Sunday 1 July 2018

The Robber and the Saint

Somewhere I read that its good for the soul to go outside our comfort zone at least once a week.  I retained that thought and it sat in the forefront of my mind. So, as I was driving down the country road from town back home, I picked up a homeless guy hitch hiking.

This was definitely outside my comfort zone. I usually have a rule that I only pick up female hitchhikers, particularly when travelling alone. However, I had observed this local guy around town the last few years and knew that the word on the street was that he was harmless.

As he climbed in the car the song 'I can see clearly now the rain has gone' was playing on the radio. He immediately began to sing along and snap his fingers before he went into a conversation for the next ten minutes that made no sense at all. He certainly had an odour that told me he had not showered for awhile. As he chatted away I realized I could choose to judge this guy and worry about the car's upholstery or I could accept that he has the same light within him as I do and is walking his own path.  At the end of the day we are no different.

 As we arrived at his destination, he expressed a sincere thank you as he went on his way. Part of me felt empowered that I lived outside my own square, even for ten minutes.

It reminded me of a true story I heard.  A guy, who was very spiritually aware, was home alone one night in his New York Apartment. He heard some noises in the other room and upon inspection, realized that an intruder was trying to break in. The intruder began to run away but the home owner instinctively yelled out to the intruder, 'come back, I want to talk to you'

Some time later, the pair had shared a coffee and a heart to heart conversation. The intruder had just experienced a relationship breakdown and a job loss and was acting out of grief and momentary madness. The guy gave him a listening ear, encouragement, and $20 as he left.

What could have ended up a potential crisis had been diverted into a humanly kind interaction due to the man's good heart and willingness to go outside his comfort zone.

 I am not suggesting we place ourselves in dangerous situations but as outdated structures crumble around us, kindness is really like gold.

Have a great July!

Below are some of your questions answered. If you would like to ask a question, email me at I publish my Blog on the first Monday of each month.

My brother in law passed away in February and we are all still struggling, is he okay and is there any messages? Jane

As I tune in I am greeted by a lovely man who brings through such a calm and grace. I feel like he passed over gracefully and was greeted with so much love and perhaps a dog he loved who has passed before him. He is working hard to help his loved ones here on earth, in any way he can. He sends so much love to family and friends and says that you are a spectacular person, (he was specific about using the word spectacular) with so much to share. He shows me orange and red roses and a book of some significance that his wife may be reading. Have faith he says, I am not gone, just transformed. He shows me a photo inside someones wallet. Perhaps he wore a uniform at some stage. Keep talking to him, he is listening.

My lovely Dad (Terry) passed very suddenly of a heart attack on 12 May this year, just one month after his 70th birthday. I am heartbroken and shattered. I never knew anything could hurt this much.
Is he still around me? Is he okay? And does he have anything to tell me? 


There is such a feeling of compassion and comfort coming in around you from Spirit and I sense your Dad is with a strong lady in Spirit, possibly his mother. She may have had a faith in God or was religious. Your Dad is a lovely soul who had a great sense of humour. He is around a lot and he is laughing about someone lighting a candle for him and he is blowing it out. Its early days and he is trying hard to let you know he is around but its hard for him to breakthrough the grief energy. Be kind to yourself, you deserve the best he says. He will be contacting you via your dreams or perhaps he has already. Someone is wearing an armband for him or has a tattoo on their arm representing him or is thinking about doing so. Think and talk to him, he can hear you.

Belinda's Feedback
  Thank you Liz!! OMG, that was spot on, the reading you did for me. My Grandmother was a parishioner in a church. My Father has got a great sense of humour (he was well known for it!!). I light a candle for him every morning & I am thinking of getting a portrait tattoo on my arm (a picture of him & I together)!!

I am dating a nice man but feel a wall between us that I would like to remove. This is frustrating me. Does Spirit have any guidance?

There is a lovely elderly man in Spirit who comes through to help you Ely. He was a kind and wise man connected to your father and he brings a strong message of patience and reassurance.  This wall you speak of will eventually dissolve but it will take some more time. You have both been disappointed and hurt in the past so you both have your own walls up in different ways. However, by focusing on what does work between you rather than what isn't, I feel that these walls will eventually fade away. I feel like you both need to feel totally safe to express your more vulnerable sides. I hear the words 'you can't push the river' Let it unfold and rejoice in the wonderful connection you have found in this man.

Wondering how my future is looking financially and in my career.. where to go next? What to do? 
I sense there are angels around you that are excited for new beginnings and a new future although I get that the end of winter and beginning of Spring is your power time. I get that now is a time to relax and contemplate and soon new opportunities will present themselves. I sense overseas travel and new career options be offered. I feel like all your financial needs will be met and something about PR work. Success awaits.

Am I on the right path or should I turn around ? Miss B
This is a choice only you can make as we are here to exercise our own free will. However, I do get a gentle lady in Spirit who advises you to sit and be for the time being. I sense she is saying that now is not the time to make any radical decisions. I sense you are feeling pressure from others about what you should be doing and Spirit wants you to look deep within and ask yourself what is it that you want? Take time out to feel and be, you will be guided. A day on your own in nature could work wonders. Whatever you choose, keep your sense of self strong as you have a lot to do in this world in terms of helping others through your wisdom.

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