Saturday 24 July 2021

A Spiritual View of the Pandemic


When humanity drifts from nature and lives contrary to the way you were born to live, humanity’s immunity drops and the world becomes vulnerable to diseases to which it would otherwise be impervious.” Bashar, Spiritual Teacher

There is so much division around the pandemic in terms of it being a conspiracy, a tragedy, how it should be managed, the issues around vaccinations, lockdowns, who is right, who is wrong and so on. 

 Listening to the constant noise on the media, social media and the variety of people's opinions can be  exhausting to the body, mind and soul. The energy of fear, mistrust and paranoia seems to be at an all time peak. 

I believe when confronted with difficulty, it pays to take a step back and tune into the bigger picture. When I meditate and reflect about the current state of the world, I can't help but sense that this pandemic is about us changing the way we live, the way we think and also how we behave to our fellow humans.

The lockdowns have prevented us from running away from ourselves, they have forced us to connect more deeply with what we feel and have been an opportunity for healing and growth. It has given us time to re evaluate what and who is important to us. For many having to adapt to working at home, away from toxic workplaces, has provided more quality time and peace in one's life. 

I know its also been incredibly challenging financially, mentally and emotionally for many and I do not mean to minimise the suffering that has indeed taken place, but something had to give. The world was on a reckless fast train destined to crash and perhaps it still is BUT now is the opportunity for us to change direction.

I believe its true that world peace will come through one person at a time. We can now choose to do things differently, we have been given a clean slate to approach our lives from a more caring, compassionate and loving space. 

As my mentor Alan Cohen says here;

'The pandemic was not a random event or a punishment from God. It was a wake-up call for each of us as individuals and humanity as a whole to make necessary course corrections and live as our natural selves rather than deny them.  If we go back to working insanely and wedging in little or no time for the people we love; or fighting over trifles; or dropping into national or racial divisiveness; or becoming defensive rather than reaching out; or neglecting our physical well-being in favour of stress; then the pandemic will have served no purpose. Sadly, some other nightmare will come around until the voice for healing gets our attention. Let us avoid the need for another two-by-four whack, and extract the blessing from the challenge.'

We have more power than we realise, we have the power of choice. I ask Spirit to help me choose the path of for self, for others and the world I live in.  What will you choose?


  1. Exactly so well put I am so bad at trying to give people another alternative view and narrative than they are seeing but I feel its my duty to give people another view point but you’re so right <3 Thanks Lizzie x