Sunday 14 December 2014

In the Garden of Limitation, Find a Gateway

I can't believe I have posted here since June, where has the time gone? What a year of overwhelm and activity it has been.

As I allowed myself some 'me' time this morning, I was contemplating my life, all the recent changes that have taken place in my life and began to worry about my practical reality in the future.

 Feeling overwhelmed with choices and responsibilities, in my heart I called out for help. Not just 'Come on someone, help me', it was a deep cry within 'HELP!'

 I then drifted in a dozy sleep state and began to feel a real presence of Angels.....a scent of roses, a golden light entered my being and in one still moment I heard the words..'In the garden of limitation, find a gateway'  I was suddenly awake, alert and excited that I had made contact with a higher force.  I not only heard the angels profound wisdom but it felt like a comforting breeze that passed through my body. I began to clearly understand what the angels were impressing upon me. The challenges I currently face exist so that I can stretch myself, my talents, my problem solving skills, build faith in myself and love myself more.

I have the choice to approach my challenges with dread and uncertainty or I can see it as a maze and a puzzle and curiously begin to find my way. When we are doing a jigsaw puzzle we don't expect to find the right piece that fits immediately, we experiment, we prod and we poke and when we do find the right piece, there is absolutely no doubt we have achieved the outcome we were seeking.

We want things to be easy, to be simple without having to build blocks or bridges but sometimes it is in the building that the the power within is activated. The saying that life is about the journey and not the destination is a good reminder.

Perhaps one of the most important and universal purposes for any soul visiting this earth is to have faith not necessarily in a higher power but in ourselves, in our own higher power. Perhaps this can take life times or perhaps it can happen in one timeless moment.

As I  find myself in this amazing time on planet Earth, my prayer is that I continue to remember to ask for help from my mighty,
invisible mentors and find the gateway in my limited garden!

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