Wednesday 1 January 2014

Letting Go of Outcomes

As I drove along a bendy road in the lush green bush, the afternoon sun was gently filtering through the damp forest roadside trees. The familiar hum of my car was strangely comforting as it was practically driving itself home and I found myself thinking about decisions I need to make. Things happening in my children's lives, my husbands life, my mother's life, worrying about this situation, that possibility and then, out of the blue........there was a moment, there was an epiphany....what if I just accepted everything that is happening in my life completely as it okay...warts and all?

My conscious experience always seems in the middle of something, looking for an end, a completion and in the meantime I am often missing the middle, the journey because I am wanting to fix this, change that and do something differently and all too often, I want to control the outcome.

But....what if....everything as it is in this moment is okay, is perfect, although it may be unfinished, unclear, unsure and uncertain how it will end find that level of contentment without pushing, pulling and trying to make an outcome happen.....when I  arrive at that space in myself,  there is a sense of peace that is so sweet.  I think it is called 'trust'

The outcome of any given situation may be so much better than we plan if we give it a bit of room to just be, to just breathe.  The universe has a way of knowing us better than we know ourselves including what we need.

One affirmation I heard from Louise Hay has been firmly planted in my mind. 'Life Loves Us' and I believe it does.  Life will often provide a doorway, an opportunity or a twist in our paths that we would never have imagined and often better than we imagined.

Whatever is happening in our lives, it will change, change is guaranteed.  We have to make the choice are we going to buy into the stress of future outcomes that haven't yet occurred or are we going to learn to trust our intuition, think positively and trust the universe is there to support us?

As we now enter a new year, our enthusiasm about the future is at a high peak, which can only be a good thing for the collective consciousness so let's take advantage of that and move forward with faith and positivity.

My affirmation for the new year is;  'Everything is working out perfectly'

May your 2014 be absolutely amazing where you break barriers, jump hurdles with ease and feel more love than you ever felt possible.  Remember, life loves you!

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