Tuesday 24 May 2016

Is the Meaning of Life 42? 

Yesterday my gentle  23 year old son asked me 'But why, what's is life all about? Why should I struggle and toil, what for? Why?' As his sweet hazel eyes stared into mine I felt compassion and understanding. I remember asking the same question as a youngster myself and recklessly throwing myself into situations where angels feared to tread to find the answer. One thing was different then, there was no internet.

This information fed generation are different, they have google god, they text, they Skype, they You Tube and goodness knows what else to find answers to life. Yet still, in one way, nothing has changed, the question is still asked, what's it all about?

As my son continued to wait for my God like answer, a million things ran through my mind. I know what is my meaning to life, it has taken me 54 years, but he won't relate to it, he has to find it himself but he is looking to me for guidance. I made a joke about the meaning of life being 42 from the book 'The Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy' we laughed and he wandered back to his computer.

I thought about how to answer him properly for the next 24 hours.  Then I had an epiphany, finding  joy is the reason for being here.  I thought about how I have always gained great pleasure from being of service to others, the joy of feeling connected to nature, to my higher self, to Spirit and  to knowing even if some small way, I can make someone feel good. Sure there are more philosophical and deeper answers to the meaning of life, but I wanted to keep it simple and relatable.

Thinking he would rush into my arms and say something like "I know mum always has the answer' I went to him and told him my epiphany...he looked at me like I was crazy . 'Yeah whatever mum, I'm sort of busy' As my aura deflated like a flat cappuccino, I retreated to the couch and pondered the complexities of parenting.

It really is a solo and unique journey here on the earth in many respects. No wonder sometimes it feels lonely even when you have a million people around you.

Only we can make our own minds up and choose how to view and live our lives. We are often guessing and making it up as we go.

Many claim to have the answers but at the end of the day it only matters what feels right for us.

What is your 'meaning of life?'

Maybe it really is 42?


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