Tuesday 2 August 2016

Your Personal Moon Sign Magic

Lately, I have been thinking about the moon and our emotions and have had some mind blowing insights into my own moon placement, which got me thinking.

 The moon placement in our chart represents how we react emotionally, how we process what we feel....the moon is raw sensitive emotion and intuition. The sign it happens to be visiting in when you were born will tell the story of how you express your feelings....I was born with a dreaded, boring Virgo moon that has to analyse, get permission, make sure it is acceptable to feel anything, only then will I allow myself to feel! I also have the planet Pluto right next to my moon sign which intensifies my feelings immensely, but it gets all tied up in knots with the conservative Virgo expression. For example once when I found out something emotionally devastating, I cleaned non stop for 2 hours, a typical Virgo moon reaction.

As I grow and learn, I am learning to not take it so seriously and allow myself  to just feel.

Below is a my interpretation of the varying moon signs. Be aware that other planets that make aspects (ie patterns) to your moon sign may influence and alter your personal story and a good astrologer can help you with that.

If you don't know your moon sign, go to either www.astro.com or www.astolabe.com for a free natal chart or just google where the moon was on your birthdate.

Aries Moon
You express your emotions impulsively, passionately and boldly.  You're inspirational to those who fear their emotions and somewhat annoying to those who find you too intense. When you are angry, you don't hold grudges, you let go quickly. You're warm and like affection.

Taurus Moon
You express your emotions bluntly and realistically but do it with so much charm that it is hard not to like you. You have a sensual, earthy energy that makes one feel safe. It takes a lot to get you angry but when you do, you really let it rip.

Gemini Moon
You are the King or Queen of detachment from your emotions, it's not that you don't feel anything, in fact you feel a lot but you process it through your logical brain and put it in packages and only open them when others prompt to. To you, life is too much fun and too interesting to get way laid by burdensome emotions.

Cancer Moon
Your feelings sit deep and passionately within and often stay there,within! You feel happy to share your nurturing and caring feelings but other more complex ones are hard for you to get your head around so often you sit on them.

Leo Moon
Your heart is huge and you feel deeply but your pride gets in the way of fully expressing what you feel. You channel your feelings into creative projects which is healthy, but sometimes those who love you cannot gauge where you are at emotionally.

Virgo Moon
You feel much more intensely than you let on. Emotions can be awkward for you to express and you are often misunderstood. It's hard to get your head around that there is no perfect way to feel, keep practicing accepting that its okay to feel whatever it is you feel.

Libra Moon
 Your feelings take you on a magic carpet ride where fantasy and fiction get all mixed up. It can be fun sometimes and other times you land with a thud. Over time you can learn to balance emotions with reality. You really are too kind and sometimes you inadvertently set yourself up for disappointment.

Scorpio Moon
Deep, dark, womb like feelings are always brewing under the surface and you pull them up to express through intuition rather than choice. Always trust your gut feelings, you are spot on, mystical magical person that you are.

Sagittarius Moon
 Not all emotions are happy ones, and although you like to keep it light and fun, your challenge is to embrace and deal with a whole range of varying emotions. As you embrace each one, you grow and mature. Try expressing your feelings sensitively, you have a habit of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time.

Capricorn Moon
 Positive thinking is so important in conjunction with your emotional state. It is so easy for you to get grumpy and think the worst when you feel emotionally out of whack. When you love you love deeply but remember we are all different and not all of us have the impeccable morals you guys have.

Aquarius Moon
Emotions? What emotions? Sorry, just joking, but you must admit you can detach sometimes and its hard for others to know what you are feeling. You are logical in a futuristic way, you are ahead of a lot of us, so you need to be patient with others and explain what your feelings and thought processes are, we can all learn so much from you.

Pisces Moon;
Ah the dreamer! Super sensitive to the core, you feel things before they even happen and over time will learn how to deal with your super charged emotions. Channeling your feelings into creative or healing pursuits is one of the best things you will ever do to survive the sometimes harsh realities of this world.

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