and are concerned about the future. He says to tell you that B sends her love and is close to animals in the Spirit World and around your pets a lot. Don't stress they both say. Help is on the way. I see you advertising somewhere local and getting the right person. Maybe a local fb page. The father figure in Spirit suggests that you become clear  about what sort of person you want to attract and what the ground rules will be. Once you get clear and put it out there, I feel you attract the perfect person and it will be a situation that suits you both.  Also I am hearing them say not to over do things,even though certain tasks may be annoying you and need doing.  I also get in the interim that there is someone lending you a hand from their heart, perhaps a friend or relative. Also, I am shown happy news for a young family member.


My kitty is having eye surgery soon and of course my concern is high that she will be okay? Zoya


I am shown a lovely older woman, perhaps a mum, in Spirit looking out for your pussy cat and giving you lots of reassurance that you cat is smart and resilient. I sense the upcoming surgery will go well and will give peace to you and puss. Also I am shown May you seem like a burden has lifted, all will be well.


After 11 years of grief and loss following the sudden death of my beloved, I have finally met someone truly special. It’s early days and I wonder if this has the potential to be a loving relationship. Misha


I sense a lovely man around you in Spirit who is very excited and happy for you. Its sounds a bit silly but I see you either roller blading or perhaps skating with a partner and laughing a lot. If this is not literal, I assume it is symbolic.  I feel that the message is to have fun and joy together and enjoy the now without getting too caught up in the future. It will unfold beautifully and naturally, it feels very good! The other message I hear is that is safe to let your guard down. Traveling with this person is on the cards.



We have recently sold our house and settlement takes place in a few weeks but we currently do not have a home to go to, we were red flagged and the bank would not approve our home loan on some conditions,which we are hoping we can address in a couple of weeks, my question is will we end up getting the country home we are currently moving forward with and will our loan be approved in the 15 days. I understand everything happens for a reason and we obviously we're not meant to get the first house we applied for but with animals and children and no where we can all go it's becoming very stressful.  Kelly


I totally understand how stressful this must be for you and your family and my heart goes out to you. Spirit says, do know that all your needs will be meet however it plays out.   I feel that there is a middle aged woman in Spirit who left earth a little early, possibly connected to your partner's side of the family, who has you and your family's back.  Be patient and good news will come, even if it is cutting it very fine. I do see a country home for you, not sure if it will work out the way you expect, but it will work out! Keep the faith and keep asking Spirit and the angels to help you to trust the way forward. A happy outcome is assured.



What sort of part time work do you see me doing and when do see you see me successfully getting a part time job? I have been out of work for almost 3 years (3 years this July) and financially my family needs me to get part time work.  Miss E


I feel that there is a gentleman around you in Spirit, perhaps a grandfather. He says that you have been looking in the wrong places for employment, not sure exactly what he means but I think he means the type of work. I see you working with animals might suit you. Have you thought of doing a dog grooming course? I think you would be happy doing something that was not mainstream, even though you could do anything you put your mind to. I do see some sort of study or training as part as the way forward. He suggests that you first get clear about what sort of work you want to do and then start taking small but definite steps to manifesting it, you got this !


Sunday 3 March 2019

Trust or Bust


Mullumbimby NSW Australia
What doesn't kill us makes us stronger, who said that anyway?

This thought has come to me a few times of late as I recently relocated from country life to city life. This was a decision myself and my family made to give my sons more opportunities as well as create a better working situation for my husband.
 I had not experienced a major relocation for 23 years and I had forgotten that it is one of the ultimate ways to throw yourself out of your comfort zone.  Anything that feels secure is gone and one realises that at the end of the day, security is an illusion because at any moment things can change anyway.
In my previous life in Mullumbimby, shopkeepers knew my name, locals smiled at me even when they didn't know me and I would often run into a few people I knew when I walked down the main street of town.  I knew the area like the back of my hand and my car would practically drive itself around. If I had a need, I knew the best place to go, if I needed a friend there was always someone to talk to.

On my first visit to the local shops here in Brisbane, there were no smiles, no familiar faces, only glum looks as people stare at the ground.  The traffic seems crazy, moving at a much faster rate than I am accustomed to and most of the time I have no idea where I am going and have to listen to the lady voice of google maps to go from A to B.  The mountainous landscape of Brisbane has forced me to get good at hill starts in my manual car. I have no idea where the best health food shop is, if I need a doctor, where I would go or where the best restaurants are.  I know not one person in this city.

So, the way I see it, I have a big choice here. I can choose to be overwhelmed and grieve for my former life ( fear based thoughts) or I can see this as one hell of an adventure with excited anticipation of the possibilities of what can be and what reality I can choose to create here. (love based thoughts)

The other wonderful thing I can do is choose to trust!  Up until now in my 57 years of being on this planet, somehow I have been looked after.  

Like everyone, there have been highs and lows but Spirit has always had my back and supported me regardless of my mistakes and my triumphs. 

One thing I know for sure is that it takes less energy to relax, surrender and trust than it does to resist, hold on, control and wait for the worst to happen. Its time to walk my talk, trust and be open to the new.

The only true security lies within. Only one thing doesn't change and that is the constant flowing energy that keeps us breathing and will still be present when we stop breathing. That energy is 100 percent pure, unadulterated love.

Whatever challenges we face right now in our lives, it helps to remember our best friend lives within and in a quiet moment we can hear what our friend has to offer in terms of guidance and comfort.

Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? Universe, you have my attention!

Have a great March and look out for the shift of planet Uranus out of Aries into Taurus, there will be disturbance in the force but one of growth and forward movement, so hang onto your hats. (for more info on that, I suggest to google it) 

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Below are some of your questions answered. If you would like to ask a question, email me at I publish my Blog on the first Monday of each month.

I have been low in energy for a while and not sure why. I wonder is there a health issue? Spirit may have guidance for me. Thanks, so grateful for help. Zoya

As a medium, I refuse to diagnose physical conditions as basically I am not a physician of any sort. As a friend,  I totally recommend a check up as it often puts our mind at rest.  As a medium, I do sense your Dad in Spirit around you trying to make you laugh and be a bit silly. He suggests what you need is some good old fashion fun.  He shows me an outing near the ocean and you breathing the fresh air and sunshine. He sends so much love and I can hear music playing, Dance and be merry is the over whelming message.

Hi Liz, will my work environment change soon for my benefit. Thing is really tough at the moment. Jolanda 

Spirit shows me some shifts and changes that may alleviate the pressure in the next few months but I feel the foundation energy of the work place is toxic. I sense your guardian angels are whispering in your ear to think about change in the long term. Even if it seems your options are limited at present, it wont always be the case. If you can get clear where you would like to be 12 months from now, that could be the beginning of creating a new reality for yourself.  I feel you are outgrowing the current situation at work and will need new structure to grow within. Have faith in yourself, you are very talented and have a lot to offer. Spirit has your back. 

 I have a question for spirit. I’d like some guidance about my house, which is on the market and future housing security. Punita

I sense a wise, older man around you in Spirit, like a father figure. He says that you have done all you can with this situation for now and the rest is up to divine timing. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride is what I hear.  There is a future of feeling secure in a cute home, maybe near water, it feels very relaxing.

I really don't know what to do about my employment situation. I left a job on Thursday of last week to start a job with a government department. This new job was supposed to start on Monday, now they tell me they want me to work longer hours than originally agreed. I cannot offer this as I have a child I need to collect from after school care.
 If I were to work the hours they're asking, I'd never get back to him on time. They have agreed to let me finish at 4pm each afternoon until I can make "other childcare arrangements" (no idea what?). I am so upset that I left a reasonable job (with hours that suited me perfectly!), that I'm going to try & see if I can get that job back (the one I just left) even though the contract is supposes to end on 31 March.   Do you think this will be possible and do you think I will find a longer term suitable position with hours that I can do?

I do not mean to confuse you more but I really sense from your guides and angels that this situation has a silver lining in it and to not ignore the potential of the new job.  I feel you were meant to get this job and that you will be able to negotiate or find a solution to the child care situation. Going back to the old job will only be short term if at all and I feel the new job will open new and exciting doors for you. At the end of the day, all roads lead to Rome so if you do choose to go backwards, eventually you will go forwards again. This week will see you resolving this dilemma, keep the faith and keep asking Spirit for help.

Can You ask spirit If I will end up back in the land of OZ?

I sense a beautiful Indigenous guide around you who says that patience is required and that whatever it is you are doing where you are, in terms of inner growth, is not yet complete. Enjoy the energy of the nature where you are, there are messages in the wind for you.  When the timing is right, I do sense you will end up in OZ again, but for now, stay in the moment as much as you can and know you will be guided at the right time.