Sunday 2 February 2020

Rejection is Protection

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Last year I had this crazy idea that I wanted to study full time nursing.  Having recently moved to a city where I knew no one, feeling in limbo, I started doing volunteer work at a local nursing home. I had some profound interactions between myself and some of the residents there but rather than just accept those special moments as a gift in the moment,
I decided it must be my destiny to do more in that area.

I tried several times to create a spiritual circle in this new city but nothing came of it. Perhaps Spirit doesn't want me to teach anymore I decided. I was feeling very unsure of my direction and choosing to do nursing was a stab in the dark.

I excitedly filled out all the application forms full of enthusiasm and I had visions of myself in a crisp white uniform performing my nurse duties. The woman at the college on the end of the phone assured me that my age of 58 was okay and I could do this.

One catch, I had to complete an English and Maths test and achieve a level 4 standard to be eligible. I uploaded the test and took almost two hours to complete both tests. I felt reasonably confident. Well, I passed the English with flying colours but the maths test result was only level 3 so I was told I could not do the 5 day a week full time course, although I was welcome to reapply in 3 months time.

REJECTION! I felt disappointed and wondered what I was supposed to be doing in this city, nothing seemed to be working.

Fast forward to three months later. Oh my God, thank goodness I got rejected. I am seeing my life in a whole new way now. In the last three months, I visited Hawaii and had profound insights at a course I did there, I have a new puppy that needs a bunch of my time and we are just about to put down permanent roots in this city as we unexpectedly got approved for a house loan.

Also, both my grown up children who still live at home are committing to University here for the next 4 years. If I had have been travelling to the CBD 5 days a week and coming home with a ton of study, I would have had no time for my family, my puppy or my spiritual work. What I perceived as rejection was total protection.

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I am excited about my spiritual work again, once I am settled I plan on teaching, writing and inspiring others in whatever way Spirit guides me to do.

It is now becoming clear to me that the limbo time I have been experiencing the last twelve months has been an opportunity to build consciousness, to shift awareness and to have time to morph into the next stage of my life.

We don't always know the bigger picture and although its wonderful to nudge a direction here and there, when doors don't open it doesn't mean there is something wrong with us.  It's the universe saying there is something better for you that is more aligned to who you truly are.

There is a line in the course in miracles, (which I am a student of), that says
'I do not perceive my own best interests' and I love that reminder. Sometimes what we think we want or need is way off the mark. Yet, Spirit knows what we need, just like a parent knows when a toddler needs a nap although the toddler will tell you it needs an ice cream instead.

So trust, trust and more trust. Whatever is going on your life may not be working out the way you think it should or the way you think would bring you satisfaction but do know there is a force at work behind the scenes that truly does have our best interests even if it makes no sense at all.

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I am preparing to start a mindfulness through slow stitching group in March. Will I be successful in my idea of craft as healing? Zoya

I sense you are being guided to do this by those in Spirit around you. I feel it will begin with a small group but will gain momentum once the energy starts filtering through the ethers. You yourself will gain a lot from running this group. Spirit is celebrating!

I am trying to manifest some clients for my craniosacral healing, does Spirit have any advice?

I do see clients coming to you. I see you advertising your healing gifts on a local facebook page, or an online platform. Adding a video might be helpful. I also get to keep using your gifts on friends or family as by doing it, you are attracting the energy. I sense healing guides around you who are proud of you for putting yourself out there and say to have faith, it will happen.

Do I keep pushing forward with my relationship? Will things improve?

Only you can really decide whether you want to stay or go. When you use the words 'pushing forward' makes me feel that it is a burden more than a joy. However, I do feel a gentle lady around you in Spirit who is saying, 'keep the lines of communication open' as I sense there is a lot of miscommunication or misunderstanding going on at the moment. It is like you need more clarity between you two before you can make any major decision around the relationship. Hope that helps.

Is my twin flame who I think it is and will we be together soon?

Personally, I believe we have more than one twin flame but either way, I sense the party you mention is very connected to you. However,  I sense at the moment they are either unavailable due to being in another relationship, or possibly I am wrong there and they are emotionally unavailable. I feel the current situation here is  like watching the kettle waiting for it to boil, the moment you stop focusing on it, you get a result. I sense there is an opportunity for you to let go of the outcome, just send love to them and see what happens. I feel they are not wanting to commit to you at this time, but that could change.

Will I get a promotion this year?

I sense you really deserve a promotion and that you have worked hard. It may need a bit of a push and I don't mean that you have to badger anyone. I get that you can help it along with affirmations, visualisations and getting very clear within yourself exactly what sort of promotion you want and how you will feel when you arrive there.  Its like you want it but you cant imagine it will happen. So align the desire and the vision and success will be yours. Wishing you much success!

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