Wednesday 21 December 2016

The Art of the Intuitive Gift

In a crowded department store, my senses were bombarded with Christmas Carols, decorations and stressed out people. The chaos in my mind was no better and there was a sick feeling of panic in my lower stomach. It’s one thing to buy a birthday gift as there is generally only one gift to choose but when you are faced with a dozen or more at once, it can take a toll of us mentally, emotionally and financially. 

Somewhere in that moment of panic, I called out for help to my Spirit Guides, Angels or whoever may be listening, trying hard not to resent them for living in a non-physical world where Christmas gifts didn’t exist.  Quite spontaneously, I felt my breath slow down and closed my eyes for a moment. I saw in my mind’s eye a clear vision of one of the intended recipients of my gifts.  I tuned in psychically on this person’s energy and I asked their higher self, what can I gift you with that would bring you pleasure? I opened my eyes and it felt like my head was literally turned by some invisible force towards the sports section.  I then recalled this person did have a passion for sport. I went straight to the item and purchased it, intuitively knowing this was the correct gift.

This experience led me to re-evaluate my gift giving techniques. I realised that often I buy gifts when I feel obligated and pressured and also how I frequently choose gifts that I think the person should have. Sometimes I can even be resentful I have to buy a gift when my funds are low.  I am sure someone would not want a gift given with the energy of resentment.   I have made a decision to shift my focus now when buying gifts and be more aware of the person, their needs and their passions. Then there truly is the joy of giving and hopefully the energy of care and love will be felt.

Then there is the old  ‘re-gifting’ trick when the ugly vase that your Aunt gave you is wrapped and given to someone else with the energy of ‘ good riddance.’ One thing I have learned is that each and every inanimate object has a vibration. From now on I am going to be selective in my re-gifting and only do it when I am confident it will bring the recipient joy and the energy ingested into the gift is positive.  (I also hope I remember not to re-gift to the original giver!)

The reminder I want to leave you with from this story is that you can ask your Spirit Helpers for any type of assistance, anytime and anywhere. 

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas! May you give and receive gifts that emanate love!

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