Saturday 8 March 2014

I Think I Can

I think it's going to be a great year...I think it is going to rain...I think she is stupid....I think I will always be broke....I think he loves me....think ....we think, I think, you think, we all think!

We use this term so flippantly often each day without really thinking about it. Perhaps this is the problem...what we think sets the boundaries for our experiences. What we believe to be true is the message we give ourselves and the universe.

I know it is almost common knowledge these days that we manifest our own reality and this attitude mirrors our part in the bigger scheme of things which in many ways is brilliant.  It helps us to take responsibility and stop playing the blame game.

But why is it that although we accept our part and become aware we are often creating our own reality while simultaneously being brain dead about it on a moment to moment basis?

'Yea, I know I create my own reality, by the way 'I hate how my work brings me down', 'I hate that I am broke' 'Why is she being so nasty to me?' DING DING.....HELLO....warning, we just THOUGHT our future by affirming we are broke, unhappy or mistreated.  We still have a long way to go.  Action coupled with our understanding is powerful.

So what is the solution?  For me, it is in those special moments when I catch those thoughts being born. Part of me is on the outside looking in and identifies them.  Not all the time, but sometimes.  Then, I have the power to delete those thoughts and recreate new ones.  'I am broke' becomes; 'I am abundant'. 'No one loves me' become'; 'I am lovable'. 'I can't get a job' becomes;  'I attract my dream job' and so on.

As we hurtle through this new century, it seems that thought equals manifestations quicker than ever before, not sure why but I know that it's happening.  Time to take our awareness to the next level, that is, our self awareness.  Know thyself and know that those dumb thoughts don't serve us and we can choose to toss them. They, these dumb thoughts, have to become the exception and live in the peripherals of our lives, not the mainstream so that we can see them when they rear their ugly heads. 

We can then choose to replace them with positive energy and watch our lives bloom, grow and expand. 

We only have one life, well maybe millions, but right here, right now, is all we have.  Let's make it powerful, fun, enlightening and yummy.  

You and I have the power ! YEAH!

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