Sunday 29 April 2018

A Message from a Mountain Spirit

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For this months blog, I was guided to post a message from my book 'Gifts of Guidance Fifty Messages'

I held the book to my heart and put out the intention for the perfect message for this month to appear. I feel that if you are reading this, this message is for you.

Message 18
Mountain Spirit
‘The most valuable skill or talent that you could ever develop
 is that of directing your thoughts to what you want’   Abraham-Hicks

A glorious mountain covered with wild blooms in the springtime, a face embedded in the mountain.

This is a message of reassurance that the energy and hard work you have been giving out will soon be rewarded. The light at the end of the tunnel may yet be elusive but only temporarily.
The Spirit of the Mountain energy is solid and supportive and reassures you that you have wonderful powers of manifestation.  Clarity of thought marrying practical action is the key and soon your needs will be met in solid and practical ways. Keep striving for improvement in areas of life that are meaningful to you. Create practical structures in your life that support you, your lifestyle and your loved ones.
The flowers blooming on the mountain in the springtime represent positive outcomes and reaping rewards. The seeds you have sown in the past and continue to sow will blossom and grow.
Keep doing whatever it is you are doing. Trust that there is a bigger plan at work that may manifest in an even better way than you previously thought. Dismiss any fears and doubts troubling you, own your power and keep moving forward.
If you have asked a specific question today, the answer is to have faith in yourself and know your needs are about to be met.
Whether you are conscious of it or not, you are currently creating strong foundations for the future which will have a positive ripple effect on others.

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Your soul is experimenting with outcomes of actions.

Power Choice
·     Use manifestation techniques to boost desired outcomes
·     Create a vision board, use affirmations
·     Breathe your desired reality into the now
·     Use positive affirmations
·     Study mentors or employ a life coach.


Momentary Meditation
Imagine you are on a beach at sunrise, visualise what you want to manifest in the sky above, see it, feel it, sense it, say the words, ‘it is done, it is so’.

I create a joyful and meaningful life every day.

Liz’s Comments
It is said that everything happens for a reason and to some extent I believe that is true. Yet hard work and effort does bring rewards and we have more power to manifest than any of us realise. We are only scratching the surface of our own infinite, innate power.
When we feel inspired to take action, it is often Spirit guiding us.  It seems we are on an ongoing journey learning to listen to the subtle voices of our soul. We co-create our life with the Universe much like an artist’s paintbrush brings life to a canvas.
This message is acknowledging the hard work you have been doing and is praising you for your efforts. There is more to reap that you may not yet be aware of.
When my husband and I were awaiting approval for a home loan to buy our house, we were on edge. We had done all the right things, worked hard, saved up the money for the deposit and employed a broker. I had created an altar with a green candle for abundance and a photo of the house we wanted to buy. I would stop and say prayers at the altar regularly hoping this would help to manifest our desired outcome.
Finally, we received word from the broker. The bank agreed to grant the loan on the condition that we came up with another $10,000! There was no way we could find that sort of money and our hearts sank. We had tried so hard.
The next day I met for coffee with an old friend and shared what had happened. Unknown to me, my friend had recently come into some money and offered to help us. It was so random and unexpected! 
It felt as though universal synchronicity was at work and we accepted her kind offer and the house was ours. Obviously I was also blessed to have such a kind-hearted friend. 
My point is, the saying ‘God helps those who help themselves’ is quite true.
Whatever is happening in your life, wherever you have been giving of yourself and your energy, you are about to reap the rewards, so rejoice!

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Have a wonderful month ahead!

Below are some of your questions answered. If you would like to ask a question, email me at I publish my Blog on the first Monday of each month.

Can you see a good move this year to another state where things will go much better for me?
I am shown a visual of you moving interstate with a small bag, north, I think. I feel the symbol of the small bag is that you go with a light heart and leave the past behind where it belongs. Fresh starts and new beginnings ring true. Follow your heart and your passion. I see you around many creative people.
  Please ask Spirit if we will be moving to the Byron area and can they help with a time frame. Deborah
It is your decision whether you make this move but I sense in your heart this is what you will manifest. There are angels around you guiding you and setting up synchronicistic  leads and guidance. I just keep hearing one year, but not sure if that means within the year or a year from now. You have the power to manifest this change and Spirit will support you.
I would like to know what Spirit says about the 30 year connection S and I have, and what will happen over the next few months.
We had such amazing plans and I really felt like our Guides were, well, guiding us to this time in our lives.Now I don't know what to think

I get a lovely lady in Spirit who has passed on who often is looking out for you. She feels like she is connected on your mothers side of the family and is very protective. She understands the strong connection but she said everything happens in perfect timing and on some level S is not ready for the plans that were made. If you love something let it go, if its meant to be it will be. I feel more clarity and answers emerge naturally soon.
How can I improve my health?

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I am being shown fields of flowers of daisies and I know daisies represent simplifying. Perhaps Spirits message is suggesting  to simplify your life and remove areas of pressure or stress. Placing photos of daisies on your screen savers, or real daisies around you can draw in supportive energy. I also am shown a bottle of Vitamin C. Laugh, play and be merry !   

 I was just hoping to connect with my dad who passed away a couple of years ago. I kind of feel no closure just miss him so much and want to know he’s okay? Natasha
Your Dad comes through with an Aunt, maybe your aunt or his, not sure but he feels like he went a bit premature and has been doing a lot of healing on himself since he passed. He is in a good space and sends you so much love, he knows you do not judge him and he is proud of you and grateful for that. His words to you are enjoy your life and don't be concerned with the small stuff. I also see a small dog at his feet.  
Will my wife and I work things out and save our marriage?
I sense a kind gentleman around you in Spirit who has been looking over you and giving you much love and support. He says to think positive about your future but make decisions that you feel will serve you best. This is not a selfish way to be, this is a healthy way to be. I feel your friendship lasts the distance regardless of the outcome of the marriage. This man advises to focus on what is working, such as the friendship, not on what is not working.  Of course, nothing is set in stone with relationships as it is up to the two people's free will.  If you love someone, let them go and if it is meant to be it will be.

How do I handle my husband, I suspect him of infidelity.
Miss A  

I sense that although there is much unrest within the relationship, on some higher self level, you are both choosing to remain together as whatever lessons you are learning from each other is not yet complete. I actually sense deep down there is a lot of love sitting dormant at the foundation of the relationship. I would pray and ask for guidance from all of those who love you in Spirit and whatever outcome you both decide, do know that you will be looked after. I am not told if infidelity is part of the dynamics within the relationship but sometimes Spirit does not impart the information we would like them to. I would focus more on activating the dormant love and then the communication will flow and you will be able to share truth and authenticity. I wish you well in your marriage and life journey.

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