Monday 2 May 2016

Write, eat and be merry!

Apparently I am a writer but for some god forsaken reason, I haven't been owning it. Writers usually think their writing stinks but if they are a true writer they keep writing anyway, under the sheets, in the coffee shop, on their laptop and file it somewhere they don't even remember because after all, its shit. When they're not writing they walk around with a commentary going on in their head that should be on paper yet they feel like an empty sack and can't remember why.

With all the crazy planetary alignments of late and stepping in the teen years of the 2000's, recently something snapped inside me...I woke up one day with the thought I am a frickin writer, start frickin writing!  I dragged out one of my favourite notepads, found a pen and now I am off. The book I started last year is getting a shine up too. I couldn't believe I hadn't written in this blog for almost a year, so I am back! Be bored, be stimulated or laugh at me, just click me away, I don't care anymore, my writing might stink, it might delight but finally I realise its all about me! ME ME ME!

Lately, I have been eating like a troll in an amusement park. Since Easter egg chocolate touched my lips, seduced my tongue and started dating my hips, sticking to them like glue. Every time I stand on my scales I can hear them laughing at me so I reach for something to stuff in my mouth to dull the pain. Emotional eating is my downfall, I know it, I feel it, but I can't always seem to be functional and do what all the experts say to do. Ring a friend, go for a walk, examine your feelings.  What is functional and what is dysfunctional, does anyone know anyone who is actually 'functional'?

At the end of the day, we are all souls in physical bodies trying to navigate ourselves through an incredibly complex world of choices, emotions, disappointments and enlightenment. Each time we fall, we pick up a little wisdom while we are down there. Maybe it will always be like that, maybe it won't.

We don't have to be perfect and it is okay to be dysfunctional .....but its also good to remember our time here is short, so lets not waste it on focusing what's wrong with us and start loving ourselves warts and all.

Chocolate anyone?

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