Wednesday 8 July 2015

Be your own Ghost Buster

Awaking from a most unpleasant dream involving a man with a frightening presence taunting me,  I found myself pinned to the bed, paralysed, unable to move. I immediately called inside myself to Archangel Michael, the angel of protection, for immediate help. Yet still, I couldn't move. I called again, only this time with more gusto and urgency, and withing seconds the icky presence had gone. 

We have all heard stories of ghostly encounters with the deceased and of houses that had unmistakable spooky presences, and perhaps you have your own stories to tell. I certainly get a lot of emails and calls asking for advice about this subject.

 Is it an over active imagination at work or are ghosts for real? When we speak of the Spirit world where the deceased exist, where is it anyway? There is no GPS to guide us there but I believe it is another world, functioning on a higher vibration than earth and within that world there are varying degrees of vibration and occasionally, our two worlds collide. 
Not all presences are unwelcome.  It is common for people to say good bye to their loved ones before they cross over which can be a loving and special experience.

 Then you have the Spirits that have unfinished business, are stubborn or attached to things, people or houses which prevents them from crossing over. Perhaps you have visited somewhere that had a strange energy and something has attached itself to you. Apparently, they like hotels and alcohol. I once picked up an old lady spirit after walking through a cemetery. She was not very pleasant but I was able to move her on. If you encounter these types of ghosts, there is no need to fear them, even if they are disturbing. In fact fear is what they feed on. They can be attention seeking, like a child who feels neglected. People are ignoring them and in their confused state, they can not understand why.

The basic thing to understand is that if you raise the vibration in your environment and your own energy, the undesirable entities will not feel comfortable and will choose to move on.  They often hook into your energy when you are vulnerable, perhaps ill or feeling down. By simply raising the vibration, they can't exist comfortably and will naturally disappear.

 Here are some tips to move them on with the underlying concept of raising vibration;
  • Firstly, ask your guides and angels for help and protection and visualise a shield of white light around you
  • Even though you may feel a tad silly, talk aloud to them, tell them they have passed on and there is a wonderful place waiting for them.
  • Play healing, soothing or classical music. This will lift the vibration making it uncomfortable for them to stay in the same space.
  •  Light candles, burn oils such as lavender, sandalwood or eucalyptus or burn a sage stick
  •  Walk around the house slowly and notice if there are any cold spots, if you locate a spot, put the music, candles and oils in that room.
  •  Place some bowls of water with salt in them in each corner The salt will absorb any negative energy. Throw the water out after a day or so and repeat if it still feels weird.
  • Walk around outside the perimeter of your house throwing salt.
  • Sage your house and yourself with a sage stick
  • Burn sandalwood incense
  • Clear you own energy by having a salt bath or scrub (any sort of salt works)
  • Program crystals for protection by firstly cleansing them and then projecting protection prayers and thoughts into the crystal. Wear the crystals or place them around the home.
  • Call on Archangel Micheal

These souls are often confused so send loving thoughts to them but at the same time put down your boundaries and tell them it is not appropriate they stay.

If you don’t feel any improvement after this or you feel uncomfortable dealing with this on your own, enlist the help of a ‘ghost buster’ type clairvoyant. 

Remember that you have Spirit Guides and Angels that love you dearly and will always be there to help you but the key is to ask for their help. With a simple request you can unlock unconditional love, light and protection!

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