Sunday 22 January 2017

Your Questions Answered and the Spirits of our Homes.

Welcome to my first new style blog where I use my medium and psychic abilities to answer your questions.

Thank you to all who sent me their questions. I had a good response from people wanting some guidance in their lives, and lets face it, we can all do with a little help from our Spirit friends, I know I do daily!

Below you will find the questions and answers. If your question is not here this week, it should be here next week as I am putting the questions in a queue as they arrive.

If you are concerned at all about when your question will be answered, feel free to email me.

Also if you are new to this blog and would like your question answered, email me your question at or message me via my face book page
Please give me permission to publish your question and if you prefer anonymity, let me know. I will publish this blog each Monday.

The first question was from Jan who asked whether she will  purchase a property coming up for auction in February. As soon as I began to tune in and ask Spirit for guidance I connected with the Spirit of the house in question.

 It reminded me that each house has a Spirit and that is why houses have a 'feeling' about them. The 'feeling' can also be residue energy of previous owners which eventually fades.

You can connect with the Spirit of your house by being aware of its presence and taking good care of your home.  House Spirits like to feel appreciated and reciprocate when you tend to the gardens and housekeeping in general. The occasional declutter and good feng shui all adds to a positive and happy atmosphere for all occupants as well as the house spirit.

You can ask the house spirit what it would like to see happen in the home or to protect the house when you are away. Trust thoughts and ideas that pop into your mind as a response from the house spirit.  You may find a plant will bloom an unexpected flower or some other sign around the home that the house spirit is happy.

To understand the personality of your house spirit, the numerology of your house number will give you a bit more information. I found a wonderful article focusing on house numerology here

The diagram on your right is a Feng Shui Bagua plan that you place over the plan of your home with the most used entry being placed in front of the 'Career and Journey' point. It shows what rooms and areas in your house will be associated with life areas.

The basic idea with feng shui I believe is if the area of the house feels good, it is good! Of course you can google feng shui to find out more.

So lets get to answering your questions!

Will I purchase the property that I want that is up for auction in February?

I sense the spirit of the house in question is not particularly happy and has not been so for some time. The house may look in good condition but I feel there has been sadness in this home or some unrest. The house spirit is looking for a bright and happy energy to enter and would love to have your energy there. However, I see another property piquing your interest before that time that may be even more attractive to you so keep your options open!
 I also feel a gentleman around you who passed in Spirit who is in your corner helping you to get the perfect home and impresses a feeling of confidence that you will find your home in the next few months. This man died prematurely and shows me fishing rods. The home he shows me seems to be raised or on a hill. If it is not the home in question, it will be something equally as good or better. Keep your prayers up, they will be answered!

I would love some guidance on my career

I sense there are a few healing angels around you that work with you..  I get the sense that as long as you are working under the umbrella of healing, which is a wide umbrella, you are on track with your life purpose. They say that you always give a 100 percent and more to whatever you do and they want to acknowledge that. They show me mid year there are several opportunities to shift gear around career direction. If you are considering study or retraining, the message is to be selective and be sure that is what you want. Timing is important now when making changes so trust your gut feelings carefully.  I feel you have so many gifts and there is much encouragement to make your income doing whatever brings you the most joy. Overall I sense a year where you make big steps forward and are in a more settled place financially and career wise by the end of the year.

Will I become a grandmother soon?

I sense there are two souls in Spirit preparing to be your grandchildren and are simply waiting for the right time. So, simply yes, and I sense one of these children will arrive within the next 2 years. You will love being a grandparent, it so suits you!

Will I go to Uluru this year?

I feel the Spirits of Uluru would love a visit from you and are entering your dream state from time to time, planting the seed of desire to visit there.  When you go is totally up to you and your own free will. You can make this happen and you will when it feels right. Having said that I sense it would be pushing it to go the first half of this year and easier working to go anytime after June.

Would love to know if there are any big changes on the horizon for me?

I see a tall American Indian Spirit Guide around you in Spirit, smoking a peace pipe. He is very wise and is encouraging you to take your creativity to the next level and that this is where some big changes may happen if you allow it. You are finding a peace within yourself at the moment that is causing big transformations within that will eventually mirror externally. For now focus on the peace inside and being creative and change will be quite natural and choices obvious. Blessings from your Indian !

Please give me input on my new job starting in February.
Dancer Flame

I sense a beautiful woman in Spirit around you who I sense is a mother to you. She says this job is an opportunity that will open a door to something else that you are not yet aware of and is guiding you to embrace this change.  It may not be a long term job but it provides a means to an end and opens something up within you and externally as well.  I sense there is a gentleman you encounter through this job that you connect with on some deep level. It may feel you are going outside your comfort zone particularly when you first begin this job, but you will grow and learn. Walk forward confidently knowing this mother figure in Spirit is holding your hand. 

Please tell me how my mother in law is truly feeling as she is sometimes hard to read. Also, are my husband and I on the right track with business?
Ms. L

I sense your mother in law has a lot on her plate at the moment and is processing things in her own way. I get she needs her own space and it is okay to give her that. The less you expect from her at the moment the happier she is. She is doing well with what she has to work with. 
The business direction seems unclear at the moment so there is an element of trust that may feel you are walking forward wearing a blindfold. However I sense a lovely gentlemen in a suit in Spirit connected to your father's side of the family is helping you and your husband  and he is giving me clearly that the month of March is breakthrough time and the blindfold will be off and things are working out well. Don't worry, its all good!

Is there a job change for me? Should I look for a new job or stay where I am?
Ms F

There is a strong spirit guide around you who brings through the energy of a Buddhist Monk. He says that your present job feels like clothes that don't fit you anymore and you are becoming increasingly uncomfortable. He understands that you would have to take a leap of faith to make a change but encourages you to begin looking and feeling out your options. There is not a rushed feeling around this, it is more time now to begin to prepare. You are a leader in your own right and a job where you could use those qualities would suit you well. Time to set your intentions, be clear about what you desire in a career and then manifest it! 

I hoped your enjoyed this weeks blog as much as I did! I would love to hear any feedback on the answers you received either in the comment section below or via email. Keep the questions coming!

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