Sunday 5 November 2017

When Less is More

The last few weeks my focus has been on moving house. I have watched the house I have been occupying for the last eighteen months become more bare each day as I transport 'stuff' to the next residence.

I like the bareness...I like that there are five coffee mugs in the cupboard rather than fifty, I like that when I open the linen cupboard I am not attacked by cascading sheets and towels, I like that the food in the pantry is basic and simple.

I began to think how easy it is to complicate things, to believe that we need this or we need that or otherwise our lives are crap. I started thinking of smiling underprivileged children who have very little materially, but appear to be on a wave of bliss.
Happy young poor lower caste Indian street children smiling and laughing. Andhra Pradesh, India

Perhaps the problem is not in the items themselves, but the burden of responsibility that time consuming 'things' can bring.

When I relocated as a single mum from Melbourne to Byron Bay in 1996, the moving truck got delayed for two weeks.  When I first heard about the delay I went into meltdown. How can I survive for 2 weeks without my furniture? I thought as I panicked.

A friend organized a mattress, kettle, toaster and some basic crockery.  It was one of the best two weeks of my life. My then 3 year old son and I swam every day in the ocean. We made a billion sand castles and ate super simply. I remember the day the removal truck arrived I wanted to tell them to take it all back. As each item entered the house I felt a sense of burden and responsibility returning, this is 'real life' I thought.

So obviously it is not the 'things' but perhaps its the feelings we associate with 'having.'  We are regularly subliminally bombarded with messages telling us that we must have the right car, right job and even non material things like the right relationship else we are a failure.

In moments of simplicity and gratitude it is clear to me that less can be more and that having more may not necessarily be what I need. Perhaps this concept can apply to all areas of our lives. Extracting the essence of what is good in a sea of plenty is maybe what out soul craves.

For many of us, I know this realization is nothing new, but its always good to be reminded and to reset our lives where we have become too comfortable.

Having less is an opportunity to create more space and time for things that matter in our lives, spending time with those we love, inner peace and joy.


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Your Questions Answered

What does my love life have in store for the upcoming future? 

When I tune in for you Maddison, I get such a wave of love from an elderly woman in Spirit who has passed over who indicates she is on your mothers side of the family. She said you have a beautiful heart and are very capable of achieving whatever you put your mind too. As far as love goes, she said the trick is not to watch the kettle, but to focus on other things and before you know it the kettle will  boil. I think she is trying to say to not worry about focusing on love too much and it will work out just fine in perfect time. In the meantime occupy your attention on things that bring you joy and happiness. There is definitely a serious commitment like a marriage ahead of you and eventually all will work out well in areas of love. 


Can you see my relationship finally over and has he met someone else? 

Miss R
 When I tune in for you I feel the arms of angels around you comforting you and saying that they know how much you love this man on a soul level but at this time it is causing you more grief and heartache than anything else. Its time to let him go energetically regardless of physical outcomes. At this point, even if he walked in now and you gave it another go, it would just come back to the same heartache and life is too precious to waste on being unhappy. 

I know you asked whether he is seeing someone else but when I tune in to that question, I just get a blank, so I am sorry I can not tell you the answer. Sometimes I think we are not meant to know everything and in a way, tuning in on someones personal life is an invasion of privacy which is perhaps why I don't get anything there. However, do not feel bad for asking, I understand your curiousity totally! I've been there!

Do whatever you have to do to get your power back and feel whole again. You can do this, I know you can. If you need healing support, reach out to friends, family or healers. Ask your angels to guide you to the healing that you need. I actually get that your GP may be able to help in some way.  Take all the energy you are giving this situation and use it to help and heal yourself. You deserve the best !

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