Sunday 3 May 2020

Love, Fear and the Coronavirus


As shock subsides from the sudden corona virus event, many of us now find ourselves reflecting and re evaluating how our lives looked in the past and speculating how they are going to look post corona.

All this reflecting is in perfect timing as the planet Pluto retrogrades along with Saturn,Venus and Jupiter in May.

Also, the lunar nodes are shifting which is a big event.
(Find out the details in this excellent article by Forever Conscious

One thing that has surprised me is that governments all over the world have valued human life and wellness over money.  A welcome fact when you look back at past wars. Although the economy has suffered, many lives have been saved and many potential victims spared. This is huge in terms of new awareness seeping into the global consciousness and we can only hope that more compassion, more caring values are collectively honoured in the future.

But what about our personal lives? Many lives have been shattered or at the least disrupted through unemployment, loss of homes, increased domestic violence, relationship breakdowns, loss of connection with family and loved ones. As we begin to pick up the pieces, we now have an opportunity to put the them back together to make a new picture.

As the Course in Miracle says, there is only fear or love. So taking the fear and turning it into love, faith, hope and trust creates a great foundation for moving forward.

Asking our voice of fear within what scares us about how our future life can be a good starting point. Once we put our fears on the table for examination, fear shrinks and heals in the light.

We can then ask our voice of love and trust, what story would it tell us about the future?

Phoenix from the Ashes from 'Wallpaper Cove'
For example, I am fearful that, because my youngest child has lost the plot with his Uni course during lock down, he wont get back on track and he will be living in a world of high unemployment and limited opportunities. 

Yet, my voice of love and trust tells me that he has his own journey to walk, he has his lessons to learn in life as I have mine and at the end of the day the only power I have is to love him unconditionally regardless of choices he may or not make. I can turn my worry over to higher power. Even as I write that I feel so much lighter! 

Now is the perfect time, as some of the restrictions begin to ease, to get clear about where you are going to come from, on the inside, moving forward. We may not have all the answers or know yet how things will pan out on the outside but we do have the power to commit to rising above fear and reaching out for love. 

As the great Persian poet Rumi said...
                                                                        'Only from the heart can you touch the sky'

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I recently began dating someone and although we connect on some levels, I am doubtful about going forward.

When I tune into Spirit I sense a man in Spirit who passed before his time that has a very dry sense of humour but in a loving way. I felt you knew this person a long time ago and were close to them at some point. He was tall and slim. He indicates that this person you have been dating has a good heart and there is a type of connection, but perhaps you two are working out what that is. It may not necessarily be a romantic one.  He suggests to keep your options open although he also says the month of May, clarity will come around this. I also sense the person you are dating may also be having doubts.

One year ago, I met someone and we had a great connection. The problem is he lives interstate and is reluctant to commit to a long distance relationship.  Do you see this person in my future?

I sense a joyful feeling between the two of you and it is certainly no coincidence you met. I feel a loving older lady around you in Spirit, a grandmother energy giving you big hugs at the moment. She suggests to stay in touch with this person and hand it over to the Universe, what will be will be. I do see you meeting up in person and laughing a lot. The connection continues to evolve so I do feel this person is part of your future.