Sunday 29 January 2017

Your Questions answered and the Power of Flowers

Hi Everyone,

Thank you to all who sent me a question. Below you will find some of your questions answered. I had a good response of questions so if you sent me one and it isn't here today, it will be in the next few weeks. I publish my blog on Mondays. 

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Before I get to the questions, I wanted to talk about the power of flowers.

Around six months ago, I completed an online course on flower therapy with naturapath/spiritual teacher, Robert Reeves. I chose to do the course due to my love of flowers and have used flower essences over the years with wonderful results. 

I learned what I always suspected, that flowers are powerful healers, protectors and messengers and that there are always fairy folk associated with flowers. They are much more than a pretty face, so to speak!

Around a month ago, every time I was reading for someone, I started seeing a specific type of flower around their heads or in a vision for them. It started happening quite randomly but now it is happening regularly. The only thing is at this point, I can't always intuit the meaning and I have to go and look the flower up in Robert Reeves & Doreen Virtue's book Flower Therapy (see image on the left) and so far, it has been absolutely spot on each time.  I assume I will soon begin to intuit the meaning more so.

  So with your messages that I am answering here, if I give a flower name at the end of your message, I haven't got time to write out the full meaning so perhaps just google its symbolic meaning or of course you could get the flower therapy book I mentioned. It is available on kindle or paperback.  There is also a deck of cards called; The flower therapy oracle deck.

Be aware of any flowers you are drawn to or keep turning up in your life. They have a message for you. You can even just close your eyes, be quiet for a moment and ask yourself what is the first flower that pops in your mind.  You may even like to ask a specific question.  Voila, there is a message for you.

You can benefit from the energy and healing properties of the flower not only by experiencing the real thing but also by using their images in your life, such as a painting, a photo or placing the image on your screen saver. Some flowers may also be available in a flower essence or essential oil.

Happy flower readings! Now on with the answers to your questions.

Will my granddaughter find happiness in her life? She is in an unhappy relationship now.

I am shown a woman in Spirit who feels like a mother to you Cheryl, she was a loving woman but also had a great deal of inner strength and gave selflessly to her family and the community. She was very skilled at crafts but had trouble with a left leg at some point. She reassures me that she is helping your granddaughter and that she is not quite ready to move on from her current relationship. These two are working out complex karmic patterns but I do see there is light at the end of the tunnel for her in the next 3 years.  There is a great force of joy coming in around her, possibly a child or a wonderful breakthrough. This woman in Spirit advises that you simply love and support her unconditionally at this time and keep praying for her as you have been. It will work out for the best.
I see lilacs around your granddaughter.(read article above)

Do you see my partner and I owning our own property in the not too distant future?

I have a man in Spirit who passed away prematurely, maybe aged 40's to 60's who is keen to help you two obtain a property. He may be connected to your partners family. I am being shown green pastures and sense it may be on either a big block or acreage. He congratulates you on all the hard work you two have been doing to manifest this and reassures you it will pay off. September this year is some excitement around this although I don't get the detail. Keep doing what you are doing and the universe will conspire to manifest the perfect environment! Cheers
I see  sunflowers around you. (read article above)

Will I finally get that promotion I have been chasing for so long?

I see a Spirit Guide around you who presents herself as an Egyptian Goddess dressed in gold with a strong aura of abundance. She says that this is your year to rise from the ashes and claim abundance. I get a positive yes for you but also get that there is more information to come to light in the next few months around this and an element of the unexpected. It is possible that you have more than one career opportunity but either way you can't lose. This is your year!
I see sweet pea flowers around you (see image on right)

Will my daughter enjoy her new school?
Miss D

I sense that your daughter has a 'big' energy/soul and that her higher self is wanting to expand so she may be feeling experimental and wanting new experiences. I think the change of school is challenging for her in some ways yet exciting in others. I am shown that it may take until July until she feels really comfortable there but there is reassurance from your guardian angel that you are making the right decision. Your guardian angel holds out 'forget me not flowers' (read article above) and says that there is a greater plan at work and not to be overly concerned. Your angel says that you yourself are very intuitive and to always trust your gut feelings. I am also told to encourage your daughter to be involved in performing arts, I feel she need the excitement that environment can bring. 

I've just given my notice in an unhappy work situation and am applying for a job I'm unsure about. Will I be successful and happy with the result?

I am impressed with a elderly, male Spirit Guide around you who presents himself in the form of a Tibetan person. He is witty and wise and asks you to keep your sense of humour up at this time and not get too into the worrying of what will be. 
He is proud of you that you gave notice and are taking risks, your act of courage will pay off and you will find yourself in a much happier situation. Trust your own intuition about the job you are applying for, something is not right but there is something just perfect any moment, so keep your options open. Also he wants to remind you of your own talents and that you could at some point be self employed. I see Gardenia's around you. (read article above) All is well!

Can you see a new romantic relationship for me this year?

I get a wonderful guardian angel who is like a healing angel around you. She has been helping you heal in matters of the heart, particularly the last two years. She says like many of us, you have been disappointed in love yet you have grown a lot within yourself and the time is approaching that you are ready to connect with someone on a deep level. In the past you thought perhaps if the person got too close they would not like what they see, but now you are more empowered and have more love for yourself. Continue to work on self love every day by simply being kind to yourself in small and big ways. The right person is not far off and I see you sharing hot chocolate by a fire/heater with someone special so possibly the winter time.  I feel you will meet them in an unexpected way but that the connection will be instant and feeling will be mutual. I see carnations around you (see article above)

Thank you all for being part of this cyber space, see you next Monday!

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