Sunday 4 March 2018

Soul Soothing in Kooky Times

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The last few years, life has been a roller coaster, and not just for me it seems, its seems everyone I talk to  is going through highs and lows in a more accelerated fashion than usual. The yin the yang, the bad the good, the happy the sad, the love the fear...sometimes this world of duality we are living in is outright exhausting and a tad overwhelming!

So when our world begins to cave in and your mind can not fit anything else to think about, where can we go to find relief, where can we go to find peace?  Where is the consistent source of love we crave?  In this enlightened age, we are beginning to understand that true peace lies within,yet there are days where it seems out of reach.

For thousands of years, some African tribal cultures have employed their local Shaman to get answers when they were feeling unbalanced, unwell or confused.

These are the questions the Shaman asks;
  1. When was the last time you danced?
  2. When was the last time you sang?
  3. When was the last time you told a story?
  4. When was the last time you sat in stillness?
Today I asked myself these questions.

Mmm, the last time I danced... I danced around the kitchen when I found out I didn't have to cook dinner last week.
The last time I sang? Yesterday, in the car with no one around, thank goodness! I sang along to 'don't go breaking my heart'
The last time I told a story was the other night when I told my son I didn't eat his chocolates, but I did.
The last time I sat in stillness was last week, sitting in a traffic jam, I had no choice.

Without doubt, I have some work to do!!

I like the Shaman's advice. There is a sweet simplicity in wisdom that rings true. Navigating our path in life is sometimes complex so its easy to assume the answers we seek must be complicated.

The longer I am alive, the more I see the opposite is true. Often the answers I seek are right in front of me but I can't see it because I over think things.

So I will listen to the Shaman. I will try to dance like no ones watching, sing loudly and often, tell stories from the heart and slow down and smell the roses.

Have a wonderful March! 

Below are some of your questions answered.
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A house has come up for sale and my mum has left me enough money to consider making an offer. This is big decision and I wish my mum was here to ask what to do. If Spirit has any plans for us or is this something I could be guided by own thoughts and feelings. Nicky

Dear Nicky, as I tune in I sense your mother in Spirit bringing in a huge smile and a feeling of pride. She sends so much love and is so happy she was able to help. She knows how much you have struggled and is so relieved you now have the opportunity to buy your own home. Trust your gut feelings as she will be with you every step of the way. I do see you living somewhere with a strong nature aspect but not too isolated. I feel the one you have your eye on has a good energy and Spirit is encouraging you to look into in further. Also, I do see you seeking advice from a professional, how to proceed. Perhaps talk to a broker to get their advice, I feel this will take a lot of pressure off you. I hope this helps!

Recently I've connected with a younger guy and the chemistry is intense, but my instincts tell me to stay away. And every time I call on spirit for clarity I hear the words 'stay away'. So my question to you is, do I trust my instincts or the intense feeling of attraction? 
Ms M


Dear Ms M

I sense a beautiful group of loving spirits around you that want to acknowledge how hard you work and how much energy you give out to others.  You are coming into an era in your life that is more about yourself and your needs. I feel this guy has appeared to show you that you are desirable and attractive and that it is okay to experience some passion in your life. However, I feel the reason you get the words 'stay away' is because this is not meant to be a long term relationship, rather a short burst of fun and self confidence. This guy is not ready for commitment but this connection has shifted something in you that will attract a new era of romance. Enjoy!


 I  was wondering if there is any opportunity that I will own my own house in the near future? Kelly


Dear Kelly,

I sense a gentleman around you in Spirit, perhaps a father figure who is helping you achieve the goal of owning a house. He said it has been a bit of a roller coaster ride, sometimes seeming like the goal is in reach and other times feeling like its never going to happen.  This year is the year to put out clear and strong intentions coupled with practical action to really make this happen. I feel that Spirit will impress feelings of determination upon you as a way of helping. Get clear what you want and go for it and doors will open.  I do sense it will be this year.


My lease has abruptly been terminated. I have been living here for 4 years in a studio room with my son and two dogs.
 I have kept a brave face for my son who is doing his Last year at high school. I think I will go to a camping ground to live in a tent for three years and save for a tiny house. My son leaves for uni next year so it will be me and my dogs... I really want to stay in the town I am in.  I have a job and love the location.
What do you see happening?
Ms C

Dear Ms C
I understand how vulnerable you must feel and although in one way you are a victim of the (non) affordable housing problem in this area, this is also an opportunity to create an even better situation and space for you and your little family. I feel this is intervention from the divine to propel you into something better. Certainly  it is a leap of faith and trust but I sense there are many around you in Spirit supporting you.  I am shown an elderly man, like a grandfather figure wanting to assure you that in the next few months you will find yourself in a bigger space that is affordable in a location that suits. I had a flash of something that reminded me of a warehouse made cosy. Perhaps not far from where you live now. Be positive, have faith and allow yourself to receive. This is a positive change!


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