Sunday 5 February 2017

Your Questions Answered and a word about New Beginnings

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for all the wonderful feedback I received, it was encouraging and warmed my heart. I am so happy if I can make any small difference in a crazy world.

 Below you will find some of your questions answered. If you would like to ask me a question, email me at or message me via my Facebook page.

I was thinking this week about how everyone has been talking about 2017 being a year of new beginnings and how excited we all are about it. Most of us know by now that it is a '1' year and a wonderful time for doing things differently.  After all, we have grown wiser and smarter after all the challenges of 2016 so bring it on!

One important factor may have been overlooked. 

New beginnings involve change and with change comes challenges. 
I am sure we will all be challenged in varying ways through out life but new beginnings require patience and a quiet confidence that everything will work out for the best.

Remember a beginning in your life such as the first day of a new job, moving into a new home or your first date with someone ?  It feels a bit weird but at the same time, its exciting.

New beginnings require us to feel out of our comfort zone at least temporarily until we make the necessary adjustments. If you have been feeling out of sorts so far this year, it's most likely part of an adjustment process, whether this is externally or just getting your head around situations.

We can help along our new beginnings by taking time to gain clarity.  What intentions do we we have regarding what we want to achieve? Try to see the blessings in each day as gratitude reminds us to enjoy the journey and be less fixated on the destination. 

Being out of our comfort zone is not a bad thing, its where we often expand who we are, learn new skills and acquire wisdom.

Focus on the excitement and the potential that is beginning to manifest in your life. Look back a few years ago and see how far you have come.

We can choose to be patient at the moment knowing that things are moving forward perhaps more than we realize. Let's be our own best friend by choosing self kindness and believing in our own inner guidance.

Have faith knowing you can call on Spirit for assistance, we all have a personal team of Spirit Allies at our side that are eager to help.

Look out for the full moon in Leo (22 degrees) this Saturday (Sydney time). It is also a lunar eclipse and the energy will be buzzing. Lunar eclipses are often about our inner world more so than our outer world. Emotions may be sensitive but it is an opportunity to soar spiritually and connect with groups and humanity at large.

Cheers to new beginnings!

Do you see a personal connection with a special someone in the near future?

I see that you are currently faced with options in your life, more so than usual. I get the sense that if you make some adjustments in other areas of life, such as work, home and doing more of whatever it is that brings you joy, the right person will appear. If they were to turn up right now, you may be distracted and I sense that your guardian angels are advising to focus simply on being happy.  Yes, there is someone not too far off. I also see cherry blossom around you which is about romance and love.

Do you see a move from my property to another property?
Ms R

I see horses around you in Spirit, perhaps you have had something to do with horses or they are coming to you as Spirit Allies, horses are about power and freedom. I get mixed feelings about leaving the property you are at which is delaying change. It is a matter of timing and I sense it is not quite yet. I do sense by next month you will be feeling more clarity around this decision. It is not a time to push issues, rather a time for quiet contemplation. There will be no doubt when the time comes, you will know 100%  I see Gladiolus flowers around you which are about emotional upliftment and healing.

Can you see me moving from Ballina in the near future

I am shown a lovely man around you in Spirit who has passed on who was truly a gentleman. I feel he is type of man to kiss a woman's hand. He may have been a partner of yours, if not he certainly has your interests at heart and wants to protect you. He shows me inner conflict about moving, part of you would love it and part of you is unsure and wonders if you will find yourself in a situation that is not as good as you are in now. He advises to count your blessings at this point as the timing is not right now. However, I do see mid year there is some serious contemplation about moving and you may make the move than, but ultimately it will be your choice. I am shown violets around you which are about clearing old energy and preparing for the new.

Will I find love

I am shown a vision of two love birds that are vibrant and beautiful and I sense you have a connection with birds and they often bring you signs.  I get the sense that you have a beautiful heart and that you are a sensitive person who takes on others energy easily. It is so important that you partner with a positive minded person so you can support each other. There is a plan and there will be someone for you. I see red roses around you which are about romance, however I am not getting a 'when' this will happen, only that it will, so keep the faith.    

Are you able to tell me if I will fall pregnant this year?

There are two guardian angels around you holding a baby and I sense this baby is waiting to incarnate. For whatever reasons, it has not been the right time yet but I sense there is reassurance that the right time is coming and to stay positive. Focus on yourself and being and doing what makes you happy . When I ask the angels when this will happen, they are a bit elusive and don't want you to focus on time so much as feeling happy in your life with or without a child. They said they have heard your prayers and that they will be answered. I see sweet pea flowers around you which are about wishes coming true, the affirmation 'all is well' comes to mind. Once you stop watching the kettle waiting for it to boil, it will happen, if you get my meaning.  

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead! See you next Monday where I will answer more of your questions.

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