Sunday 3 September 2017

A Wise Duck Tale

Years ago, I bought the book 'A Course in Miracles'  channeled by psychologist, Helen Schucman after hearing amazing stories about it.

Much to my disappointment, I could hardly make head or tail of it, it was like reading the bible only worse. I persevered for awhile and eventually it gathered dust and I gave it away to someone.

As the years went by I continued to hear quotes and insights from the book but I had already made up my mind, it wasn't for me.

Recently, I have been interested in the work of life coach Alan Cohen and I noticed he had written a book called 'A Course in Miracles Made Easy' 

Finally, someone had thought to explain it in layman's term so I downloaded it onto my ipad. Although I am early into the book at present, I am loving it. Here is an excerpt from Alan's book that I think you will like.

'A Shaggy Duck Story'  

When I lived in an organic farming community, one morning I sat on the porch of the bunkhouse, watching members walk across a grassy area to the dining hall. Beside the path, Pete the duck sat and quacked at people as they walked by.

 A professional singer was the first to pass by Pete that morning. Upon hearing him, she stopped and told him "How nice of you to sing me a morning song!"

The next woman along the path was rather over weight. When she heard Pete quack in her direction, she scolded him, "You're always quacking for more food, Pete. It's time you stuck to your diet!"

The final person to pass was a very intellectual architect. Hearing Pete's voice, he retorted, "Questions, Pete - always questions! How about some answers for a change?" 

Each person saw Pete through the lens of his own self perception. They projected their worldview onto the duck and attributed their beliefs about themselves to him. It was their own selves they were talking to. We are all speaking only to self'  From A Course in Miracles Made Easy: Mastering the Journey from Fear to Love. Alan Cohen

I love this story as it illustrates the potential for shifting our perception of any given situation. We have the choice of a million different lenses to view our lives, including how we see others. However, when it comes down to tin tacks, I believe it has a lot to do with choosing love over fear, particularly self love.

Perhaps if we were to choose to love our self, to be kind to our self and less critical of our self more often, we would see the world outside as a friendlier more loving place. If we didn't judge ourselves so harshly, we wouldn't judge others so harshly, if we were kinder to ourselves, surely more kindness would flow out into a world that is so thirsty for love. 

So next time you are feeling judged by someone or indeed find yourself judging someone else, just remember... quack quack!


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I am caught in a toxic cycle with my ex. 
Am I right in thinking he is a narcissist? 
I swing between thinking I'm caught in a manipulator's web, or there is genuine love and I'm acting out codependent tendencies and he's mirroring perfectly the necessary soul lesson. 
What's the truth?
Confused Anonymous

My first impression is that you know deep down that this cycle has played out for long enough. I feel there is a kind gentleman, a father type energy,  around you in Spirit encouraging you to break free and start fresh. Yes there is genuine love and whether he is a narcissist or not is debatable and in some ways irrelevant. I get the necessary soul lesson you have been playing out is done yet it is your choice to change the dance you have been dancing with him. Spirit wants you to know they will support you in taking new approaches to the situation.

Do you see a break through for me? I am still working towards that promotion. Trying harder than ever. Do you think it will happen soon? Josie

I sense angels around this situation helping you. They show me there is some inconsistency around the situation, nothing to do with you. I feel the hold up is to do with whoever/wherever you work and them ironing out certain situations. Keep doing whatever you are doing and you will get the breakthrough you seek. Trust in divine timing, easier said than done I know. I also was shown a vision board, perhaps a suggestion from the angels.

Will my Mum benefit from this new rehab program & improve enough to go back to living independently & drive again.? Mel

Your mother has many people around her in Spirit encouraging her and sending much healing and love. This experience is life changing for her and there is much inner growth and wisdom coming from it. Patience and perseverance is still needed at this time but she is where she is meant to be right now and it will definitely pay off. I get a great feeling for mid next year for her. It doesn't mean there won't be progress or breakthroughs before then but I get that she is where she wants to be by then. 

My beloved cat Belle has a corneal ulcer and, if in 2 weeks it has not resolved, she will need surgery. Last time the other eye cost me $2,000 with Brissie specialist. What can you pick up? It's been stressful.

I feel Belle's spirit as I tune in and I feel she is so grateful to you for all the love and care you give her and is a special pussy cat. Unfortunately the ulcer does feel stubborn and may require surgery but I feel somehow you get it done cheaper or some organisation may be able to help? Another suggestion is to set up a 'Go Fund Me Page' ( I will definitely donate if you choose to set one up.)

My family and I currently live in Sydney but we would liek to get away and move to a Murwillumbah in Northern nsw. Do you see us being able to do this and if so when? Belinda 

I get Archangel Michael with a big green traffic light around this situation and feel it can indeed happen next year. Now is the time to be planning and working towards making this a reality. I do feel your time is up in Sydney. Persevere in making the change, it will be worth it in the long term. I see you eventually on acreage that is very green and pretty.



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