Sunday 6 August 2017

Fi Fi Flies Free

     'Don't die with the music still in you'  Dr. Wayne Dyer
My friend Fi in our younger days

A few weeks ago a dear friend of mine I grew up with passed away.  I was sitting up in bed on a Saturday morning like a queen, sipping on a soy cappuccino, ipad in hand when that familiar ping sounded on my mobile phone.

The text read 'Fiona not good, tumours in brain and elsewhere, sedated for pain, in Byron Hospital' I was shocked, it was the first I had heard of it. Melanoma had crept up and extended its ugly tentacles without her knowledge. She was only 55.

Strangely, for a few moments, obviously in shock, I put the phone down and returned to my coffee and ipad...and then it hit me. Oh my God! I got up, showered and went down to the hospital.

I spent an hour with my friend Fi and her lovely partner and in my own way, I got to say goodbye to her. There was an uncanny feeling of peace in the hospital room, it reminded me of the same feeling when I gave birth to my children. I am convinced the exit and the entry points to this planet are guarded by unseen angels. Two days later she passed away.

When I left the hospital I headed straight to the Mullumbimby markets and I wandered around in a type of a silent cocoon trying to process the mornings events. It was a lovely sunny winter morning as people milled around, music played and children laughed. The scent of delicious food permeated the morning air. The colourful stalls added to the festive atmosphere but part of me was numb and  everything seemed slightly surreal.

I wanted to yell out to everyone, wake up, enjoy your life, its going to run out as if no one had ever considered it before. Silly I know, but death does that, it makes you aware of your own mortality and that each of us is literally a ticking time bomb where one day the life runs out and we move on to the other realm. Perhaps not such a bad thing but what about the limited time we are here? What the heck are we doing with it? What do we want to say to ourselves on our death beds? Do we really want to spend our time not forgiving people, whinging, feeling sorry for ourselves and believing we are not good enough? Do we really want to live our lives in a consistent sea of anxiety and confusion when we have the power to make choices that nourish us, support us and expand who we are, allowing us to appreciate and enjoy the limited moments we are given.
Red Fragipani's (Plumeria) help to sooth grief

I know many of you reading this have lost people dear to you and I am sure you will agree with me when I say that if there is a gift in death, it is this, it makes us appreciate life and all the gifts within it, so for this I thank everyone I have ever known who has died before me.

Fly free Fi! Thanks for the hours of laughter we shared and our sense of connection.  I am still waiting to feel and hear you from the other side and I look forward to our next meeting whenever and wherever
that may be.

 Below you will find some of your questions answered.

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Is there a more satisfying job in a different section at work in the future?

I feel a beautiful mother figure around you in Spirit who comes through with a bouquet of white with a pink trim carnations. She said you deserve the best and to be assertive in asking what your needs are at work, she insists they will listen. Time to get in somebodies ear! Come September there will be some good news. She sends mountains of love and says to tell you she has the lamb?


 I have just finished a yoga teacher training course and about to become a reiki teacher. Where to from here and where will I find a healing room.  Deb

You have many guides around you in Spirit cheering you on and sending their congratulations on all your hard work. I get the sense to enjoy the journey and not to be too fixated on the destination. Things are unfolding perfectly and you just have to be a willing participant, which you are. Start small and build up. I see you teaching a small group to begin. There is a healing room for you, maybe towards the Gold Coast but the timing is not quite right. One day at a time is the strong message I get, your lesson is trust and listening to your higher guidance at the moment.  

I ended a difficult marriage 3.5 years ago and feel I'm finally ready for someone to come into my life. Do you see this for me soon? And will it be healthy or do I need to keep working on myself?

I feel a father energy around you in Spirit helping you at the moment and wants to acknowledge all the work you have done on yourself. The only work you need to do is accept yourself for who you are, you are perfect as you are and you have a lot to offer the right person. There is someone for you who is a sensitive soul who may be artistic on some level, music or art. Be open minded. I feel like you meet them through a friend or a friend of a friend. I see you sitting near ocean having coffee with them. I am not sure of the timing although it does not seem that far away. Just keep loving you! 


I'd like to ask about how to manage me time, energy and boundaries better to benefit me and my biz and son. Instead of doing everything for others. 

I can't help but think you answered your own question here. Its like you have made a decision to create boundaries which is admirable. If you are struggling implementing boundaries, I suggest you seek the support of self help books, courses or mentors. Ask your guides and angels to guide you to the perfect support for you. I do see a lovely Goddess looking lady around you in Spirit who will help you and you may even help others in the future to be more assertive as part of your divine purpose. 

My daughter is having issues at school. I am not sure what to do as I feel that she is not getting the positive attitude she needs ,she has such a big heart though she keeps getting  put down and treated differently so why ? Do I keep her there, home school or try some where else ?

I feel your daughter's grandfather in Spirit around her and sends much love. He said she has a shiny and strong Spirit and has a wonderful purpose in this life where she will help the weak and the vulnerable. Although these lessons are difficult for her at present, it is cultivating her as a person for what she will have to do when she is older. At this point I get it would be more unsettling to make a change than to change. I get to persevere where she is. Perhaps you could re evaluate towards the end of the year. I get that is you persevere, the other children will accept her for who she is which is a dear and loving soul.

I'm considering moving from this place that's been home for over 20 years. What does Spirit say about this, in terms of timing and relocation please?

I feel ancient tribal spirits around you that are connected to the land and get the sense that there is change in the next few years around where you are living. I feel this is not something to rush but to take your time to think and feel it out. I do see you living somewhere that is very green and fresh new energy. Keep asking for guidance and trust your intuition. Clarity will come in the Springtime.


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