Sunday 3 February 2019

The Serpent Rises

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As I sat down to write this months blog, I asked Spirit what would be most valuable to people to read in the here and now. 
The answer was to talk about change. Spirit is often devoid of detail when downloading messages.
For example, the other day I was about to mow the lawn. I heard a clear message in my head, 'Be careful' What could possibly happened I argued. Within a few minutes, I accidentally bumped a wasps nest with the mower and yes, I got a swift sting on the leg. 
As I rubbed in some Aloe Vera gel, which worked wonders, I thought to Spirit, okay, you told me so, but telling me to watch out for wasps nests would been more helpful than telling me to be careful. However, it was a valuable reminder to listen to my intuition. So often messages come in downloads of feelings and knowings. 
So when they asked me to talk about change, I thought I would consult the book I wrote in 2017, 'Gifts of Guidance, Fifty Messages'
The message that appeared was quite apt, which I have copied for you below. The messenger being the Serpent, which represents total transformation and the name of the message, Spiritual Shifts, are definitely happening in tandem with the external shifts many of us are now experiencing, for some of us, massively. 
It is a time to stay close to our heart, our intuition and natural guidance and to avoid make decisions based on what we think we should do or what others think we should do. A time to give ourselves credit that we are whole, complete intuitive beings, we are so much more than what we have been led to believe. Unwrap the gift that is you!
Below the message, you will see some of your questions answered.  

Message 32
Spiritual Shifts
Trust in your Inner Power and miracles will happen.’   Deshwal Sachin

A large thick Serpent with lime and black stripes crawls along the seabed.

The Serpent brings the message that deep healing spiritual shifts are now occurring in a way that may be new to your conscious self. The hard work you have been doing on inner levels is now showing much like seeds sprouting through rocky soil. You have built strong and sturdy foundations and there is a new source of spiritual power that you can now tap into.
Externally in your life, some unexpected events may arise now, some of which are out of your control. Draw on your inner wisdom to handle these events rather than following impulsive or old ways of dealing with things. This is a new era in your life where you will approach life from a deeper stance with increased mindfulness and awareness.
The Serpent advises to remain observant at this time and keep a detached perspective. Allow the marriage of clarity and feeling to embrace you, making the way forward clear.
Celebrate your growth, you have arrived at an auspicious yet rewarding time in your life.

Tapping into spiritual power.

Power Choice
·     Take time for reflection
·     Spend time near water or indulge in water-based therapies
·     Call on the energy of the Serpent for strength and clarity
·     Go deep in your meditations
·     Manifestation techniques activate with ease at this time.

Momentary Meditation
Breathing deeply, relaxing … visualise yourself on a seabed, the Serpent approaches and you peacefully unite with its energy.
The Serpent has a message for you, what is it? Accept whatever is the first thing that comes to mind, and give thanks to the Serpent.

It is safe to be in my spiritual power.

Liz’s Comments
Spiritual awakenings are often triggered by major life events but not always. It may be a chance encounter with an individual that has a profound effect on us or simply something we heard in conversation that ignites a realisation.
We are all powerful. We all possess a soul which is made from indestructible matter but often it is covered in debris from experiences we could not fully process. This message is to alert you to the fact that your soul is throwing aside the debris and is ready to reveal some of its infinite power.
You may have had many incarnations to arrive at this point and it is a time to be celebrated not feared. Accept that you can be a channel for divine energy and that it will affect your life positively, but inevitably will affect others as well. How they respond to your soul growth is their business, not yours. You are encouraged to remain true to yourself.
I have had several major spiritual awakenings in my life and hope to experience more. I can relate to this message and sense that it is bringing wonderful news of forward movement in a way that will ultimately delight and uplift you. Your task is to be alert, receptive and to acknowledge the truth in your epiphanies.

To purchase Gifts of Guidance, Fifty Messages, you can contact me direct or get it in either kindle or paperback on any online bookstore.

 Below are some of your questions answered. If you would like to ask a question, email me at I publish my Blog on the first Monday of each month.

Will I experience as profound and soulful a connection with my future partner as I did with my ex? It is almost difficult for me to imagine that, but I feel like I've been working so hard on my personal growth and this will inevitably attract the right person into my life. 

I sense an older man around you in Spirit that is looking out for you, like a father figure.  He says you are correct about having worked through a lot and are more ready now than ever for a new person to enter. He advises not to compare to the last one as although there will be an undeniable connection that is special, it will be quite different in many ways, so be open to what Spirit presents. There is nothing you need to do, just be ready to receive. 

 Does Spirit have any messages about my spiritual work and direction?    


I sense several American Indian guides around you who ask you to do rituals to find answers. You know deep within yourself where you want to place your energy and they want to help that emerge to your awareness more so.  Trust what your heart says, what makes it light up? You can combine several passions together which is something you may already be contemplating, the next 12 months will see some huge steps forward. Remember to enjoy each moment as it unfolds and not be too focused on the outcome. 

Does Spirit offer any guidance for dealing with difficult times and how I can best serve?
Miss L 

As I tune in I sense a loving father figure around you in Spirit who wants to give you a big hug. He is so proud of you and the person you are and says that the question you ask, you are already living. You are serving the best you can and coming from your heart. The best thing you can do is continue on the path you are on and keep serving yourself by honouring your needs for joy and relaxation so that you can be there for those who need you. 

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