Sunday 3 June 2018

The Oracle of the Burning Tongue

My tongue was burning, for no apparent reason, I had not eaten or drank anything hot.

Good friend google tells me it can be burning tongue syndrome, common in menopause (oh yeah hello, another to add to the list)  and times of stress but really the medical industry apparently has no idea why it happens or any cure. To top it off it says it can last up to six or seven years, great !

I turn to an app on my phone,  'Heal Your Body' by Louise Hay. The App is based on Louise's book 'Heal Your Body' which provides a dictionary of body parts and health problems and related emotional/metaphysical imbalances.

I look up Tongue Problems and my app tells me:

Probable Cause...represents the ability to taste the pleasure of life with joy

New Thought Pattern...I rejoice in all of my life's bountiful givingness

Mmmm..I thought I was doing okay.... but then I really thought about my current responsibilities in life and things that I do consistently worry about.

 I worry about my family, I worry about money, I worry about my age, I worry about the future, I worry about my dog, I worry about my sons and wonder how they will fare in life, I worry about my husband who works so hard,  I worry about my aging mother.  My goodness! Perhaps on a not so conscious level I am stressed and I am not tasting the pleasures of life as I could be.

After digesting this information, I slow down, I go within and meditate. I release all my concerns and consciously decide to give it over to the universe, great spirit, angels and guides. I start to feel a peace within, I know deep down, everything is working out in divine timing and I acknowledge that. I choose trust over fear and I feel a well of peace flow into my being. I feel grateful for what is, rather than focusing on what isn't.

I emerge after 20 minutes or so.....amazing, my tongue has stopped burning, perhaps it was stress related.  Thank goodness I didn't have to wait seven years!

I then thank the condition of the burning tongue as it bought me the awareness of what I needed to know.

Peace in Chaos photo from
Perhaps if I was more conscious of my own stress, there would not have been a need for a physical condition to prompt me.

I really believe that stress can manifest in our bodies in almost any part of it. However, there can be a message within the part it shows up in, therefore acting as an oracle.

Unfortunately, it has become normal to experience stress so we are not failures for feeling it. However, it is fortunate that we can acknowledge our stress and once awareness is gained, we can brainstorm intuitively how we can manage stress in ways that will work for us.

Over the years my go to stress management plan has been always having the Australian Bush Flower Essence handy, seven drops under the tongue calms me down immediately,   meditation, listening to spiritual mentors speak, writing, walking and spending time in nature. Yoga works for me too, but I can get lazy with that.

If you can relate, I recommend
  • to firstly acknowledge where you feel stress in your life to bring light and awareness into the mix
  • research options and tools for healing stress
  • experiment with what works for you, we are all unique
  • create 'a go to plan' so that when you become consciously aware that you are stressed, you have somewhere to go to and something to do.
Life is short and we deserve to experience optimum joy wherever possible. When we choose joy, our vibration is automatically heightened helping to attract positive outcomes in the physical. Sound simplistic I know, but I truly believe simple is good, simple is true.

Have a wonderful June!

Below are some of your questions answered. If you would like to ask a question, email me at I publish my Blog on the first Monday of each month.

I have some detailed plans coming into fruition soon and I'm really excited. There is one very key person who has not committed either way yet, and I understand completely the internal struggle around this.
However, I keep getting very strong signs, nearly every day, that this person will be involved as initially planned.
Am I just being too hopeful or is Spirit really trying to reassure me?
I totally relate to you wondering if you are being hopeful or is it Spirit reassuring you. I understand that its hard to be objective about things we are excited about.  I believe signs from Spirit leave you with a deep gut feeling and I encourage you to trust your intuition.  
Its a difficult thing for any clairvoyant or medium to predict what someone will choose, as free will is something that belongs only to the individual, and Spirit is not allowed to interfere.  So, to be honest, I cannot answer what will happen or what this person will decide.
However, I do sense that they have some reservations. If they can find peace with their internal struggles it could work well. There feels like there is a risk element and this is partly why they may be unsure. I feel like Spirit is trying to let you know they have your back whatever the outcome as I feel you are indeed on an exciting path that will lead you to great things!

Are my family around me? Are they guiding me? Have they anything reassuring for me?

As you know Dave, I am aware that many of your family members have passed on and I am pleased to let you know they have not lost their sense of humour and send you much love and laughter. They are very fond of you and your partner and they want nothing more for you both then abundance joy and happiness. They are showing me you going away to the bush and encourage getting away from everyday pressures.  I feel your mother around you saying that she is aware of pregnancies or births in the family, not sure if she means recent or coming up soon.  There is something about study for your partner? I sense the next few years will see some practical changes that you seem very happy about. I see you moving from where you are currently living in the next few years and settling somewhere with a lovely nature aspect. Mum says to look out for owls, she will be sending you a sign of one, letting you know she is around. (could be photos, films, songs or real owls) She also showed me the old fashioned record player, not sure why. Sing dance and be merry is the collective message from your loved ones in Spirit.

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