Sunday 30 April 2017

Joshing with a Guardian Angel

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As I went deep into a meditation recently, I was stunned to see and hear an Angel telling me that his name was Joshua and that he was one of my guardian angels.

Now perhaps some of you think this is all I do all day, sit around and talk to dead people, angels and the likes, but no, I don't. Sure when I am doing readings, teaching etc I open myself up to the spirit realm but any other time I am just a regular person trying to cope with overwhelm in crazy 2017.

It's more common I connect other people to their spirit people than I do my own so I was pleasantly surprised to have this encounter and even more thrilled to get a name.  Are you joshing Joshua? I asked and he gave a chuckle and replied 'absolutely not!'

Joshua went on to say he wanted me to share some information with you. He said it is so easy to connect with your guardian angel and that we tend to think it has to be cosmic and amazing but in actual fact, it can be simple, just like having a chat online. He said when we believe it can be simple it will be.

So this was his advice if you want to connect more so to your guardian angel.

1. Relax your body
2. Relax your mind
3. Ask for protection and for your guardian angel to come closer
4. Ask a question if you want to
5. Be quiet and listen

Then I asked him how will we know it is our angel and not our mind. He replied that you will either get a message immediately in the form of a loud thought being dropped into your mind or a feeling or a vision.  If you don't get anything, or you think you don't get anything, which is often the case, they will then try to answer you in the form of a dream or a sign.

Angels seem to have endless patience and persistence and they don't appear to suffer from overwhelm. Perhaps next life I might put in my resume to be a guardian angel!

If you want to, you can go to the archives at and listen to last weeks radio show, 'Soul Talk with Liz', dated April 25th 2017. On the show, I take you on a guided meditation using Joshua's recommendations. Have a great underwhelmed week!


Do you have any guidance about my work? I have been unemployed for 12 months and am running our of hope.

I sense a large man around you in Spirit who has passed over, I sense he was a relative on your fathers side of the family. He may have suffered from heart trouble. His energy is one of strength and endurance.  He is telling you to not give up hope and keep trying. There is breakthrough coming in the next few months. He said you are good with people and I think you would be good around retail or wherever you are talking to people a lot. I saw you studying real estate at some point as well, I feel the real estate business could be profitable for you. Spirit is encouraging part time study. Have faith, all will be well.

Will this issue with my throat be resolved without surgery? If so, how please?
I am always cautious to answer health related questions as mediums are not doctors. However, when I tune into Spirit they show me a beautiful green healing light around your throat as though they are trying to help as much as possible. There is a lovely mother figure around you who is encouraging you to seek advice from a professional, if only to put your mind at ease.  Seeing a doctor does not mean it will lead to surgery but you will not be so worried as you will know more what you are dealing with.  Even if you have already sought medical advice, Spirit suggests you get a second opinion.  I am sending you much love, healing and light.

I would like any guidance about my search for work.  Katrina.

Forget-me-not flower
Although you are understandably concerned, a lady's voice in Spirit is suggesting you enjoy this current period of opportunities for more rest and relaxation because it will not last long. I do see you working in a large building and your fingers on a keyboard although I feel it could be a creative industry. I am shown you in winter clothes going to work and a job is soon approaching. It may be something you have already applied for but am waiting to hear about. Spirit has heard your requests and change is imminent. The lady in Spirit went premature with illness and loves you very much. She shows me forget me not flowers around you.

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