Friday 16 January 2015

Soul Mates

I was spending time with my 87 year old mother, and suddenly I had a visual in my mind of how attractive she was in her youth and how she still seemed to have a flirtatious nature.  I was thinking about it, and smiling at her, when she said to me:  “I wonder which of the loves in my life will greet me when I die? Will it be your father, your stepdad or the boyfriend  I was madly in love with?  They’re all passed on, and I do wonder sometimes.”

It got me thinking and questioning. I thought of  partners I’ve had in my life, but also special friends and even my children. What is a ‘soulmate?’ What is the function of a soul mate and how do we know when we’ve met one? Are some people extra  ‘soulmate’ like? Is everyone we meet a soulmate? And what about people in Spirit, do they continue to be our ‘soulmate’ when they pass?
I decided to meditate on these questions, and specifically what my mother had asked me, and ask Spirit for some answers. I put on a  guardian angel meditation to get in the right frame of mind and was almost asleep I was so relaxed when I heard the gentle words of my guardian angel begin to come through to me:

Soulmates love, that’s what they do. Soulmates have something you need and you have something they need. Each soulmate is like fertiliser to a plant, you can’t really blossom without the energy of soulmates in your life. Not everyone is a soulmate. The people that make you feel deeply, think differently and inspire you to take positive actions and choices in your life are soulmates. Sometimes a soul mate will also be a catalyst for difficult feelings to arise within you but ultimately they love you and they are there in order to help you heal deep wounds.
Soulmates are eternal. You are part of each other, so death does not separate soul mates. In the case of your mother, all three may greet her at her time of transition as there is no jealousy or competition in the spirit world, only unconditional love. Soulmates turn up in your physical life when you need them, there is always a divine timing involved.
Soulmates are not only lovers, they can also come in the form of friends, family, teachers, co-workers and pets. A soulmate can turn up anywhere and anytime but there will always be an inner knowing or feeling when you meet them, trust that feeling and remember that ultimately, soulmates love, that’s what they do.’

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