Sunday 4 June 2017

Gifts of Guidance; 50 Messages

Photo by Lesa Corrine
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Wow, its June already! It feels as though we have lived a year in the last six months. I am happy to say I submitted my second book for publishing last week and although I don't have a release date yet I can estimate it will be around 6/8 weeks so thought I would give you a sneak peak! I will certainly keep you posted when it is available.

Gifts of Guidance; Fifty Messages; was co-created by myself and messengers in the Spirit World. It was difficult for me to let go and let God, so to speak, so it was a huge learning curve for me. My biggest wish is that it brings comfort to someone somewhere! It is basically an oracle book, that is, a book where you can receive a message. Lesa Corrine's magical photography is scattered throughout the book and cover.

Each message;
  •  describes the messenger (who bought the guidance through)
  •  the vision I had when I received it
  •  the message 
  •  lesson of the message
  •  power choice
  •  optional meditation
  •  affirmation
  •  Liz's notes (ie my take on the message) 
So for today's blog I have chosen us all a message! I was drawn to message number 27.

Photo by Lesa Corrine

Message 27
‘The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses
 to grow sharper.’   W.B.

A Raven sits on a branch, poised, its gaze to the sky.

There is magic brewing under the surface of your life in some regard. A series of synchronistic events will soon unfold that will reveal a plan orchestrated by divine intervention. On a subtle level, you can sense this shift approaching. Do not dismiss your deeper knowing.
This is a time to celebrate by communing with Spirit and listening to the whispers of your soul. Quiet your mind and give thanks in advance for the magic and beauty of living and breathing. Listen to the magic in the silence.
Raven now advises you to prepare to witness miracles and magic. Be open to the unusual and things outside your normal range of experience. The series of events that are about to unfold will be a surprise to you, but will provide exactly what you need right now.
There is no need to change your daily routine but rather prepare yourself energetically for the magic you are about to experience. Attempt to be in receptive mode and release doubts that do not serve you.
If you have asked a specific question the answer may not be available immediately but will reveal itself shortly in a way that is an obvious sign from Spirit. If you have a major decision to make, the message is to stall for a short time. Soon, everything will be crystal clear.
Magic is afoot!

Accepting the divinity of life and Spirit.

Power Choice
·     Prepare by meditating
·     Seek emotional healing
·     Do not assume you know the bigger picture, have faith
·     Clear your path and await the magic
·     Ask for signs from Spirit
·     Be aware of black feathers on your path or sightings of black birds.

Momentary Meditation
Imagine a flock of ravens circling the sky, their black wings moving in unison. A rainbow appears and the birds shape shift into golden beams of light as they merge into the rainbow. Breathe in the rainbow light a few times - the magic is now with and within you.

Magic happens.

Liz’s Comments
Birds are messengers of Spirit and they have the uncanny knack of turning up in our lives at auspicious moments. I am sure many of you reading this have experienced a special ‘bird’ moment.
When I visited Hawaii I was in awe of the pink flamingos that lived in a pond in the lobby area of the motel where I stayed. Their elegant grace and beauty was uplifting. When an owl swooped in front of my windscreen while driving home one dark night my whole being was delighted as the encounter felt so personal.
When I see magpie birds I think of my deceased father and if they turn up at an auspicious moment I know it is his way of saying hello and that he has my back. Magic does exist whether we are conscious of it or not. I sense this message is to remind us that can choose to not only acknowledge magic but also to prepare, as there is definitely a wave of magic coming in around you.


Your Questions Answered

Does Spirit have any messages for me?

When I tune in for you I see you standing by a still lake with a beautiful grandmother holding your hand. She says stillness is a wonderful healing tool for you right now. Having time out and space to yourself will give you the clarity and answers that you are seeking. Someone close to you, a female, is there to support you at the moment and know that you can draw on their words and strength. The next four weeks you will have realizations and make some practical decisions that may be around your work, They are sending you much love.

There is a conflict going on between my teenage daughter and another girl at school. What will happen and what can I do?

I feel a father energy around you in Spirit, maybe a grandfather who was a fair and loyal type of person. He brings much calming energy to you and your daughter and says this is an opportunity for your daughter to put down firm boundaries with this girl. He is suggesting that you encourage your daughter to be assertive and stand proud and tall. I do see this situation calming down over the next four weeks. There is a great book your daughter may enjoy called 'Assertiveness for Earth Angels' by Doreen Virtue. Sending you and your daughter love and healing.


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