Saturday 16 July 2016

Love outside the box

Racing home through traffic, wondering what to create for dinner, swinging by the supermarket, get home, feed dog, birds and teenage child, check mail, email, phone messages, change clothes, walk dog, cook dinner, do dishes, empty garbage...maybe now I can sit down for a minute, phone rings etc etc

 Lately, life seems intense, maybe you can relate. It seems every time I log on to Facebook I see posts telling us that its time for change and life is intense. makes me long to sit on a sweet scented grassy hill with a clear view of a turquoise ocean.  I could watch joyful dolphins playing in the waves. The salt air would fill my lungs and I would feel renewed and inspired. A wonderful clarity would encompass me and my life would look different through the lenses of another aspect of myself.

I long for the epiphanies that come when I am in that space of intimacy of nature and myself. In those moments I never feel alone.

Just now, while picturing the scene of sitting on the hill, I had a realisation. Without meaning to sound like Carrie from 'Sex in the City' I realised....

All we need is love but I want to love outside the box. The lines of the box are often made of expectation, disappointment, being someone you think you should be and all sorts of fears and obsessions.

Love, we all want it, we've all looked for it, we all want to feel it. Yet it seems that there is always a price to pay or a structure and limitation to fit it into to. Is it possible to love outside structure and expectation? Is it possible to just love for no reason at all? Not so one can feel fulfilled, not to fit into a role of being a lover, spouse, parent or friend and not to love just so we can be loved back.

Maybe we can love to just feel it, to enjoy it, to appreciate people and life unfolding. Maybe we can let the lines get blurred and smudgy and perhaps a porthole of rich, deep inner love that we sometimes glimpse will emerge, refreshing and energizing our souls.

They say there are only two emotions, love and fear...maybe we fear to love outside the box...somehow I want to choose to love the fear.

The shadows and the light are all part of the same thing, without one or the other we cannot know the whole. There is no perfect way to love but real love will transform you, move you and let you see outside the lines.

Without wanting to sound like Sting, I will end this blog by saying 'If you love someone, set them free, free free set them free! 


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