Sunday 12 March 2017

Your Questions answered and Pets in the Spirit World

Hi Everyone,

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This is my cat Tiger who was with me for 15 years but is now is Spirit world, he visits me sometimes, particularly in my dreams.
 A common question  I am asked is about our pets and if they live on in the spirit world. The answer is absolutely yes!  The bond we form with a pet can sometimes be stronger than bonds we have with people. They are full of unconditional love, devotion and healing and are powerful teachers to us.  Unfortunately we usually out live them but they leave behind a gift of teaching us about death, dying and grief.  
Many years ago I had a an old mare called Lou who taught me to ride.  Lou was so patient with me and I always felt her pure and unconditional love.  Unfortunately after a owning her for a few years,  she became ill and was dying.  The Vet advised euthanasia. I held her head in my lap as the Vet administered the needle.  I literally watched the life leave her eyes and  in that moment I understood that whatever it was that made her Lou was gone as her body became empty shell. Lou was one of my biggest teachers about the process of passing over.

Around that time huge changes were happening in my life and in the next few weeks, the dog got ran over and passed away, the cat ran away and the chicken house caught on fire when I wasn’t home and my 5 chickens died.  I really believe when our pets die that they are making way for us to move forward in life. 

Their death’s often marks a time of change in our own life. It is as though they are sent to accompany us for a certain part of our journey  and when their work is done, they leave.  

Over the years, I have communicated with many animals through my medium work. They are keen to let their loved ones here know they are still around them just as our human folk do. In a reading they give evidence of their survival by impressing thoughts onto my mind often conveying some of their character traits or perhaps their condition of passing.

One thing I do know in my heart is that love is the most powerful force in the universe.  The bond of love between souls can be so strong that separation will only ever be temporary as true love will always find a way. If you have lost a beloved pet, do know they are only a thought away and that the love you shared will continue on.



 I am wondering about the changes that are ahead and if you see a move in the near future?

 I am shown a brick home that has a new and fresh energy about it. I sense a woman in Spirit who passed around her 60's with you helping you, I think she had lung or heart issues. She worked hard in her life and she knows you are a hard worker also. She says you deserve a break and is determined to help you get it. Have faith, there is good news around a move, particularly the second half of the year. 

My the bank going to force me to sell it a lot lower price ?  Whats the energy around selling my house ?

I see a circle of angels holding hands around the house and doing their best to keep the energy to your advantage. They give me that clear communication between you and the bank is important. I get a good sense around mid year that this is being sorted out. I feel you come out with a profit but it may not be as big as you are currently thinking but at the end of the day, you will be in a much better position, keep your prayers up, they are being heard!

My life feels a little stagnant at the moment & feel I have approached a fork in the road. I am unsure as to which path I should follow or take with my life going forward. Many thanks Louise.


I sense many around you in Spirit and they say that you often hear them and sense them. I sense you are a very spiritually minded person with innate gifts to share with the world. I feel you would gain satisfaction from helping others via healing, spiritual work, counselling or volunteer work. You are a giver. If there is something you have always longed to do but feel you couldn't do it, now is the time to hop out of your comfort zone and be brave. It is up to you to choose the path ahead but Spirit is right by your side guiding you, listen and you will hear them.

Will my son get a graduate job ? Any time frame or where would be great.

I feel there is a grandfather figure around your son helping him. He shows me your son doing a temporary mundane job firstly, (maybe he already is) just until he secures the job he wants. I feel he should be fussy and not take any job. I do feel Brisbane energy coming in around him. I get to tell him to be positive, the right job will come up for him at the perfect time. I am shown champagne glasses in May.

 I have a question to ask to the spirit.
It's about my relationships with my boyfriend. He doesn't work and hasn't been doing much which sometime irritate me or bores me... I worry about my kids if they feel ok when my boyfriend is around or staying  with us.
I really think we belong to each other and want to find the way both of us feel good but I'm feeling a bit heavy now and again...  sometime I'm not sure if he has been honest with me about things either. 
Could you ask to the spirit for an advice? 


I get a loving woman around you in Spirit who feels like a grandmother energy, she says she is on your mothers side. She is joyful and laughing and says she wants to make you smile and laugh as everything has felt heavy for you. She says she knows you love this man but she advises you put down strong boundaries and she will help you do this. Stay calm and loving and tell him what is acceptable and not acceptable to you in the relationship. She says there is a good female friend of yours that is a good listener and she is helping you through this time in your life. You cannot change him but you can change how you respond. I see sunny yellow daffodils around you which is about communicating more clearly.  

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