Sunday 4 February 2018

The Age of Aquarius

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It feels to me like we are on the eve of change, and I am not referring to our personal events in our lives, but as a collective consciousness on our planet. 

Yes there are bomb threats, terrorists, nuclear weapons, mental health catastrophes and absolutely crazy world leaders with far too much power, but even that is not what I am trying to articulate as I write this.

It's a sense and a feeling that we are shifting our inner selves on profound and deep levels like never before. As the world becomes more dark and hideous in some ways, the light competes and accelerates its gifts of connection to our deeper selves and each other. 

I sense that if we can shift our focus at this time to the light and not the dark, we will have immense impacts on not only our own lives but it will activate a domino, ripple effect and echo out to ricochet the dark spots.

The powerful conditioning of limitation that the media, our upbringings, our schools and religions have brainwashed us with, feels like it is loosening and dissolving more than ever and there is such an opportunity right here, right now to step into our authentic selves and simply be and live from our light within, in a bigger way than before.

In my first book I wrote 'For the Love of Spirit A Medium Memoir,' (link below)
I talk about being an eight year old in the late 60's and the feeling in the air, and this era right here and now, feels similar.

  Here is an excerpt;

'One fond memory is of Carmen and me dancing to the song 'The Age of Aquarius' while writing in the air with incense. As I waved around the black sticks, creating patterns with the swirling streams of scented smoke, a type of
euphoria embraced my higher senses. The caged light inside me that was often filtered through a narrow passage of expected behaviour was beginning to awaken. It was the late 1960's. and there was a sense of magic in the air. The world was on a roll. There were horrific things happening, such as the Vietnam War. Yet, running parallel was a new consciousness: a new wave of thinking was being born. Although we as children were blissfully unaware, the music and the mood of the planet were prevalent and the younger generation were strong and demanding. Like the process of osmosis, we were taking it all in.'

 In a powerful book by Anita Moorjani, 'Dying to be Me', (link below) which is an account of her amazing near death experience, Anita says when she was clinically dead she felt that whether she lived or she died, she knew without doubt that everything was going to be absolutely fine and fear became irrelevant and non existent. When fear can be irrelevant while we alive, the power of trust and love can take its place creating infinite possibilities.

Through choosing to become more aware is a simple step we can take now. With Saturn in the sign of Capricorn until 2020, we will not have the luxury of resting on our laurels or keeping our head in the sand. Now is a time to dig deep, look clearly at ourselves and see the good, the bad and ugly, allowing our inner beauty to shine regardless, love all of ourselves and see where we can learn and grow.

If we can expand our inner wings through coming from a place of love rather than fear in our day to day lives, there is a wind current in the cosmos, that will lift you higher than ever before.  

Below are some of your questions answered.
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Will I have children of my own?
As I tune in for you Maddie I  am surrounded by three of your guardian angels bringing you much comfort and calming energy, they impress upon me that there is plenty of time ahead for a family and this will happen at the perfect time. So yes, I do see you with children and you will be a great mother. They are a little elusive with the details, but sometimes we are not meant to know what lies ahead. Enjoy life, everything is working out exactly to plan.

I'm in a challenging emotional moment,bringing me back in the sense of past abandonment and every time I meet a guy I really like I'm worry he disappears, and soon or later it really happens.
I do have an attachment feeling to them.
It's not good for me, it's not matching with my independent personality,and even if i don't need it, i have to cope this every time,since my younger age.
I feel I can't be able to be in a relationship with a man at all as this drain my energy before even to start a relationship with them,when I don't hear from them for a while now I just want to give up, close any contact with them even if I know it's me and they might be in a emotional challenge too.
How can i make that feeling of abandonment go away and don't be scared of love?
There is a guy nearby me at the moment and I'm wondering what angels say about him too. Ely
As I read your question my first impression is that the men in your life so far have been there as a catalyst for healing inner wounds. Its wonderful that you are so aware of your feelings and I can sense your soul driving you to create breakthrough and peace with your internal conflict about creating emotional intimacy with someone special.  I sense many around you in Spirit but particularly a kind lady who feels as though she was very spiritual. Her words are something like..'look in the mirror and see love, do this often and others will see the light in you and love you also. As long as you are projecting that you are not good enough, that is the reaction you will get from others.' I sense the answer is to forget about the men and focus on loving you, and then the men will not be able to resist you. I would like to recommend a book I feel may help its called 'Living an Exceptional Life' by Louise Hay and Cheryl Richardson  
This book really helped me to love myself more. Remember also, the law of attraction. When we focus on lack, of anything, that is what we attract. Trust your intuition in terms of seeking out support and healing. 
As far as the man around you at the moment, I feel he has been sent as a catalyst for you to go deeper in yourself and I do feel a nice friendship forming that may lead to romance. Sometimes we are not meant to know outcomes and also free will can shift results so relax, enjoy and love you!
 Can spirit see me in my own home soon and if they have a preferred house number I need to be in even or odd? Aprille
I do see a house for you that you instantly fall in love with, it seems small but cosy and has a lovely nature element. I get a gentleman in Spirit around you, perhaps a father figure, helping you. He says focus on how you feel when you find the right home and ignore the number, you will be living in the number vibration that you are meant to be in. The next few months will see positive results around this situation. Give thanks in advance for the blessings of your new home.

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