Sunday 22 August 2021

Covid Dreaming


Lately, my dreams have been peppered with covid images and feelings. In one dream, I was walking down the street with a mask on and it began to melt and ended up like chewing gum on my face, I felt really embarrassed. In another dream, I saw doctors performing a surgery without masks and I was trying to tell them to put them on. More recently I dreamed, the Taliban were knocking on my front door! 

Dreams mean many things but can they can certainly be a release for anxiety. I started researching covid dreams and below is a bit of what I found. It seems that strong emotions in waking life reach into our dream state. If you are having covid dreams perhaps it means you are processing your emotions in a healthy way. Be kind to yourself in these huge transformational times. Keep the faith, all things pass!

Excerpt from

When coronavirus swept the globe last year, reports were everywhere of startling, vivid dreams plaguing us.

Faced with the Covid-19 threat, our brains were overwhelmed and they transferred the stress to our sleeping state.

Now, more than a year on, as many people have become used to pandemic life, we set out to find from you if your dreams had also adapted to the "new normal".

Are masks, empty streets and social distancing now simply a backdrop to our everyday dreams? What do you see when you nod off?

Here are a handful of the dreams readers sent us.

"I will be walking along a beach with water filled to the brim with sharks, and wonder why people aren't social distancing," says Fiona Ramage in Dundee, Scotland. She says the pandemic is now the backdrop of most of her dreams and they sometimes include a "casual, matter-of-fact" fear of coughing.

Sayaka, who moved to the UK from Japan with her family, says her seven-year-old daughter tells her about her Covid dreams. "She mainly 'stays at home'. Only her parents wear masks, and all members of the family wash hands in the dream."

While Mariela Cort├ęs, in Santiago, Chile, says her dreams have taken a more surreal turn. "I even want the animals - cats and dogs - to wear masks, but they don't."

"I'm in a crowded space, like a shopping centre, and all of a sudden I realise I have no mask. Nobody around me is wearing masks either. I feel in danger and become suddenly extremely aware of people's proximity to me," says Diletta de Cristofarro in Nottingham, UK.

Valdas Noreika, a lecturer in psychology at Queen Mary University of London, explains there is a complex link between the waking mind and the sleeping mind.

"Some themes move between waking and sleeping, but there are some things in daily life that we never dream about, for example browsing the internet," he explains.

He and colleagues are collecting dream diaries for a study that will analyse whether daytime thoughts about Covid have affected what people dream about.

It is normally things that arouse strong emotions that cross into our dreams, he says.

"Someone who is very threatened in the pandemic is more likely to dream about it for many years to come, which is interesting but also sad," he adds.

Saturday 24 July 2021

A Spiritual View of the Pandemic


When humanity drifts from nature and lives contrary to the way you were born to live, humanity’s immunity drops and the world becomes vulnerable to diseases to which it would otherwise be impervious.” Bashar, Spiritual Teacher

There is so much division around the pandemic in terms of it being a conspiracy, a tragedy, how it should be managed, the issues around vaccinations, lockdowns, who is right, who is wrong and so on. 

 Listening to the constant noise on the media, social media and the variety of people's opinions can be  exhausting to the body, mind and soul. The energy of fear, mistrust and paranoia seems to be at an all time peak. 

I believe when confronted with difficulty, it pays to take a step back and tune into the bigger picture. When I meditate and reflect about the current state of the world, I can't help but sense that this pandemic is about us changing the way we live, the way we think and also how we behave to our fellow humans.

The lockdowns have prevented us from running away from ourselves, they have forced us to connect more deeply with what we feel and have been an opportunity for healing and growth. It has given us time to re evaluate what and who is important to us. For many having to adapt to working at home, away from toxic workplaces, has provided more quality time and peace in one's life. 

I know its also been incredibly challenging financially, mentally and emotionally for many and I do not mean to minimise the suffering that has indeed taken place, but something had to give. The world was on a reckless fast train destined to crash and perhaps it still is BUT now is the opportunity for us to change direction.

I believe its true that world peace will come through one person at a time. We can now choose to do things differently, we have been given a clean slate to approach our lives from a more caring, compassionate and loving space. 

As my mentor Alan Cohen says here;

'The pandemic was not a random event or a punishment from God. It was a wake-up call for each of us as individuals and humanity as a whole to make necessary course corrections and live as our natural selves rather than deny them.  If we go back to working insanely and wedging in little or no time for the people we love; or fighting over trifles; or dropping into national or racial divisiveness; or becoming defensive rather than reaching out; or neglecting our physical well-being in favour of stress; then the pandemic will have served no purpose. Sadly, some other nightmare will come around until the voice for healing gets our attention. Let us avoid the need for another two-by-four whack, and extract the blessing from the challenge.'

We have more power than we realise, we have the power of choice. I ask Spirit to help me choose the path of for self, for others and the world I live in.  What will you choose?

Thursday 1 July 2021

Keeping Real in an Unreal World

"Once upon a time, I dreamt I was a butterfly, fluttering hither and thither, to all intents and purposes a butterfly. I was conscious only of my happiness as a butterfly, unaware that I was myself. Soon I awaked, and there I was, veritably myself again. Now I do not know whether I was then a man dreaming I was a butterfly, or whether I am now a butterfly, dreaming I am a man.”

― Zhuangzi, The Butterfly as Companion: Meditations on the First Three Chapters of the Chuang-Tzu

I love this quote as it highlights that inner, burning question so many of us have asked. Who are we, and what is real and what is life about? The state of the world at present in some way feels surreal and unreal, so how can we stay real when chaos surrounds us?

Although finding these answers is perhaps a life time quest, I do believe that we know deep down when we hear truth. There is an inner ding, an inner radar that alerts us to something that is real. When we are the receiver of an act of kindness it feels real, it feels true. When we hug someone its easy to tell if they are loving it or feeling awkward. When someone is lying to us, part of us knows, even if we choose to believe them because its easier. 

So what is the part of us that deciphers truth and what is real? It's the part of us that observes, its the part of us that watches life unfold from a silent space within. Its the part that whispers 'you will be okay' when you are challenged beyond your comfort zone. 

I remember a car accident I had in 1988. I was hit from behind when I was sitting stationary in traffic at great force. My head connected with the steering wheel and I heard a loud, deep voice in my head simultaneously say ' You will be okay' Whether it was a Spirit Guide or my own higher self, I am not sure but I did appreciate the words at the time.  I suffered concussion and the car was a right off but ultimately, I was okay. 

It's the part of us that guides us subtlety even when we are not aware, Like the time I had a strong feeling to walk a different way home, not really knowing why. I discovered a man passed out on the footpath with a head wound. I was able to ring an ambulance and get him to safety.  How often are we getting guided without us knowing we are. There is so much more to each and every one of us and to the universe at large, that we have barely scratched the surface of.

So how can we stay real in an unreal world? Stay in alignment with higher vibrations such as kindness, compassion, truth and non judgement. If we can wake up in the morning and ask ourselves, how can I contribute to the world today, Maybe it will be as simple as smiling at a stranger or picking up some rubbish in a park or paying a kindness forward. 

Every time we act from love, we naturally feel good, its a normal state of being that often we have forgotten. Whatever we are focusing on becomes our reality so I try to remind myself to focus on what feels good. Not always easy but its a work in progress. Maybe we really are a butterfly dreaming we are a human. 

Tuesday 25 May 2021

Healing from the Other Side


It never ceases to amaze me how much healing occurs through the undeniable connection to the Spirit World. It may be in the form of words spoken, a download of feeling, a release of emotion or a heart that is touched, sometimes without knowing why. When the relationship between our own Spirit and the Spirit world connects, magic can and does definitely happen.

Recently I witnessed a student deliver undeniable evidential information to another student. The recipient was overwhelmed with relief around a situation that had been causing them guilt for many years. In a matter of one or two sentences that drove straight to the heart of truth, the guilt was released and healing accelerated.

Guilt, anger unfinished business, sadness and hurt are often alleviated when a genuine connection takes place. It is a three way communication. The medium, the sitter and the person in Spirit. For me it feels like we are sitting in a bubble of light and within the bubble there are magical forces at work. Sometimes people cry before I have said a word because they feel the love of Spirit. Sometimes all any of us we have to do is sit and feel the energy to receive a healing. 

The healing that takes place for the person in Spirit is hard to measure but I know on some deep level communication to their loved ones still living helps them. I so often sense their relief when they have made contact. 

Healing can take place without getting a reading from a medium. It can happen when there is a sincere desire to receive help and guidance from our support team in Spirit. Simply asking from the heart is all that is required. 

My point is that mediumship is not only about making contact, it goes much deeper. It is about healing the heart and knowing a part of us is truly immortal. My hope is that in the future, our natural connection to the other side will be seen as something normal and a healing tool for our heart, our mind and our soul.

If you haven't already, you might find some comfort and tips for making that connection to Spirit in my latest book, Keeping Love Alive on the Other Side, Five Elements to Forever love.

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Sunday 3 May 2020

Love, Fear and the Coronavirus


As shock subsides from the sudden corona virus event, many of us now find ourselves reflecting and re evaluating how our lives looked in the past and speculating how they are going to look post corona.

All this reflecting is in perfect timing as the planet Pluto retrogrades along with Saturn,Venus and Jupiter in May.

Also, the lunar nodes are shifting which is a big event.
(Find out the details in this excellent article by Forever Conscious

One thing that has surprised me is that governments all over the world have valued human life and wellness over money.  A welcome fact when you look back at past wars. Although the economy has suffered, many lives have been saved and many potential victims spared. This is huge in terms of new awareness seeping into the global consciousness and we can only hope that more compassion, more caring values are collectively honoured in the future.

But what about our personal lives? Many lives have been shattered or at the least disrupted through unemployment, loss of homes, increased domestic violence, relationship breakdowns, loss of connection with family and loved ones. As we begin to pick up the pieces, we now have an opportunity to put the them back together to make a new picture.

As the Course in Miracle says, there is only fear or love. So taking the fear and turning it into love, faith, hope and trust creates a great foundation for moving forward.

Asking our voice of fear within what scares us about how our future life can be a good starting point. Once we put our fears on the table for examination, fear shrinks and heals in the light.

We can then ask our voice of love and trust, what story would it tell us about the future?

Phoenix from the Ashes from 'Wallpaper Cove'
For example, I am fearful that, because my youngest child has lost the plot with his Uni course during lock down, he wont get back on track and he will be living in a world of high unemployment and limited opportunities. 

Yet, my voice of love and trust tells me that he has his own journey to walk, he has his lessons to learn in life as I have mine and at the end of the day the only power I have is to love him unconditionally regardless of choices he may or not make. I can turn my worry over to higher power. Even as I write that I feel so much lighter! 

Now is the perfect time, as some of the restrictions begin to ease, to get clear about where you are going to come from, on the inside, moving forward. We may not have all the answers or know yet how things will pan out on the outside but we do have the power to commit to rising above fear and reaching out for love. 

As the great Persian poet Rumi said...
                                                                        'Only from the heart can you touch the sky'

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Below are some of your questions answered. If you have a question, email me at The Blog is published on the first Monday of each month.

I recently began dating someone and although we connect on some levels, I am doubtful about going forward.

When I tune into Spirit I sense a man in Spirit who passed before his time that has a very dry sense of humour but in a loving way. I felt you knew this person a long time ago and were close to them at some point. He was tall and slim. He indicates that this person you have been dating has a good heart and there is a type of connection, but perhaps you two are working out what that is. It may not necessarily be a romantic one.  He suggests to keep your options open although he also says the month of May, clarity will come around this. I also sense the person you are dating may also be having doubts.

One year ago, I met someone and we had a great connection. The problem is he lives interstate and is reluctant to commit to a long distance relationship.  Do you see this person in my future?

I sense a joyful feeling between the two of you and it is certainly no coincidence you met. I feel a loving older lady around you in Spirit, a grandmother energy giving you big hugs at the moment. She suggests to stay in touch with this person and hand it over to the Universe, what will be will be. I do see you meeting up in person and laughing a lot. The connection continues to evolve so I do feel this person is part of your future.

Sunday 5 April 2020

All Things Must Pass

It is no doubt one of the most unexpected and craziest times any of us have experienced.

I always thought the next major global shift would be world wide earth changes, maybe the poles melting or a nuclear war. Never did I imagine a pandemic would create such a major change on so many levels and I am sure you didn't either.

When I saw that the planets Saturn and Pluto were both in Capricorn last year and this year, I wondered what sort of structure would fall, (Saturn representing structure and Pluto representing disintegration) perhaps the stock market I thought. I never saw this coming, but now that it is here, each of us have to decide how we are going to deal with it because I do believe we have a choice.

I know many people are hurting financially, missing family and loved ones and being faced with all sorts of challenges that has come with the whole caboodle, let alone feeling the thick energy of fear and anxiety that seems to be lingering in the air.

Yet I can't help but think that for anyone who has walked a spiritual path, it's time to walk our talk, it's time to shine our light so brightly and be the light that we are. It does not mean we have to perform grand gestures but it means deciding to look to the light, to go within, ask Spirit to help us, to show us the way, ask how we can help, be humble and choose to believe the thoughts that serve us.

By owning the light we are, we automatically add to the collective conscious, we raise the vibration of the planet, we role model to others and we bring comfort and nurturing to those around us.  

Watch the thought that starts with fear, because before you know it, like a domino, that thought starts expanding to the next fear thought and the next one....switch it to a thought that is kind, that is hopeful and let that expand or shift your focus to something that brings  you joy or makes your heart sing.  The only control we have over this virus is contributing good energy to ourselves and the planet. When it seems too hard to do this, just pray, because that in itself will raise your vibration.

Remember we are not alone, Spirit is always with us.

Perhaps this whole thing is a doorway to a new and beautiful world, who knows. I also think the important thing to remember is we are visiting this planet for a limited time, one thing is guaranteed, and that is change, nothing stays the same.

I leave you with the wise words of George Harrison:

All Things Must Pass

Sunrise doesn't last all morning
A cloudburst doesn't last all day
Seems my love is up and has left you with no warning
It's not always going to be this grey
All things must pass
All things must pass away

                   Moving Clouds FLA by Dryui on DeviantArt
Sunset doesn't last all evening
A mind can blow those clouds away
After all this, my love is up and must be leaving

It's not always going to be this grey
All things must pass
All things must pass away
All things must pass
None of life's strings can last
So, I must be on my way

And face another day
Now the darkness only stays the night-time
In the morning it will fade away
Daylight is good at arriving at the right time
It's not always going to be this grey
All things must pass
All things must pass away
All things must pass
All things must pass away


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Below are some of your questions answered. If you would like to ask a question, email me at I publish my Blog on the first Monday of each month

Do I have any messages from my angels? I feel they have been quiet lately and I need to know they are still around me. Jane

There are many reasons why we don't feel our loved one's around us, however they are always there, its just that our awareness of them is temporarily down, like the wi fi signal is low. So be assured they are always looking out for you. However, when I ask Spirit for a message for you I see an older couple, who I sense had a lovely marriage. She holds red roses and he tips a hat, perhaps grandparents. I sense he liked horses, maybe to bet on, not sure. The lady did delicate embroidery and she said you are very creative. They are fond of your partner, and your partner's humour?  She is proud of you. Someone called Maggie is relevant. A message about a son, all is well. Hope some of that makes sense, Be well, stay safe,

I would like to ask you about my son. He is in his last year of scholl and just turned 17. Will he come out of all of this chaos okay? Will he stay safe and happy? Josie

I feel a father figure around you in Spirit who is helping you and your son at the moment. Your son has a sensitive soul and feels others emotions easily. I feel like many of us he is experiencing a variety of feelings at present but deep down he is an old soul and will manage this time extremely well. He has your warmth and is grounded and he will rise to the challenge of study in isolation well. I see a bright future for him, he is super clever. I also see him having a rich family life in the future. For you I see pink carnations and soft energy coming from Spirit,  there is a message of love from a Mary. Self nurture and be well.

I would like to  offer my services to some friends at my workplace which includes Reiki for a horse with spine damage and some spiritual art work, but unsure whether I need to prepare more first and approach them or should I just let things unfold organically? Anonymous

I felt a big smile from Spirit when I read your question as your heart and your intentions are very loving and pure. Spirit has placed these people in front of you for a reason but I do feel to let things sit for a bit, see what unfolds in the coming few weeks. You will be helping them but I sense a piece of the puzzle is missing and as much as you mean well, they may not get where you are coming from. Give them more time to get to know you. Spirit has heard your prayers and will answer in perfect timing. They show me you running through a field of daffodils looking very happy, I feel love and success coming in around you.  

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Sunday 2 February 2020

Rejection is Protection

Image by
Last year I had this crazy idea that I wanted to study full time nursing.  Having recently moved to a city where I knew no one, feeling in limbo, I started doing volunteer work at a local nursing home. I had some profound interactions between myself and some of the residents there but rather than just accept those special moments as a gift in the moment,
I decided it must be my destiny to do more in that area.

I tried several times to create a spiritual circle in this new city but nothing came of it. Perhaps Spirit doesn't want me to teach anymore I decided. I was feeling very unsure of my direction and choosing to do nursing was a stab in the dark.

I excitedly filled out all the application forms full of enthusiasm and I had visions of myself in a crisp white uniform performing my nurse duties. The woman at the college on the end of the phone assured me that my age of 58 was okay and I could do this.

One catch, I had to complete an English and Maths test and achieve a level 4 standard to be eligible. I uploaded the test and took almost two hours to complete both tests. I felt reasonably confident. Well, I passed the English with flying colours but the maths test result was only level 3 so I was told I could not do the 5 day a week full time course, although I was welcome to reapply in 3 months time.

REJECTION! I felt disappointed and wondered what I was supposed to be doing in this city, nothing seemed to be working.

Fast forward to three months later. Oh my God, thank goodness I got rejected. I am seeing my life in a whole new way now. In the last three months, I visited Hawaii and had profound insights at a course I did there, I have a new puppy that needs a bunch of my time and we are just about to put down permanent roots in this city as we unexpectedly got approved for a house loan.

Also, both my grown up children who still live at home are committing to University here for the next 4 years. If I had have been travelling to the CBD 5 days a week and coming home with a ton of study, I would have had no time for my family, my puppy or my spiritual work. What I perceived as rejection was total protection.

image by www,
I am excited about my spiritual work again, once I am settled I plan on teaching, writing and inspiring others in whatever way Spirit guides me to do.

It is now becoming clear to me that the limbo time I have been experiencing the last twelve months has been an opportunity to build consciousness, to shift awareness and to have time to morph into the next stage of my life.

We don't always know the bigger picture and although its wonderful to nudge a direction here and there, when doors don't open it doesn't mean there is something wrong with us.  It's the universe saying there is something better for you that is more aligned to who you truly are.

There is a line in the course in miracles, (which I am a student of), that says
'I do not perceive my own best interests' and I love that reminder. Sometimes what we think we want or need is way off the mark. Yet, Spirit knows what we need, just like a parent knows when a toddler needs a nap although the toddler will tell you it needs an ice cream instead.

So trust, trust and more trust. Whatever is going on your life may not be working out the way you think it should or the way you think would bring you satisfaction but do know there is a force at work behind the scenes that truly does have our best interests even if it makes no sense at all.

Below are some of your questions answered. If you would like to ask a question, email me at I publish my Blog on the first Monday of each month

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I am preparing to start a mindfulness through slow stitching group in March. Will I be successful in my idea of craft as healing? Zoya

I sense you are being guided to do this by those in Spirit around you. I feel it will begin with a small group but will gain momentum once the energy starts filtering through the ethers. You yourself will gain a lot from running this group. Spirit is celebrating!

I am trying to manifest some clients for my craniosacral healing, does Spirit have any advice?

I do see clients coming to you. I see you advertising your healing gifts on a local facebook page, or an online platform. Adding a video might be helpful. I also get to keep using your gifts on friends or family as by doing it, you are attracting the energy. I sense healing guides around you who are proud of you for putting yourself out there and say to have faith, it will happen.

Do I keep pushing forward with my relationship? Will things improve?

Only you can really decide whether you want to stay or go. When you use the words 'pushing forward' makes me feel that it is a burden more than a joy. However, I do feel a gentle lady around you in Spirit who is saying, 'keep the lines of communication open' as I sense there is a lot of miscommunication or misunderstanding going on at the moment. It is like you need more clarity between you two before you can make any major decision around the relationship. Hope that helps.

Is my twin flame who I think it is and will we be together soon?

Personally, I believe we have more than one twin flame but either way, I sense the party you mention is very connected to you. However,  I sense at the moment they are either unavailable due to being in another relationship, or possibly I am wrong there and they are emotionally unavailable. I feel the current situation here is  like watching the kettle waiting for it to boil, the moment you stop focusing on it, you get a result. I sense there is an opportunity for you to let go of the outcome, just send love to them and see what happens. I feel they are not wanting to commit to you at this time, but that could change.

Will I get a promotion this year?

I sense you really deserve a promotion and that you have worked hard. It may need a bit of a push and I don't mean that you have to badger anyone. I get that you can help it along with affirmations, visualisations and getting very clear within yourself exactly what sort of promotion you want and how you will feel when you arrive there.  Its like you want it but you cant imagine it will happen. So align the desire and the vision and success will be yours. Wishing you much success!