Wednesday 14 September 2016

Celebrities in Heaven

Standing in line at the local veggie store recently, David Bowie's 'Major Tom' was blasting from the I swayed to the music,  I began to contemplate how many incredible artists we have lost. Bowie, Prince, Michael Jackson and of course many unforgettable icons such as George Harrison, John Lennon, Janis Joplin, Elvis, Jim Morrison and Jeff Buckley.  How about all the actors, the list goes on and on.

Then I started to think about what it is like for them to go to the Spirit World. Do they get a green room or a special trailer, do they get room service and private jets?  When they arrive are there deceased screaming fans and autographs to sign?  I began to giggle to myself as my mind went down this train of thought as I realised that when they arrive to the Spirit world, they aren't really famous anymore. Surely, they are just like you and me, normal souls whose body has expired.

Yet, what about all the grief of thousands though, do the deceased stars feel that? Is it stopping them from moving forward or is it irrelevant? What if they try to communicate back here, no medium will believe that it is them so how does that work?  As I contemplated these questions I began to hear my Spirit Guide, White Owl, in my mind joining in on my thoughts.

He said something like;

'Celebrities are no different to anyone else when they arrive. They have a life review and give themselves a self appraisal as we all do when we make the transition to the Spirit world.  The masses that mourn them are part of their karmic package they chose and on a soul level, they are ready for that and protected from being overwhelmed. To choose a life of such fame comes with a great responsibility and many fail and are keen to reincarnate to try again. The best outcome is when an individual uses their influence of fame and power to make positive change for many and sometimes that is achieved merely through performing a song, writing words that are inspiring or transporting people to a higher vibration through an artistic performance. Other times it may be a more massive effort, raising huge amounts of money that creates concrete changes or shifting consciousness through courageous actions.

 We are all here to serve in some way and add to the greater good. Many find the task of fame overwhelming which is why some individuals choose to exit the planet or numb themselves with substance abuse. It is difficult for them to find a psychic medium to connect to their living loved ones but as with anyone, if the love in strong enough, they will find a way. Becoming famous is not for the faint hearted but when a positive outcome is achieved it is a high honour'

Wow, that all seemed to make sense, at least to me. Perhaps being famous is tougher than it looks. Each of our paths are unique and challenging in various ways.

 One thing for sure is when it comes down to tin tacks, we are all special whatever our life purpose is and we can all add to the greater good, famous or not.

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