Sunday 5 August 2018

Grace versus Action


Greetings Blog Readers!

I am grateful you are here! This month I had a great question from Josie which I feel to base this months blog around. Here is the question...

'I recently gave myself a reading using your beautiful book, Gifts of Guidance Fifty Messages,  Message number 8: 'Grace' delivered by Great Spirit where the lesson is Believe in Miracles. 
I know what my wish is but it seems impossible and may not be the path I am being called on.

 My question is, am I to make my wish regardless or simply be open to receive what Spirit has in store? If Spirit is urging me to just have faith and be open, what is the nature of these gifts that await me, I wonder?'  Josie

I think this is something we have all pondered at times. How much of our lives is 'meant to be' and how much control do we have using our own power of choice. 

My take on it is, it is a type of co creation.  We all have a blueprint, a soul contract that was made before we were born.  I see our contract as a type of outline, like an author outlines a book, there is a basic plan but a lot of room for creativity.  

Certain fateful events occur for bigger reasons that our limited minds can now not comprehend but I have no doubt made perfect sense at the time of making them. 

Then we were also given some room to play, to create, to choose so that we could grow and evolve.
Photo by Lesa Corrine

When we have a desire or a wish like Josie mentions, if it feels strong, urgent or alive, I believe this is our inner guidance system activating and wants to be noticed. Although Josie mentions it seems impossible, maybe it isn't. If I was Josie, I would really acknowledge and explore that desire and ask what is one thing I could do to begin to make this a reality? Choose an action that is just outside your comfort zone, that makes it doable.

When we become clear about our desires, the universe hears and automatically responds to support us. When we give our power away to the universe and say, you decide universe, what will be will be, part of the equation is missing, that part is you!

We are more powerful than we realize. We are in fact a spark of intelligent, divine, all knowing, all loving light that inhabits a body. This is the part of us that will leave the body when it expires, this is the part of us that existed before we inhabited the body. This is the part of us that knows no limits and can co create amazing manifestations with the universe.

So I encourage you Josie, and anyone else interested, get clear about your desires. Think,write, visualize and affirm your desired outcomes. Have faith in yourself, knowing you are a capable and wonderful manifestor with the support of Spirit at your finger tips. You can be the director of your movie, of your life! You have the power and like a loving parent, Spirit will support you and step in when needed. If the universe decides to grant you a special boon, or something even better than you could imagine, how wonderful! Let the fun begin.

Below are some of your questions answered. If you would like to ask a question, email me at I publish my Blog on the first Monday of each month.

I seemed stuck with decisions regarding my new work ventures. Not sure what to do?
Miss C

My first impression is a gentleman around you in Spirit who feels like a father figure energy, he holds out a pair of scales and says it is all about finding balance in your life. He suggests you make choices that allow you good work/lifestyle balance. He also suggests that you take the path least traveled, it will be a great learning curve and bring excitement and joy.

I am completing a two month European holiday then heading back to Melbourne. It’s been very regenerative. My question is in relation to what comes next for me? Punita

I sense a wonderful energy coming in around you and I feel like it is a time of freshness and new beginnings. I see you around gardens or greenery, not sure if that is relevant. I feel your loved ones in Spirit want you to do whatever brings you joy.  You may choose to be involved in a helping situation on a community level, it may be volunteer work. I feel this would be personally rewarding and that you would meet like minded people. There is more travel ahead in the not too far future also but more so interstate. Enjoy, you have the world at your feet!

Where and when will I find love ? I am old and lonely Andrea

I sense angels around you and they say that your next love is going to be very different to your past relationships. It could be someone younger than yourself or perhaps someone with a youthful spirit. I feel like they will bring out the best in you. They say to be patient a bit longer but know it is written in the stars and they will appear at the perfect moment. I sense it is months, rather than years.

I am having a tough time at my new job. My boss is a real tyrant. I have been applying for other roles with no luck, are you able to tell me if I 'm on the right path?

I sense the burden you are carrying and understand it is difficult right now. I am being shown you in a type of managerial position. I feel a fatherly gentleman in Spirit telling you to not give up hope and take the wisdom you have gained from this job and know you will be moving on very soon. So yes, you are on the right path. There is a reason that this 'tyrant' came into your life, even if you don't know why at this point, it may be a lesson in patience or surrender, who knows, but it may make more sense later on.  Often once we learn the lesson, things change.  Also, remember to focus on what you want as focusing on what we don't want attracts more of it. Perhaps make a job wish list to get clarity.  Don't give up, keep applying, you will score a goal very soon!! 

The question I have is about my elderly parents who we are now having to put them in a rest home for their own health and well being. It's the hardest decision we've had to make as a family and the hardest conversation to have with them. Will they settle in okay? Miss A 

I sense there is a lovely maternal lady in Spirit around your parents soothing and comforting them. I feel their fears and concerns will dissipate once they settle in. I am getting a period of  weeks from now and I sense their relief and a lighter energy around them.  It seems that you and your family have chosen the right home for them. It seems like it is in a pretty location or has a nice nature aspect. I see blue birds around them which I feel is a lovely omen. Change is always scary on some level, but this feels right for everyone.

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