Sunday 12 February 2017

Your Questions Answered and Happy Valentines Day!

 Hi Everyone,

Below you will find some of your questions answered. If you would like to ask a question, please email me at info@lizwintermedium or message me via my Facebook Page.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all those who believe that the spirit of romance is still alive!  It seems such a natural thing to want to fall in love or if we are already in love to rejuvenate those feelings we had when we first met. 

 I truly believe there is someone for everyone and if you are single, keep the faith! Astrology can offer some insight into the highly illogical, emotional world of romance where  seekers of love may find some answers.

Factors that Astrologers take into consideration when looking at romance appearing in one’s life or at the compatibility of two people are complex.  The placement of the planet Venus when we were born will tell us a story about how we love and what we are looking for in love.  The placement of the Moon when we were born will tell us how we relate emotionally.  For example, if you had your Venus in Libra you would always want to be in love and love would be a priority in your life. If your Moon was in Pisces you would be emotionally sensitive.  The placement of Mars will show how our passion and libido is expressed.  When two charts are presented these are some of the things an astrologer will look at to get an idea of compatibility.

 An astrologer can also analyse the current position of the planets in the sky at the present time and compare them to when you were born.  These are called ‘Transits’ and can indicate when specific patterns are activated. These include romance, career, finance, health and travel patterns. Transits can be particularly accurate and although they can’t predict the detail of events,
they can give an overall climate of the time you are in and heading into.

To keep it simple, I thought we could look at the elements of our star signs and their compatibility.  Each star sign is divided into four elements, fire, air, water and earth.  

Firstly, find your own sun sign‘s element and then your partner’s or potential partner’s element below and read the compatibility analysis.  Take into account we are only looking at sun signs which is a basic compatibility guide. These interpretations may also relate to other relationships in your life such as friends and family.

 If you are keen to know more,  I would recommend getting your personal natal chart done by a professional astrologer or a composite chart which is blending two charts together to see compatibility.

Fire Signs;     Key word;     I inspire;       Aries, Leo & Sagittarius;                                       
Air Signs;      Key Word;     I think;         Aquarius, Gemini, Libra;                                    
Water Signs;  Key Word;     I feel;             Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces; 
Earth Signs;   Key word;     I do ;             Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn;   
Fire & Air; is a wonderful mix, the air fanning the fire, the fire stimulating the air with creative ideas.
Fire & Earth; Fire’s enthusiasm may wear down the earth sign eventually and earth may bore the fire sign. However they also provide balance for each other.
Fire & Water; Water may put out the fire leaving fire feeling drained emotionally and not appreciated Fire may not be sensitive enough for water. Lots of communication needed in this mix.
Fire & Fire; Excitement every second and lots of chemistry. Together they conquer the world.
Air & Earth;   Air will get frustrated with earth’s predictability.  Earth will find it hard to understand air, however together they get a lot done; work well as a task oriented team.
Air & Water; These two frustrate each other, water is feeling, air is logic, perhaps they can learn from each other.
Air and Air; off with the fairies, two intellects in love with all their ideas together, can work well as long as at least one of them is also a practical type.
Water & Earth; Great mix, they understand each other perfectly and have similar values.
Water & Water;  A very emotional connection, may be intense although very caring.
Earth and Earth;  materially comfortable no doubt, but perhaps the relationship is lacking on other levels.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

So here are your questions;

How can I best use my healing gift? Is there a specific channel/environment for this? And what if any, further learning would be recommended for me to undertake please?

I saw a vision of a brown owl on your shoulder and was impressed with a sense of deep wisdom that is partly from being an old soul and partly born from some of the challenges you have faced in this life. I feel that your wisdom could help others heal. I don't get so much you being a healer of the body but more an emotional healer such as spiritual counselor or even pastoral services and working around death and dying. I also feel remedies such as flower essences would work well with your innate healing abilities.  It is your choice what area you follow but Spirit will gladly support and guide you once you make a decision what area you would like to pursue. I see orange Lilies around you which are about building self esteem and relaxation.

Am I on the right track regarding my business direction?

There are many people around you in Spirit who have passed on sending you much love and encouragement. There are 3 people who come forward, one is a motherly energy, one is a brother energy and the other a friend. The mother energy loves what you are doing in your life, she says the business side of things is 'fab'. The brother energy has a dry sense of humour and says to kick ass and take 'no crap' Be confident to do things 'your way' regardless of others opinions. The friend, who may have suffered depression, but had a witty sense of humour, says; yes yes, on the right path just keep walking but don't be afraid to do things differently. Any new ideas you are having recently may be coming from Spirit, it is their way of helping you so listen to those 'light bulb' moment ideas. There is some expansion around business in terms of services or possibly premises. I see Jonquil flowers around you which is about bringing light into the workplace and home.

Am I on the right track with lifestyle and relationships with people in general? 
Josephine Shaker

I sense there is a young woman around you who passed prematurely who loves you very much. She may have been a little wild in her day but is at peace now and very sweet. She had a red robin sitting on her shoulder.  She watches out for you.  She said that you have a fire in your heart and feel restless easily and she would love to see you travel and go to places you have never seen. She also encourages any form of creativity. As far as relationships go she said to count your blessings as you are very loved and if you knew how much you were loved, you would be overwhelmed. Her advice is to practice loving yourself even more than you do and you will see some wonderful results. I see pink roses around you which is about feeling safe to open your heart.

Have I made the right decision taking this job?


I feel that there is an elderly wise gentleman around you in Spirit who is impressing patience on you at the moment. He feels like a fatherly energy. His advice is to give this situation more time, there is more to unfold. So I guess the answer is yes, you have made the right decision for this stage in your life and this will make more sense to you in the next few months. I see pig face flowers around you which is a great sign for feeling supported around work issues.

Any insight into my wife's attitude in our marriage.  Are we on the right track?

I feel your wife has a strong spirit and likes her space.  She loves you and her family dearly but needs room to move and express herself. I sense there is a gentleman in Spirit around you who is like a father figure to you, he may have been connected to the name Ralph, he says 'patience and kindness' is a good attitude to have right now, more will reveal itself as this year progresses. He shows me you fishing and relaxing and says stop worrying, things have a way of working themselves out. I see Dianthus flowers around you which are about joy, love and romance and reminding you to play and be light hearted.

Do you see a personal connection with a special someone in the near future?
forget me not flowers

I sense romance angels around you and they give me the message that you have been working out what it is you want or perhaps don't want in a relationship and that you are being discerning who you let into your life, which is a good thing. They say that there is someone that will be worth the wait and just keep putting out positive energy, which you already do.  I do see someone coming in around you who is special to you and this person has a love of gardening or being in greenery and nature. Spirit is reluctant to say when but I do feel that Spring time is special for you this year. I see forget me not flowers around you which are about past lives, so I assume your next partner is a soul from your past returning.

Have a wonderful week everyone, see you next week. 


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