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Interview with a Spirit Guide

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I have had a whirlwind few weeks with the publishing of my second book Gifts of Guidance: Fifty Messages. It is basically an oracle book where you can ask a question and obtain an answer by either opening the book or choosing a number between 1-50. It was co created with messengers of the spirit world with love and care to inspire and encourage us all.

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Today I have copied an excerpt from the beginning of the book where I interviewed my Spirit Guide White Owl, who helped me write the book.

Excerpt from 'Gifts of Guidance; Fifty Messages' Page xix

Interview with White Owl

White Owl, how can one communicate with Spirit?

White Owl
There is a place within each of you that you touch on every day in the moments between your thoughts. Your inner radar responds to theses flashes of insight and feelings but your logical mind is like the strict parent who puts down tough boundaries and encourages you to deny your intuition. With practice, you can choose to give these moments more credit and honour. As you begin to shift your faith from the logical to the intuitive and give yourself permission to own your spiritual self, your ability to see, feel and hear Spirit will increase.

Is there anything we can do to help this process?

White Owl
Have fun, yes have fun! Humans are forgetting the simple pleasures of being alive. With so many expectations and responsibilities weighing you down it is no wonder. However, you all have the power to choose to approach life with a lighter heart, mind and soul. When the self is light and happy your vibration elevates and it is easier to tap into the subtle vibrations of your higher self and commune with Spirit. It really can be that simple.

Reach out for support from Spirit and from those around you. Many of you feel you have to struggle alone, be proud and weather storms without support. Humans need each other and unless you ask for help, no one will know you need it. There is also a universal law about asking Spirit for help. Spirit cannot intervene without your permission except under specific circumstances. So please, swallow your pride, be like a child and reach out when you are unsure, afraid or alone.  Spirit and people respect and love a humble soul and the lesson of humility will aid in your communication with the Spirit world.

How do we know that the Spiritual Messengers who come to us are genuine and not imposters or negative souls?

White Owl
First of all, you need to understand what ‘negative souls’ or lower realm entities are. Imagine looking at bacteria under a microscope, they are all wriggling around and look most unattractive. Certain bacteria thrive in specific environments. For example, mould will thrive in damp moist environments. However, if you remove the environmental conditions, the bacteria will cease to exist as it cannot survive without the right conditions.

Same with undesired entities, they need a low energy environment; they prefer illness, sadness, depression and loneliness and are quite partial to drugged or drunken atmospheres.

You will know the energy of Spirit in your heart when it is real. You will feel a sense of wonder and an uplifting feeling. A negative energy is simply that, negative, and you feel it. Even if the lower energy is dressed in angel wings, something will not feel right and it is up to you to trust your own reactions. If you protect yourself each time you go within by asking the angels, white lighting yourself or whatever method you choose, you should not encounter such low vibrational energies. 

If you do encounter a lost soul or an uncomfortable energy simply ask your angels and guides to send it on its way. By doing that you automatically uplift your own vibration and the entity cannot survive in that environment. This may sound simplistic and yes it is simple. The world has become a complex place where in origin, life is simple and so is the Spirit world.

You can also talk aloud to the entity coming from a place of love, not fear, and ask them to look for the light. You can burn sage sticks, burn essential oils, say prayers and play uplifting music. Create an environment of love where only joy and peace can exist.

So basically, White Owl, we have to honour those quiet moments, our insights and gut feelings and naturally we will be able to hear and sense those in Spirit? It also helps to create a safe and sacred space and be conscious to protect ourselves spiritually. Is there anything else we can do to open up our communication with Spirit?

White Owl
Meditation is another activity to heighten Spirit communication, but keep it simple. Perhaps watch a sunrise instead of a television, lay on the grass or sand once in a while, and notice the crispness of the air on a cool day or the colour of the rose petals. These are all forms of meditation. Certainly sitting cross-legged and closing your eyes for an hour is also beneficial but experiment with what brings you a sense of peace. Meditation should not be difficult or uncomfortable. It is a natural human state that has been somewhat forgotten.

Simply talk to your Spirit friends either mentally, aloud or through journaling. We do hear you and we will respond in the best way we possibly can. Be patient and build a relationship with us, just as you would if you had just met someone new on earth. It takes time for us to align our energy with your personal vibration. Once that is achieved, conscious communication is more consistent. We prefer that this process be subtle over time as to do it too quickly may cause a level of discomfort.

Even though we may feel invisible to you, have faith, keep communicating and enjoy the unfoldment of discovering us, as we will with you. We are so proud of each and every one of you for taking on this life you are leading which we understand is challenging and daunting at times. Remember life never ends even when the body expires but remember to honour the present moment and that the life you have now is a precious gem in a vast and mystical universe.

What about the times when we do all the right things like meditate and try to hear your guidance but we are met with silence?

White Owl
There are many complexities why this may occur. Some of them include:

·     When you are feeling stress and worry, your vibration is low and your auric field contracted. It is like having a weak Wi-Fi signal when it takes a long time for anything to download. If this is this the case, we suggest you focus on prayer and we will find another way to answer you such as in a dream or with a sign.

·     You are hearing us but you are not believing it or only hearing what you want to hear.

·     It’s our day off, (White Owl roars with laughter) just joking.

·     There are certain conditions and circumstances where we are not permitted to intervene.

·     We may not be aligned enough at that time with your vibration and the communication is temporarily down.

There are other reasons that may be tailor-made to your individual circumstances.

Do remember to be patient, to slow down the mind and uplift your vibration, if possible. Never for a moment think that we are ignoring you. Sometimes for a child to learn the parent has to step back and not interfere. The child knows the parent is there in the background which gives them the confidence to explore and make mistakes so that greater learning can occur. We are like that parent; we are watching out for you but there are times it is best we hold back. This is where trust and faith, not only in us but in your own self, are of upmost importance.


Your Questions Answered

Do the Spirits have any messages for me?

Hi Jane, this is a broad question and there may be many messages for you, so when I ask Spirit to bring through the one you need now I am shown a father figure in Spirit who brings light pink gentle feeling flowers through and he says that self nurturing and self love is important now. He also says that putting down boundaries with others is beneficial and to treat yourself. Are you thinking of traveling? If so it may be time to make plans. The name Jim comes through from the other side. 

I feel I am waiting for something-any guidance or sight of what's next for me this year?
Miss J

I sense your inner restlessness and I feel this feeling is to prompt you to re evaluate your current direction. I feel a loving female Spirit Guide around you who presents in a light blue robe. She suggests creating a goal/goals and I am drawn to you traveling overseas. You may have had thoughts of travel of late and if that is so, it could be your guide trying to impress this upon you. This could become a goal that you work towards. The other area I sense may need some re evaluating is a shift around your career. September has a happy feeling around it.

 I would like to know if I have a change in my home life, as I'm feeling I really want to move.
Miss F

I feel a lovely Spirit Guide around you who presents as a Buddhist Monk in brown robes. He has a  deep and kind energy and he immediately says patience is the key. You are correct in knowing on a deep level that time is coming to make a change.  However, now is a time to be contemplating and thinking about your options but timing is also important. Within six months I feel you are either moving or have made a clear decision about where you want to be. Keep asking within yourself for clear guidance and it will come. 

We are nearly ready to buy our own home after two years of planning and saving. We would like an old place we can do up in a good resale area in the Dandenong ranges. Is there any specific guidance from spirit to help as we begin our search? 

I feel an excitement when I tune into Spirit from a father figure energy and he shows September and October this year as a time of celebration. You will be guided to the exact right place at the exact right time. Specific guidance doesn't seem relevant as the right place is put right in front of you. As far as Spirit is concerned its already happened, you just have to catch up to their time frame. Congratulations!

Would it be the right thing to do to move closer to my daughter and will I ever have grandchildren?

I sense there are two older women who come through together in Spirit, it may have been mother and a sister, or possibly grandmother and her sister but I am on the mothers side of your family. She shows me an area that is very green, a bit country like. I feel she would like to see you living in a natural setting.  (unless you already do) Irene is also a name that comes through. They suggest that it may not be quite right at least at the moment to make a move although it may well be okay in the future. I feel your daughter either needs her own space or is meant to be doing things without you too close right now. Eventually I see a healthy grandson running around that you love very much. There may well be more grandchildren but this is the one I can see. One of the ladies in Spirit says 'count your blessings' and also showed me coins from heaven, so a message not to worry about money I think, They send you much love.

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