Sunday 5 March 2017

Your Questions Answered & The Scent of a Spirit

 Hi Everyone, 

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Memories are activated by certain scents. The aroma of a lamb roast sends me back to my childhood, after church on Sundays and the scent of John Quill flowers reminds me of my childhood classroom.  

Our sense of smell is the most advanced out of the five senses, present in babies at the time of birth. The sense of smell is developed when infants are in the womb and it is how a newborn recognizes their mother. It brings us into harmony with nature, warns us of dangers and sharpens our awareness of people, places and things. Pheromones help us to respond to those we meet, can influence our mood, how long we stay in a room, who we talk to and who we want to see again. No two people have the exact same odor-identity which is determined by many factors including: our genes, skin type, diet, medicine, mood state and even the weather.

 Manipulating certain scents can have profound effects on us in terms of healing and is even used in the world of mediumship.  It is not uncommon during a medium based reading that I am impressed with various scents from people who have passed over.   

For example, recently I was reading for a lady whose mother had passed on. As I was communicating to her in Spirit,  I was overcome by an aroma of baking. I mentioned this to my client and she confirmed that her mother had worked in a bakery for twenty years.  

 At times, I have been impressed with a variety of scents including cigar and tobacco smoke. Spirit will manipulate the medium’s sense of smell to bring forward evidential information. It is like a calling card of that particular person who has passed over to let you know they are still around. Flowers are often bought through  in a medium reading in the form of a vision or scent either as evidence of the person in spirit, to express love or to get through a symbolic message.  Apparently the spirit world is full of flowers and natural settings, perhaps some scents exist there we are not aware of. 

Aromatherapy is a beautiful healing tool which I use regularly. I love burning certain oils and find they have wonderful effects. There are many healing properties of essential oils including physical and emotional balancing.  I am always impressed when I visit a doctor’s surgery or dentist and see an oil burner on in the waiting room as it can lift the mood of the clinic immensely. If your workplace is a little dull and there are no objections, try getting an oil burner there and see the results.  Citrus oils such as lemon an orange (which are inexpensive) are for promoting joy and positivity. Lavender oil is widely used for many things from headaches, relaxation, burns and spiritual protection. There are many good books and websites on aromatherapy.

Of course one of the most obvious and natural sources of wonderful perfumes are flowers.  Flowers often carry symbolic meanings, Perhaps we choose our favourite flowers intuitively, not only for the scent but the qualities it brings. 

So if you begin to smell something that is not physically there, it may be someone in Spirit trying to get your attention, and it is usually because they just want you to know they are there and looking out for you.

Below are your questions answered. 

We are in contemplation whether to renew our lease as it ends in April. Could you please put some light on this as we love the area and the kids are happy at school though rentals are not always easy to come by. Thanks in advance.

I sense many around you in Spirit supporting you but I particularly get a father figure coming forward to assist you with much love and he is stomping his foot down quite adamantly and advising to stay put at least for now. He says everything happens in divine timing and I sense if you do choose to move it may be hard work...I do see August as a time of good news around this situation so do what your gut tells you but consider his advice. Perhaps negotiating a 6 month lease may be the answer.

I 'm having a difficult time here trying to connect with other gay guys to hang out with, I am met with being ignored or a two word response. Am I being to forward or what would help me to connect with other guys here? I am becoming very frustrated and am trying to not let it affect me but it is.


There is a young man around you who passed away, I feel he suffered depression when he was here but is fine now. He shows me waterfalls. He said to keep your chin up and that those people you have approached are not on your wave length and you deserve better. I see you attracting other gay people who have similar interests to you. I actually see you hanging out with some gay women and I feel they may open some doors for you. Hang in there, the next few months, something will shift around this.

Will my partnership be more stable and flow more easily?

A lovely woman in Spirit presents herself as passing over slightly premature, she comes in with a cough, so maybe she had lung issues. She is a strong lady and impresses her strength on you, she admires you for how strong you have been in the past and says that you are the rock in this relationship and he is more like the water that splashes the rock. He is not sure where he is going and what he is doing, but he does love you. Its your choice, if you continue to be the rock he will continue to do what he does so you have to accept the relationship as it is.  We can't change others but we can change ourselves and how we respond. This lady encourages you to put your needs first and practice self love. She will be leaving white flowers around as a sign that she is with you. 

Now that I am settled in myself, I am wondering when I will meet a soul mate?
Ms L

When I tune in I see a gentleman in Spirit smoking a cigarette, he had a difficult life and I feel he is either your father in Spirit or someone connected on your fathers side of the family. He brings you much love and reassures you that there is someone special for you but that you have had to work through a lot of complex issues.  You are more ready now and it something you have to let happen and unfold naturally. Your future partner may be a wee bit younger than yourself, has a love of music and a romantic nature. They do not give me a time frame but I sense it is not too far away.

Have a wonderful week everyone!

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