Thursday 19 January 2017

Welcome to my new style blog; Ask Liz Medium

Hi Everyone,

Recently I had an unexpected, out of body experience when I was meditating. It was a guided meditation where it asked the listener to imagine they were in the universe looking down at planet earth, feeling connected on some level to every part of the planet.

I became overwhelmed with a powerful sense of love for every blade of grass, animal, person, air and sunshine. In a short moment, I was taken outside of my body and I merged with the planet. It was powerful and emotional. 

For the next few days after that experience I felt extra loving and non judging of everyone and everything around me. Although I feel I am already on the path of my life purpose, I have an ache to crank things up. This is the guidance I am getting and I want to honour it. So as I plod away at finishing my second book, which will be on the market this year sometime, I want to do more teaching and writing from here on. Unfortunately, I will simply not have as much time to do personal readings, only a few a week so I figured another way I can give out messages from Spirit is by utilizing this blog.

Each Monday I will be publishing a blog that will have a spiritual/counseling/psychic theme but will be adding an agony aunt, psychic aspect. That is, you can email me a question and I will publish your question and your answer here on the blog on Mondays.

You can ask about guidance in your life or any curious questions you may have about mediumship, astrology, reiki, spiritual healing or anything at all and if it is not appropriate I will email you back.  I will tune into Spirit for you and see what comes.

How can this work just through receiving an email? I tune into your energy when I receive the email. Physical distance is not relevant when tuning into a person's energy. Your loved ones in Spirit know you where ever you may be.  Feel free to give me feedback in comment section at the bottom of the blog page.

Why am I doing this? I am doing this so I can get to more people and be of service. My loving intention is to serve my life purpose which is about healing and uplifting people with the gift I have been given and developed over the past 30 years. 
Spirit loves us and wants to support us.

 I can't wait to hear from you!

Send your questions to or message me via my Facebook page, Liz Winter Medium   

*Please include your permission to publish your letter and whether you want me use your first name or remain anonymous.

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