Sunday 1 April 2018

Letting in Light

'I've been thinking' by Maria Shriver
The lady sitting opposite me lowered her eyes and looked away, her feet shuffled and an instant air of discomfort filled the room...we were in the middle of a reading and I had simply posed one question to her that elicited her reaction.  'What prevented you from taking the job offer?'  This lady had recently been offered the job of her dreams that she had been wanting for many years.  However, once it manifested she couldn't go through with it. After a stifled silence she replied 'fear of failure.'

It got me thinking how often many of us sabotage various aspects of our lives for seemingly real reasons that perhaps at the end of the day are not so real at all. Disregarding our intuition is included in these scenarios, where we let our logic sabotage what we know deep down, feels right.

Our days are numbered and our souls ache to experience all sorts of things while we are here, so why do we sometimes resist the things that would soothe that very ache?

As I scan my thoughts for possible reasons for resisting new and exciting possibilities in life, these are some reasons that occurred to
  • Fear of being judged/need for approval
  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of the unknown, change/a need for control
These may seem obvious reasons I know, but how often are we operating from these intentions without awareness and without knowing that we are?

Will it really matter on our death beds what somebody's opinions was? If we do fail, isn't it better to have gained wisdom from trying than not at all? How can we expand ourselves and our experiences if we are not prepared to leave the cage?

What can we do to over ride these inner blocks and breakthrough to a more satisfying life?

  • Simple awareness, gaining a level of objectivity so that we can catch ourselves, even just some of the time, when we are sabotaging potentially wonderful possibilities.
  • Hear out our intuitive gut feelings before dismissing them, give them some room to express themselves
  • Start small. Make 'safe' decisions based on what feels right and over ride the fear based logic. After practicing, bigger decisions will be easier. 
Its time to give ourselves credit for the amazing, powerful, wise and wonderful souls that we all are! Let us allow our light to shine and be our daily guide as we live out our days here on planet earth.
Below are some of your questions answered. If you would like to ask a question, email me at or go to my website I publish my Blog on the first Monday of each month.

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  I don’t feel that my husband truly loves me because we are emotionally out of line. Does he love me or has he moved on? Yolanda

As I tune in, my first impression is that whatever inner journey your husband is on and the mood/feelings he is experiencing is actually separate from his love for you. I feel he does love you deeply and has not moved on. I encourage you to tell him how you are feeling. There is a beautiful blue bird I see around you in Spirit, it feels like an animal guide that is uplifting your spirit when you are feeling a bit down. You have a beautiful heart and are a creative soul, enjoy life, you deserve it.


I am faced with a difficult dilemma with my family involving my mothers will. Should I walk away or pursue legal avenues? Christine


My heart goes out to you Christine as I sense the pressure and burden you are carrying. I am a big believer that even the hardest situations hold a gift or opportunity and I encourage you to contemplate what silver lining could come from this, even if it is in terms of self growth. The over riding sense I am getting intuitively is to give this more time. Sometimes to take no action is the wisest course, I feel if you can somehow put it on the shelf for now, a few months down the track movement will begin to flow and things will be a lot clearer than they are now. Sending you much love and prayers.


Can you please let me know if my granddaughters will re-unite and if so, will it be soon.  It is breaking my heart that they are estranged at the moment.  Cheryl


As I tune in Cheryl I get the angels almost yelling a resounding YES! I am not sure of the timing but I sense it will not be too long. They love each other dearly and have come together in this life for much learning. You are doing the right thing by taking a step back, they will sort it out. I hear that May is a happy month for you. 

 Have I chosen the right tenant for my flat?


My first thought Rosie is that the fact you are asking shows that perhaps you have your own doubts and knowing how intuitive you are, I would be questioning this decision for sure. However, when I tune in I see a man around the flat, not sure whether he is living there or visiting a lot. To be honest, I feel his energy is questionable but not a danger in any way. If the energetic atmosphere is important to you, I would be very selective who you let the flat to. I hear your angels say its not too late to change your mind or at least ask the people in question to give you a bit more time.


What new information would the universe like me to know about my love life?

I saw your guardian angel holding a red rose that was slowly blooming. I was impressed with lovely feelings of opening up and blossoming and I sense the message is that you are growing on the inside and are ready to receive more love. There is a very positive energy around you in regards to romance. Be open to deserving the very best, you deserve it! 

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