Sunday 26 February 2017

Your Questions answered and Love Your Intuition

Hi Everyone,

Below you will find your questions answered.
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I begin my radio show this week on A1R Psychic radio. It will be on each Wednesday at 3pm Sydney time or Tuesday evenings in the U.S. at 9pm L.A. time or 11pm EST
You can listen live by either visiting their website or download their app onto your phone. The show will be put in the archives on the ask1's website so you can listen on replay anytime. Each week I will touch on a topic and do a guided meditation as well as take a few calls for readings. I am really excited! So here is my article for the week...

As I flew open the curtains I was greeted by a gorgeous sun spraying  golden beams of light into my cool bedroom. Filled with inspiration about the day ahead I had planned, which was to do the Byron Bay lighthouse walk, I began preparing. 

Somewhere in my busy mind, just below the surface I could hear a thought that seemed to be stuck on repeat. ‘Pack the umbrella, Pack the umbrella’  I mentally began arguing with the thought, ‘not logical, it’s a beautiful day, the weather forecast is for clear skies’  I carried on and made my way to the lighthouse. Half way through the walk, you guessed it, out of nowhere appeared black clouds and a heavy downpour of rain. Sitting on a rock with a soggy sandwich, all I could think about was; ‘Why did I not trust that thought?’

This is what I call an intuitive experience. We all have them often; it’s just that we aren’t aware that is what it is.  It is often the feeling in the stomach, the thought coming in out of nowhere when we are doing a mundane task, like washing the dishes or driving the car. The ‘I can’t put my finger on it, but something doesn’t feel right’ experience or thinking of someone and then they ring or you run into them down the street.

 One example is a story I once heard about a woman who had a strong feeling to put scissors in her car. A week later she was in a car accident and the seat belt became stuck and the scissors saved her life. 

 We were all born with innate radar that can help navigate us through life when it comes to simple choices like what we should eat for dinner to more complex situations like whether we should leave a job or begin a new relationship.

How does one become more in tune with one’s instincts and hunches? It can be as simple as becoming more aware and giving acknowledgement when these experiences happen. Love and honour your intuition, treat it with respect and don’t be quick to right off these magic moments as always having a logical explanation.  Over time you will recognize these unique feelings and thoughts and the more you put faith in your own ability, your intuition will expand and feel more natural to you.

Just as our bodies need nourishment and our hearts need love, our intuition needs some nurturing also.

It is not necessary to be a yogi and meditate for hours although it can be like water to a flower to know how to quieten your mind regularly. A few minutes of focusing on your breath, staring at an ocean, a tree, a view or perhaps closing your eyes and listening to music and letting go of stress all allows out intuition to blossom and grow. 

So next time that repeating thought behind the chatter of your mind tells you to wear flat shoes, ring that friend, fill the car up with petrol or your stomach flips when you meet someone significant, trust yourself and listen!

Here are your questions;

Is there any new and exciting beginnings I should be looking out for?

As I tune in I saw someone around you getting engaged, you may already be aware of this. I also saw you boarding a Qantas flight and I sensed you were going somewhere tropical. Other than that I see a kind elderly gentleman around you in Spirit who says he is connected to your father.  He encourages study for you, he says you are super clever and would make a great self employed business woman.  There are many choices you could make to create new beginnings, and Spirit will help guide you to make them. Just remember to ask for help, and Spirit will hear you.

I have a baby nearly 2 months of age, he likes to just stare out the window or at the wall but does rarely make eye contact with Anyone or socialize,he will not turn to anyone's voice and looks away when people look at him. you will often see him getting excited and smiling at nothing but it looks like he's actually engaging with someone. My first thoughts were he is very spiritual and speaking with loved ones though it has just been brought to my attention by a professional it could be early signs of autism. Are you able to ahead any light on what's going on in my baby's mind please.

Being a mother myself, I totally understand your concern. When I tune in I see a gentle but sparky elderly lady in Spirit, she may be connected to the name Alice. She says that the baby can see her and indeed people in Spirit. I feel like for a moment I am in the baby's body and I can see colours around people, so I am sure the baby is seeing people's auras. I would not worry about it at this point as the baby is very young. I still feel he/she is very connected to the Spirit world and has not fully integrated into the body yet, I am told around the age of 6 months you will see a baby that is more engaged with you and the world around them. 

Feels like I've been on my own forever, is my perfect guy
partner out there ?


I see a lovely Spirit Guide around you who presents as a Buddhist monk who has very kind eyes and a cheeky personality. He says you are a one man sort of girl and are going to be very selective who you get involved with, and he applauds you for that. Spring time is a happy time for you, have faith don't give up, yes there is someone and you are almost ready. 

I'm needing a career change do u see anything on the horizon?

I feel an older gentleman in Spirit around you who was connected on your mother's side of the family, he lived reasonably old and had mobility issues in the end. He is wise and kind and says that you are a hard working person who can do anything you put your mind too. He said it is never too late to 'change horses' and he suggests you study something that brings you joy. I am wondering if you like flowers as I saw you in a florist shop? If not, maybe something a bit creative or crafty. I do see you doing something quite different to what you are doing now within the next 2 years. Now is the time to think about what would you be happy to get out of bed for everyday? You truly can make money doing what you love doing. 

I have been encouraged to apply for the manager position that has come available for team I have been working in. In many ways the role does suit my skill set and energy I have to give the position. I am also weighing up work/life balance. Any insightful guidance welcome.  KG

Spirit showed me a blue coloured fragipani blooming around this situation. (I am not sure if there are blue fragipanis in real life, but I guess there are in spirit!) I get that this situation could open you up on some level that feels very positive. It is something about being able to express and do things more in your own way. I sense a Spirit Guide energy around you that is also encouraging you to apply. I feel you will find the juggling no different to your current juggling work/life balance.

I am wondering if you see a long term future in the relationship I am currently in with marriage and kids and if my husband who has passed is okay with what is happening?

I feel your husband around you in Spirit and he is trying to show me something small in a red jewellery bag with draw strings, I sense this relates to the past, not the future. It may be something you have worn around your neck. He says to tell you he has found peace where he is. He is absolutely fine with you moving forward in your life, he wants that for you. With the current relationship it has potential to be long term/marriage/kids etc but I do feel you two have to work at it, but I guess all long term relationships require that. Perhaps the time for big commitments is not quite yet, I feel even if you are ready right now, he may not be, the message is be patient and enjoy the journey.

Have a wonderful week all!

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