Sunday 30 June 2019

2019 Mid Year Review

What is the most challenging thing going on in your life right now?

An interesting question to ask yourself and a great conversation starter.

Whenever I ask someone that question, I see an immediate deep in thought expression, but only for a few moments and then the flood gates open as they describe, often in detail something that was on the surface of their mind driving them nuts.

Seriousness turns to relief and then relief turns to solution focused antidotes, all from their own inner wisdom that was sitting quietly in the background, trying to get their attention. I believe the voice of love and truth are often quiet and the voice of fear and doubt are louder. So once we start to express,  the fear voice expels and makes room for the love voice to emerge.

My most challenging thing going on in my life right now?

Well 2019 has been a bit of a doozer so far.

My family and I relocated interstate after 23 years of country life to city life, my mother has almost died twice, (albeit she is 92), one of my children has come out as transgender, (he says he doesn't care who knows, just doesn't want anyone to make a big deal about it) and recently we were told that our landlords want their house back after 4 months so we have to move again.

When the clock ticked over to 2019, I was suspicious of the 9, which represents learning, the end of things and letting go. There are also some powerful astrological aspects about, including Saturn and Pluto in the sign of Capricorn that is forcing the world to wake up and change, because, lets face it,  it has to.

So in our own lives, it appears we are being presented with accelerated learning opportunities and yes I do mean opportunities. Everything that happens is a vehicle for growth even if it seems torturous and unfair.  The power we have is to realise we can ask Spirit for help, we can ask for help from others creating more support and connection, we can try to see the gifts in the most difficult challenges.

For me, the gift of being thrown out of my comfort zone by moving to the city is making me expand who I thought I was.  My mother tinkering close to death has made me appreciate how long I have had her in my life and reinstated my appreciation of life being short. My son coming out is proving to be the best thing for him as he seems happier not having to keep a secret, which of course as a parent makes me happy.  Our new rental home we are moving to is actually nicer than the one we are currently in.

At the end of the day, in the truest sense, who we are is light, who we truly are is a bright beautiful soul inhabiting this temporary body. Who we truly are is whole and complete and unscathed from absolutely anything. If we can allow the light within to dominate, to lead and inspire us, our life experience will be enriched. It doesn't mean we wont feel pain, disappointment or a range of human experiences, but it does mean we will be comforted, more consciously guided and open to miracles.

There are two eclipses in the month of July. Eclipses are catalysts for inner and outer shifts in meaningful and powerful ways, they literally shine a light on any dark spots in our lives giving us the opportunity to grow and move forward where we have been stuck. A good article for more info here

So forward march, hold fast, have faith and never forget you are a light, a soul and a power house made from love.

Feel free to express your most challenging thing in your life at the moment in the comments below.

Thank you all for supporting my work, I send you kind thoughts and loving wishes!

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Below are some of your questions answered. If you would like to ask a question, email me at I publish my Blog on the first Monday of each month.

I search  many years for my great love, my man, who maybe marries me even. I am dead sad, because I miss him endlessly, although I know not, whether he exists. Can you see him? If yes, if he exists, where and how shall I finding him? Can you seeing anything?Cindy
Dear Cindy,
I literally could feel your heart aching when I read your email and I send you much compassion and love. I believe meeting a soul mate is a divine appointment that we have no control over, although once we meet, free will is active and it is up to the two people what they do with it. If I was you I would give it over to Spirit, and surrender it to a greater power. Focus on what makes you happy because happiness attracts happiness. When I tune in, I sense a fatherly man around you in Spirit reassuring you that all is well. I sense there is a special person for you as you are special. They do exist, it just hasn't been the right time or place but it will be when you least expect it. They are kind and gentle and will treat you with respect. 
 I have been stressed financially for a long time and hope that soon I will actually be able to save money. Does Spirit have a message for me regarding this?  Zoya. 
Dear Zoya, there are many in Spirit around you who send their love, it felt like a party over there around you. I see birthday cakes and celebrations. I feel there is some reason to be excited about extra income and they show me August being a time for relief around finances. Keep believing and release worry energy, get ready to receive!
 Will I have my own children in the future? Maddie
Dear Maddie
I am greeted by a lovely woman in Spirit around you who feels likes a guardian angel. She is dressed in purple and has purple flowers in her hair and comes through on a high vibration. She says you a sensitive soul and would make a great mother as you have so much love to give. She shows me children of your own and says it is written in the stars and will happen at the perfect time. 

Dear Angels,
Thanks for being there for me and for your guidance.My life is in a big turning point as you know. New job place and new house are giving me a new challenging energy and I'm very grateful.
I wish my mum could come through now and be my Cupid Angel as she always loved to be and use one of her arrows for my love life as I really wish one can be used now.
The guy next to me since more than one year is giving me a lot of support in moving here which I am very grateful for. However he did surprise me now by telling me he is sure we can just be friends.
I'm looking for clearance from you as this is making me so confused again like a year ago,the difference this time is that I just realised I love him and at a point in my life I need him most. Elena

Dear Elena
Your mother in Spirit and your angels love you dearly and understand how challenging this is for you right now. They say that this guy in your life is your biggest teacher right now and the transformation and change through knowing him is healing very deep wounds. You will look back at this time later and it will make much more sense. He is there for you but cannot give romantic love but do know that he does love you in a sincere way.  I feel the lesson is about surrendering and letting go, trusting that all your needs will be met even if it is not in the way you would like it to be. There is much love ahead for you, have faith that you are perfect as you are, there is nothing wrong with you but there is a bigger plan playing out right now. You have made the right choice by moving.

Sunday 2 June 2019

A Lost Healing Art

Image Credit Hanna Barczyk for NPR

The lady who sat before me was  beaming enthusiastic gratitude. Her large green eyes danced with light and even her blonde hair seemed to look brighter than when she first arrived.

Her previous sunken posture was now sitting upright and looked ready to take on the world.

As she thanked me profusely, I smiled inside. It had been difficult for me to get a word in during our coaching session. This lovely lady had talked non stop.  I heard a quiet voice within say, she just needed someone to listen.

I have learned over the years that a crucial part of healing is listening. Not just acknowledging, 'oh yeah? really mmm,' but really listening to one another from our heart, from a place of compassion.

Sadly, it seems that listening is a bit of a lost art.  We all need to be heard and we all need validation.  Many of us didn't receive that sort of respect as a child, so we grew up thinking we weren't worthy of it.  Yet, if we want that respect, surely it makes sense that we also give it.

If you are having conflict with someone, chances are one of you or both of you are feeling unheard. Sure, if may be way more complex that that, given the unique circumstances, but by placing ourselves in the others shoes, even for a moment, we invite breakthrough.

People tend to soften when they know someone cares and takes a genuine interest in them. Defense mechanisms are let down, and there is space for insight and epiphanies.  Such a little investment for a big return.

In a world of endless scrutiny, listening without judgement is truly an underestimated healing tool.

The good news is, its pretty simple  With the risk of sounding condescending, below are few basic tips, that serve as a reminder, myself included.
  • Body language and eye contact will create an atmosphere where someone will feel either safe or unsafe to express. It helps if we are aware how we show up.  Arms crossed and giving demon looks to your partner is not the most loving atmosphere for them to express their true feelings.
  • Listen without judgement and repeat what you have heard, allowing the person to know you are listening.  If you heard wrong, they can then correct you.
  • Validate. Extract something you heard that is somehow a compliment or encouraging. Even if you don't like what you are hearing, you could say, I commend you on your honesty. This will encourage them to continue to open up.
  • Stay centered and calm as possible. By holding a calm and peaceful space for the person, you can allow their own self healing energy to emerge.
  • Avoid trying to fix anything This can be challenging if you are like me and love to find answers to problems. Once the layers of expression become activated, solutions often naturally arise for the person who is expressing them self.  Throwing in your opinions and well meaning advice can make the person you are listening to feel like you are not hearing them. Only talk to reflect what you have heard, to validate or encourage.
  • Take turns to listen  If you are working on a close relationship, make a pact that you will give blocks of space to listen to each other.
Even using one of these tips next time you feel like throttling someone or perhaps when a needy friend turns up, may have a positive impact.  You can save yourself a lot of stress and conflict. Once someone feels heard, neediness leaves, anger melts and peace can be found.

If you would like to check out my website, go to and lately I have begun posting a few short You Tube videos called Spiritual Reminders. 

Have a great June!

Below are some of your questions answered. If you would like to ask a question, email me at I publish my Blog on the first Monday of each month.

Dear Spirit, could you please give me clear guidance on my relationship with my partner as and some of my kids have issues? Kris


I sense so many around you in Spirit enveloping you in love. I particularly feel female, motherly, nurturing energy. The fact that you are asking for clear guidance and putting out that intention, gives me the sense that they will be downloading clarity to you any moment now, if not already.

I am reminded of the quote 'One cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it' (Einstein)
I feel what they mean by that is that your learning around this situation is to stay centered in high energy and from that place, solutions will appear. This is easier said than done I know, but if nothing else, pray, pray and keep praying. Spirit cannot interfere with your free will and cannot tell you what course of action to take.  What they can tell you is they are holding you in their arms 100 per cent and totally trust that you will come from your heart when making choices.

 I do sense time out could be helpful, that is getting some space from your partner even for a short time, like a day or two. I feel its confusing for you when you are around them at the moment and clarity comes easier in your down time. I also saw you surrounded by beautiful Daisies. 


 I am really looking after my physical body but often have periods of feeling exhausted, is this exhaustion related to something on the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual ? What can I do to transform it. Miss S

I have a lovely kind gentleman in Spirit around you, looks a little like a Tibetan man, I assume a spirit guide.   He is humourous, warm and kind. He points out the middle area of your back and is projecting healing there.  The chakra centre associated with that area of the body, as you know, is the heart centre.  I feel like some energy is a little blocked there and by focusing on heart healing, you will gain more energy. I also get that Reiki, Acupuncture or simply placing your hands on your heart often help to unblock the energy.

  I would love to know what you see. Have I truly turned the corner? Am I safe and can face my new future without fear?  Josie

There is a wonderful, strong woman in Spirit who has a loud laugh and brings through much optimism and joy. I feel she is either mother or mothers side of the family.  She is so proud of your achievements and says it is time to celebrate.  Yes, you have turned a corner and yes, you can move forward fearlessly! Well done, be ready to receive.

I have been going through so much stress I think I’m doing well then bam, another huge hurdle it’s been years.  I’m now jobless n homeless but have places to stay. I have a huge dog, we just want to be settled. When do you see us being in a place that we can call home ?  Amy n Lido 

As I tune in I see huge rainbows around you and feel it is a lovely sign from Spirit. Whatever it is you have had to learn from being jobless and homeless is almost learned.  There is gold at the end of the rainbow! I saw a home in the countryside, it may be a small place on someones farm/property but it's perfect for you and Lido. I feel you will hear of this through word of mouth. There may be an exchange of energy for rent on this farm, or it may be an option. This could happen out of the blue and quite quickly, be ready for change soon. 

 How long until I find love? I deeply desire a life playmate. All other areas of my life is awesome.  Anonymous

As I tuned in I couldn't seem to get anything around love for you so I turned to my Archangel Michael cards as I know Archangel Michael is always truthful! The card that came up is called 'Let Go of Fear,' it says: 'You are going in the right direction, you deserve  all that is good, allow yourself to receive love,support and abundance, you are lovable! '
I am sure you have already scanned your self for past patterns and fear of love but perhaps double check if there is any thing more you can do to invite love in. I also get a sense that your next partner will not be anything like you have had in the past, so the key is really to be open to a brand new beginning, and brand new 'types'  when it comes to love. I know you asked 'when' but am not being told when, I guess we are not meant to know everything. Be happy, the universe is always on time!