Sunday 2 April 2017

Your Questions Answered and a Message of Miracles

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I was asking Spirit what I should talk about in this blog and they guided me to pull a card for the blog. I was drawn to the Mother Mary Deck and the card that came up was 'Expect a Miracle'
This made me start to think, what is a miracle anyway? Isn't is a miracle we are alive, isn't it a miracle we are breathing, isn't is a miracle that the sun keeps rising each day? I guess sometimes it is a miracle we get out of bed each day!

What do we generally consider a miracle? A instant healing of a terminal disease, winning lotto when your chances are one in a trillion or an apparition of a dead person? We seem to use the word miracle only for super amazing, unbelievable events.  Perhaps its time to change that.

If we considered the simple things to be miracles, like hugging a loved one and feeling the rain on our cheeks, maybe we would be a happier society in general.

The online Etymology dictionary tells me that the Greek words rendered as miracle in the English bibles were semeion 'sign', teras 'wonder' and dynamis 'power'  So sign, wonder and power.

I want to feel the signs of wonder and power everyday, not just when something extraordinary happens. Here's to miracles !

Here is the interpretation of the card I picked as I do feel it was a message for us all from Spirit.  I do like the idea of expecting miracles, and that our requests for help have been heard in the Spirit World.

Expect A Miracle; from the card deck 'Mother Mary Oracle Cards' by Doreen Virtue

Card Meaning:  Have faith that your prayers have been heard and are being answered.
Message from Mother Mary:  Faith is the light that illuminates your pathway.  Without faith, the future looks very frightening.  That’s why it’s essential for you to take whatever steps are necessary to keep your mind and heart filled with faith.  Please don’t give up hope on yourself or other people.  Keep the candle of faith burning within your soul, as that one small inkling of hope can eradicate the darkness of despair.  Be the light that eliminates someone elses gloomy hopelessness as well.  For as you make others stronger, it strengthens not only yourself but the entire world.”

Various Meanings of This Card: Let go of worrisome thoughts• Keep your thoughts positive • Notice and follow any Divine guidance you may receive • Pray • Engage in spiritual healing.


Your Questions Answered 

My 13 year old daughter is throwing temper tantrums and is quite nasty
can you see the reason behind her behavior?

I see a wise spirit guide around your daughter who present as an Hindu Indian gentleman who is trying to impress calm energy upon your daughter. My impression is that your daughter's behaviour is partly due to body changes but also wanting to exert her free will and recreate new boundaries within the family structure. I feel much of her outbursts are spontaneous, like she feels no control and then feels bad afterwards.  She is actually a sensitive soul and is trying to work out how to integrate the harshness of the so called real world into her daily life.  I feel patience, reassurance and  gentle but firm boundaries help. Spirit shows me white flowers around her seem to have a calming effect. Even images of white flowers may help if not the real thing. Choose times when she is calm to have conversations about how she is feeling. She will be fine, I also see art/creativity as a wonderful outlet for her at this time. I am sending you and your daughter healing and love.

 My son is booked for bariatric surgery April 21 and I need guidance re how best to deal with it. I feel mixed about this as I don't feel surgery is good treatment for compulsive eating disorder. Nonetheless it could be life saving in the short term. Detachment is something I have practised for a while now, but any guidance is gratefully received.

I sense a Buddhist monk in spirit around your son who is chanting and holding beads and praying for your son. I feel he is one of your son's spirit guides. Your son's energy is such a breath of fresh air, he is is a beautiful and loving soul with such a big heart and much to give. I get that this surgery is part of his path of learning and growing and that he comes out of this stronger and wiser. It will actually contribute to his healing in some way. I feel meditation would be a useful tool for your son.  Keep visualising a positive outcome for him as you have been. I am shown celebrations after the surgery so I do feel it is successful. I am sending you and your son healing and prayers.

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